Evercross H5 Electric Scooter Review

evercross electric scooter review

What’s better than a portable and versatile electric scooter that gives you a fun ride and takes you wherever you want?

No doubt, electric scooters have made our lives much more comfortable as they are a cheap and innovative transport means.

However, you can never guarantee the quality and durability of an electric scooter.

When there are so many in the market, it becomes difficult to choose one.

So, before buying any electric scooter, it is better to read several reviews and get yourself familiar with all the specifications.

In this way, you can get the best electric scooter you want.

We decided to discuss the Evercross electric scooter in this review, one of the most portable and user-friendly electric scooters in the market.

Evercross H5 Electric Scooter – Quick Features:

Evercross H5 Electric Scooter – Specification Table:

Motor Power800W
Range25 miles
Top Speed28 mph
Item Weight44 pounds
Weight Capacity330 lbs.
Adjustable HandlebarYes
Frame MaterialAluminum
Tire10 inches Pneumatic Tires
Detachable SeatYes
Hill Climb40 degrees
App CompatibilityNo
Braking SystemDual braking system
Headlight + Tail lightYes
LED DisplayYes
SuspensionDual suspension
Folding MechanismOne Step Folding
Cruise Control3 Speed
Charging Time4-7 hours
Battery Capacity48V 10Ah lithium-ion

All Evercross Electric Scooters Comparision Table:

Evercross H5 Electric Scooter Detailed Review:


As the Evercross H5 electric scooter is specially designed for teenagers and adults, the design and appearance matter a lot.

An electric scooter with a catchy look will always be the first head-turner regardless of the durability wherever it goes.

The Evercross scooter gives a sturdy yet bulky look.

Besides, the colorful lights on the scooter increase its beauty and make it a multi-functional electric scooter.

The scooter’s frame is made from high-quality aluminum, a common material used in almost all electric scooters.

Aluminum is a safe and durable material to include in the scooter’s frame.

It also gives a nice finish with the perfect shine.

The pure black scooter with the Evercross logo also provides a sleek and elegant look to the scooter.

So, besides giving a bulky look, the scooter feels sturdy and updated with fashion.

Motor Power:

When it comes to motor power and performance, no other scooter can beat the Evercross electric scooter with 800W exceptional power.

The scooter comes with a single motor with upgraded power, which works efficiently to enhance the performance regardless of the terrain.

Although a single motor is enough to deliver excellent performance, most electric scooters use two motors that divide the motor power to enhance the performance and increase the scooter’s durability.


The range of the Evercross H5 electric scooter is preferably longer than many other electric scooters we came across.

This scooter can easily cover a distance of 25 miles in a single charge.

This range is much longer, which makes the scooter efficient for regular use and everyday travelling.

So, if you need an electric scooter for riding to work daily, or need one for travelling distant places, the Evercross electric scooter should be your ultimate ride!

The robust motor and extended range of this scooter make it a perfect commuter for teenagers and adults.

Whether you want to go to your office or school, the Evercross electric scooter will easily cover the distance without running out of battery in the middle.

Top Speed:

What’s the point of an electric scooter when it doesn’t let you manoeuver in the air at high speeds as you want?

With the Evercross electric scooter, you get to enjoy the speeds you want!

It can reach top speeds up to 28 mph!

However, the scooter’s speed is different depending on the remaining battery and the terrain on which you are riding.

If you have sufficient battery and are riding on a smooth surface, you can expect top speeds of 28 mph.

However, this top speed is much higher for a scooter, and most have speeds limited to 15 mph.

So, we recommend riding at low speeds to keep yourself safe.

The impressive part of this scooter is the 3 different speed modes.

This feature makes it a perfect scooter for amateurs and professionals.

You can choose the speed mode according to your preference and enjoy different speeds while riding.

Folding Mechanism:

One of the unique features that make it an advanced hoverboard is the quick folding mechanism.

The Evercross H5 electric scooter parts are durable, which allow the scooter to fold down in one second quickly.

When folded, you can carry the scooter in your hand, and take it wherever you want.

It even folds with the seat attached and becomes small enough so that you can store it in your car trunk.

In this way, the scooter offers durability along with practicality.

Weight and Weight Capacity:

Surprisingly, the Evercross electric scooter weighs 44 pounds.

This weight is much more than many other electric scooters in the market.

As the scooter has a quick folding and easy-to-carry mechanism, it should not weigh this much.

Considering the weight, the Evercross H5 electric scooter is a better option as it weighs much less.

The increased weight makes it difficult to carry for children and teenagers.

However, if you are an adult, you might not face difficulty in carrying the scooter.

The weight capacity of this electric scooter is 330 lbs.

This weight capacity is impressive as most electric scooters cannot accommodate user weight more than 220 lbs.

So, if you are an obese adult, this scooter is ideal for you.

As the rider weight also affects the scooter’s speed and performance, the Evercross electric scooter will always work perfectly without affecting the performance no matter how much the rider weighs.

In this way, you can enjoy top speeds and enjoy your favorite riding spots.


The Evercross electric scooter has a highly durable 48V 10Ah lithium-ion battery.

This battery is commonly used in many other electric scooters due to its environment-friendly nature, durability, and quick charging time.

The lithium-ion battery of the Evercross scooter is highly functional and allows the scooter to cover 25 miles easily.

Besides, the battery has a charging time of 4-7 hours.

Although it might seem longer, the time is ideal when compared to the range it covers.

It means that you will not have to charge the scooter daily unless you cover longer distances daily.


The Evercross offroad electric scooter has 10-inch pneumatic tires, making it a perfect scooter to use for adventures.

The tires are robust with an excellent grip that easily tackles rough terrains and bumpy roads, making it safe to ride everywhere.

The tires are tubeless, inflated, and sturdy.

They make every ride super-smooth and comfortable and keep you safe on all terrains.

The tires also make it an excellent offroad electric scooter as it can easily travel on rocks and small pebbles without damaging the tires.

So, if you want to go to an adventure with your friends, the Evercross electric scooter will be your ultimate choice.

Climbing Angle:

The climbing angle of this off-road e-scooter is 40 degrees. It means that the scooter can easily tackle 40-degree steep hills.

So, the scooter not only performs perfectly on the road but is also ideal for riding on bumpy terrains and hilly areas.

For vacations and adventures, it is the perfect scooter.

Since the battery life and range is long, you can enjoy a fun and smooth ride on all terrains.

Braking System:

To ensure the safety of the rider, the braking system of the scooter should be robust and highly functional.

Luckily, the Evercross electric scooter has a dual braking system, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on all terrains.

The dual front and rear brakes provide a safe emergency landing and avoid several accidents when riding at higher speeds through their quick responsiveness.

Besides, the front and rear shock absorbers enhance safety and comfort.

So, you don’t feel any shocks when riding on bumpy terrains with this efficient system.

Despite all these safety features, you are always recommended to wear a certified helmet and other safety gears while riding an electric scooter.


When it comes to safety and convenience, no other electric scooter can match the Evercross scooter.

Besides the efficient braking system, the scooter also provides nighttime protection.

The scooter’s headlight is exceptionally bright, which allows you to see other vehicles and the obstacles in your way at night.

Similarly, the bright taillight informs other vehicles about your presence and prevents any severe accidents.

Although you should not ride electric scooters at night, the Evercross electric scooter has provided front and rear lights, so you are safe while riding at night.

In this way, it becomes the perfect scooter for covering distant places.

The impressive part of this scooter is the colorful sidelights, which makes it an excellent scooter for teenagers.

The lights of different colors give an enthusiastic look to the scooter while riding at night, making it a head-turner wherever you go.

The color-changing lights make it the best scooter for fashion-loving teenagers.

LED Display:

The Evercross electric scooter comes in the category of the most advanced electric scooters due to the LED display.

This feature adds many conveniences and enhances your smooth and comfortable riding experience.

The LED display is bright and easily visible during the day.

It shows the remaining battery, total mileage, cruise indicator, gear indicator, and headlight.

Also, the multi-functional button allows you to change between the different modes while riding quickly.

In this way, the scooter makes your ride more fun and convenient, and the easy-to-switch modes allow you to enjoy different modes while riding.

The headlight switch and horn on the handlebar also allow you to control all the functions without any hassle.

Detachable Seat:

The detachable seat is the most impressive part of the Evercross H5 electric kick scooter. It makes the scooter highly convenient and versatile.

The detachable seat is a unique feature not found in many other electric scooters. It allows you to enjoy two riding modes, either while standing or sitting on the seat.

The deck is wide enough to accommodate large feet, and the seat provides convenience while travelling long distances. The seat is also stable and large enough to accommodate obese people.

So, if you get tired while riding to distant places, the detachable seat is the perfect companion to assist you in your journey. In this way, you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxed ride.

The dual braking system and shock absorbers also work efficiently and prevent you from feeling the bumps while sitting and travelling.


The Evercross H5 electric kick scooter is a highly versatile and convenient electric scooter for adults and teenagers. It has all the advanced and useful specifications we need in our scooter.

The range and top speed of the scooter are highly impressive. The dual braking system, shock absorbers, and LED lights prove that it is the safest electric scooter to ride for teenagers and adults.

So, if you want a cool and trendy electric scooter with all the required specifications to make your ride fun and comfortable, the Evercross electric scooter should be your only choice.

Its smooth ride and advanced features will make you ride it again and again.

Whether you want to go to work or enjoy an adventure with your friends, the Evercross electric scooter is the perfect partner to take with you.

More by Evercross:

  • HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY E-SCOOTERE-EVERCROSS electric scooters are designed with a high capacity battery that allows them to reach speeds of up to 15 MPH and travel 12-15 miles on a single charge. They can also accommodate a maximum load of approximately 220 lbs. (Please note that these performance metrics may vary based on various factors such as riding conditions, rider weight, climate, and proper maintenance.)
  • STABLE & DURABLE FOR COMMUTING-This electric scooter for adults is a revolutionary product that features a Dual Braking System, Function LCD display, LED light, Taillights, and Cruise Control System. EVERCROSS electric scooters are equipped with 8'' tyres and a shock absorption mechanism that provide an extremely smooth riding experience on different types of roads.
  • PORTABLE & FOLDING DESIGN-The EVERCROSS adult electric scooter features a one-step folding mechanism that allows for easy portability. It can be folded in just 3 seconds, making it convenient to store in car trunks, beneath seats, and other compact spaces.
  • REAR BRAKES & GEAR SHIFT SYSTEM-The commuter adult electric scooter is equipped with a rear brake and a cruise speed control system to meet your needs. The perfect brake system ensures your safety, and there are electric horn and lights in the front and rear to assist with night riding.
  • RIDE EFFORTLESSLY-The fashionable motorized scooter features 3 speed modes that make your ride more flexible. You can easily control the speed according to the different road surface conditions, making it suitable for adults and teenagers.
  • ELECTRIC SCOOTER for ADULTS & TEENS: Let's live an active lifestyle and want to refine your traveling; or you are a novice of electric scooter, EVERCROSS electric scooter for adults & teens is the right one. Minimalist Sleek Design, and Easy to Operate.
  • HIGH COST-EFFECTIVE ELECTRIC SCOOTERS & SUPERIOR STYLISH DESIGN: The electric scooter equips an upgraded 350 watt powerful motor, owning a 20 MPH max speed and a range of 22 miles, conquers 20 degree hills with ease.
  • SAFETY AND COMFORT - Electric scooter brakes are smooth and secure. Excellent E-braking system makes the brakes respond quickly. Electric scooter for adult equips with the front and rear shock absorbers upgrade comfort performance hugely.
  • ONE-STEP FOLD DESIGN & 3 CRUISE SPEEDS CONTROL: With 1-second foot-actuated folding, the electric scooter can be quickly collapsed. After folding, the EVERCROSS electric scooter can be carried one-hand, making it a perfect commute companion. Cruise at a constant speed makes you more relaxed as well.
  • EXQUISITE FASHION COMMUTE ELECTRIC SCOOTER - The adult electric scooter is equipped with tail light and high lumen head lamp for safe night riding, and clear digital LCD display for relaxing riding.

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Does the Evercross electric scooter have an adjustable handlebar?

Yes, the handlebar height of the Evercross electric scooter is adjustable. It is a nice feature and makes the scooter ideal for tall and short heights people. The handlebar height is adjustable from 33.3 to 45.7inches.

What are the top speeds of the gears of the Evercross electric scooter?

The Evercross electric scooter has three gears. The first gear’s top speed is 10 mph, 20 mph of the second gear, and 30 mph of the third gear. Generally, the maximum speed of the scooter is 28 mph.

Is the Evercross electric scooter waterproof?

The Evercross electric scooter is not waterproof. It can only handle light rain. However, it is better not to ride the scooter on rainy days.

Even if you ride, the water level should not exceed the bottom of the pedal. Also, wipe off the water from the scooter to protect its battery and machinery.

Does the Evercross electric scooter have Bluetooth?

The EVercross electric scooter does not offer Bluetooth and app compatibility. However, the LED display is enough to provide convenience while riding. It displays the speed and remaining battery.

Does the Evercross electric scooter have a seat?

Yes, the Evercross electric scooter comes with a detachable seat. You can either ride with the seat or without it as per your convenience. The scooter can also fold down with the seat attached.

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