13 Best Folding Electric Scooters for Adults

With the advancements in technology, we have been introduced with great and more versatile products that have added many conveniences to our everyday lives.

One of these is the folding electric scooters.

These electric scooters are fun and easy to use and will provide better transport.

If you live in a busy area experiencing daily traffic jams, a folding electric scooter would be a great choice to ride on and reach your office on time.

Their best part is the folding ability, which adds much comfort to along with its enjoyable ride!

Students also like these electric scooters a lot as they are fun to use and can help them get home quickly without waiting for the bus after a long tiring day.

Folding electric scooters are safe to use for adults as well as children as they include plenty of variations.

We have compiled the best folding electric scooters for adults to make you choose from.

There are so many companies in the market offering great folding electric scooters and you will find all of them in this article below!


List of Best Folding Electric Scooters for Adults

Photo Title Top Speed Range Buy
Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter - 6.5" Solid Tires - Portable Folding Commuting Scooter for Teens & Adults 13 mph 10.6 miles Check Price
GOTRAX XR Ultra Electric Scooter - UL Certified Fold-able Adult E-Scooter for Commuter 15.5 mph 18 miles Check Price
Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter for Adults - Folding & Commuting Adults Electric Scooter with App and Double Braking System 18 mph 17 miles Check Price
Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter UL Certified 15 mph 15 miles Check Price
Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter with External Battery - Lightweight and Foldable 19 mph 28 miles Check Price
EV Rider Transport Plus - Manual Folding Scooter Power Mobility 4 mph 15 miles Check Price
ATTO Folding Mobility Scooter by MovingLife 4 mph 12 miles Check Price
Tzora - Classic Lexis Light - Folding Lightweight 4-Wheel Travel Scooter 4.8 mph 8 miles Check Price
Ephesus S5 — Electric Mobility Scooter |Foldable, Lightweight, Battery Powered| 12 mph 25 miles Check Price
Glion SNAPnGO 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter – Lightweight and Portable Electric Powered Scooter for Adults 7 mph 15 miles Check Price
TopMate ES30 Electric Scooter Mini Tricycle 13 mph 18.64 miles Check Price

Best Folding Electric Scooters for Adults Reviews

1. Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter:

The Hiboy S2 Lite folding electric scooter is one of the topmost durable folding electric scooters for adults.

Its unique design and solid body provide a compatible and fun ride with its fast acceleration and lightweight.

It is very convenient to use even in large cities and will give you a safe and secure ride as it can go smoothly on bumpy areas as well.

The maximum speed of this e-scooter is 13 mph, more than enough for urban transportation. However, the height of its handlebars cannot be adjusted, but that won’t matter much for many adults.

For convenient transportation, it has a durable brake system with impressively bigger wheels than many folding electric scooters in the market.

It has solid rubber tires of 8.5 inches with a maximum traveling range of 8-10.6 miles, allowing better and quick transport.

This portable electric scooter also has a headlight for use at night. It can also be paired with Bluetooth, you can change the scooter’s speed, turn it off and lock all by simply controlling from your phone.

The Hiboy S2 has been introduced with a double braking system and comes with a 6-month warranty as well.

It is easy to use for both teens and adults. Its 250W motor and easy-to-fold technology make it even more fun and practical.

Moreover, this folding scooter has an amazing LED dashboard that shows the remaining power and the speed of scooter. It also includes a battery that can be quickly charged in 3-5 hours.

  • MADE FOR TEENS AND ADULTS - With 250W motor, the Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter allows for speeds up to 13 mph, range up to 10.6 miles, climb a 15% grade hill and max load of 180 lbs.
  • COOL AND UNIQUE - The elegant front cool light makes the Hiboy S2 Lite electric scooter unique and cooler than other scooters you have ever seen.
  • LIGHT AND PORTABLE - Manufactured with high-quality aviation-grade space aluminum alloy, which is stronger and more wear-resistant and lighter than iron scooters. And the lightweight and easy-to-fold design bring fun and practical to teenagers and adults to go around campus and downtown.
  • SAFE AND SOUND - The scooter is equipped with a double braking system. And the four lights system makes sure you can see and be seen at night. Also, there is a ring bell on the handlebar so that you can be heard in the crowd.
  • SINCERE CUSTOMER SERVICE- Buy it with confidence. Hiboy offers a one-year or 6-month warranty for different parts and 24-hours customer services.
  • Double braking system
  • Long-range battery
  • Powerful motor
  • Customized speed control
  • Amazing quality and design
  • Handlebar height is not adjustable

Final Verdict

The Hiboy S2 Lite is an overall amazing scooter. Its solid body, durable wheels, LED dashboard, headlight, and double braking system make it safe to use day and night.

This electric ride on comes with all modern technologies at such a low price and would be great to use for short trips and vacations.

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2. Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter:

The Gotrax XR Ultra electric scooter is the cheapest and most portable scooter you’ll ever get. It has an amazing design with a solid body and comes in three colors.

Gotrax emerged as a company to provide its customers with the most efficient and multi-function hoverboards and electric scooters and has done justice to its aim so far.

This top-quality foldable electric scooter is lightweight and can be easily carried or stored due to its foldable technology.

It has thick and hard 8.5’’ inflatable tires with 300W dual motors, that can easily ride on bumpy and uneven areas, providing a comfortable and smooth drive. Moreover, it has a dual braking system to ensure the safety of riders.

Also, it has an amazing LED display and easy to control handles, so any adult or teenager can learn it in a short time.

This outstanding folding electric scooter can travel up to 17 miles with its long-range LG lithium-ion battery with a charging time of 3-4 hours.

It has two gears, one can go up to 9 miles per hour and the second covers 15 miles per hour. It has a maximum speed of 15.5 MPH.

This electric scooter comes with a digital display which allows the riders to view the speed of the scooter, operate brakes, turn the headlight on and also shows battery life, fulfilling all the requirements of the riders in just one small display.

It is made up of aluminum alloy to give this scooter a sleek look and at the same time, enhance the stability for efficient rides.

  • Innovative Portable Folding Design - The XR Ultra Commuting Scooter equipped with One-step folding system for portability. Aluminum material to enhance the stability, and a special Red Safety Button to protect the handlebar from folding while riding
  • Long-range Electric Scooter - High capacity LG Battery 7.0AH with a maximum travel range of up to 17 miles under optimum conditions. Our Smart Battery Management System ensures the battery safety, and extends the battery life
  • Strong Power E Scooter - The adult electric powered scooter features a quiet 300W motor, boasting top speed of 15.5 MPH and max load of 220 lbs. Tackles steep 15° hills with ease, making it a perfect commuting scooter
  • Dual Braking System - Features a disc braking and anti-lock braking system for a safe, responsive braking while at top speed. Front and rear wheels use 8.5" pneumatic tires make riding comfortable, even on rough road or bump terrain
  • Multifunctional Console - The LED display shows current speed, speed modes, battery life and headlight. The headlight has been upgraded to 8.5 degrees irradiation angle and 26 ft irradiation distance, keeping rider safe while riding in the dark
  • Low price
  • Amazing performance with 300W motor
  • Cruise modes and aggressive modes
  • Smooth handling controls
  • Solid 8.5’’ inflatable tires
  • No rear brake lights

Final Verdict

You cannot find such multi-functional folding electric scooters at such a low price except the GoTrax XR Ultra electric scooter!

This durable scooter can travel long miles with its high-power battery and aluminum material makes it even more long-lasting.

Moreover, its safety controls provide a secure and enjoyable ride. Probably an amazing scooter to consider!

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3. Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter:

The Hiboy MAX electric scooter would be a go-to product for anyone looking for a durable and efficient folding electric scooter at a low price. It has a flawless design and a solid body that can last a lifetime.

To provide convenience to users, the scooter’s deck is made wide so you can stand on it easily without losing balance. It also makes a strong grip between your feet and the scooter.

This folding electric scooter has several lights to make it attractive. It has two LED lights on the front and a red light at the back. Plus, the scooter has blue LED lights fitted at the deck.

Its double braking system and front shock absorber ensure all the safety measures and provide a comfortable ride.

This lightweight scooter has an amazing folding feature, making it fold in 1 second, and can be easily carried or stored in small spaces as well.

It has an advanced LED display which shows the speed and remaining battery in front of you. It can be connected with Bluetooth so you can control its functions in just a click from your phone.

Most importantly, this folding electric scooter has a powerful motor of 350W with 18.6 mph maximum speed. This allows it to easily travel a distance of 17 miles in one charge. It can carry a weight of 265 lbs.

It has solid 8.5’’ tires and double braking system with front shock absorbers allow it to easily on bumpy roads and tackle steep 15% hills.

  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - The electric scooter features a powerful 350 Watt motor, boasting an 18.6 MPH max speed and a range of 17 miles, tackles steep 15% hills with ease.
  • DOUBLE BRAKE SYSTEM - Braking is smooth and secure. The excellent braking system makes the brake respond more quickly and improves the safety when in use. The front shock absorber provides maximum rider comfort.
  • RIDING HANDILY - Simply connect MAX electric scooter via Bluetooth and use the APP to check the scooter before every use, active cruise control and view other riding statistics, available on iOS and Android.
  • ONE-STEP FOLD DESIGN - With 1-second foot-actuated folding, the electric scooter can be quickly collapsed. After folding, the MAX scooter can be carried one-handedly, making it a perfect commute companion.
  • UNIQUE AND HUMANIZE - The adult electric scooter is equipped with extra wide anti-slip pedal for larger feet support, dual headlights for safe night riding, and clear LED display for relieved riding.
  • 3-speed modes
  • Dual headlights
  • Can easily climb inclined surfaces
  • LED display
  • Safety feature
  • Battery takes longer time to charge (4-6 hours)

Final Verdict

The Hiboy MAX electric scooter would be a good choice if you’re buying a scooter for the first time as it has easy to control features and ensures all the safety measures.

It is perfect for short trips or for riding from home to the office in a busy city. Its durability and efficiency make it a lasting product.

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Similar Product

4. Glion – Dolly – Foldable Lightweight Electric Scooter for Adults:

This Glion Dolly foldable lightweight adult electric scooter is the best electric scooter to consider if you are an adult tired of waiting in the traffic jams!

It has an amazing motor power of 250W and peak power of 600W, providing you a fast and enjoyable ride.

It can travel up to a range of 15 miles with a speed of 15 mph, has a lithium-ion battery, and has a charge time of only 3 hours.

In the case of its tires, this electric scooter has been manufactured with durable and long-lasting rubber tires. The best part of these tires is that they are air-less, meaning that you won’t be late for office in case your tires get punctured.

You will never have to fill the air in these 8’’ honeycomb never-flat tires! They can easily ride on bumpy roads and will always ensure a smooth ride.

It also has patented dolly and vertical self-standing features, providing even more convenience in its carrying and storage.

Glion Dolly comes with easy controls, a good left-hand brake, and the battery indicator on the handlebar with water-resistance ability. Hence, you can use it in all kinds of weather, may it be rainy or sunny.

Its brakes are maintenance-free and anti-lock to provide a safe drive.

This electric scooter can be easily folded up or folded down, easy to carry and safe to use for both adults and teens.

  • Premium 36v, 7.8ah lithium ion battery with 15-mile range and 3.25 hrs. charge time
  • Not a toy — aircraft aluminum frame is designed for daily use by commuters and other adults.
  • Powerful 250 watt (600 watt peak) DC hub motor with electronic antilock maintenance-free brake plus a rear fender press brake
  • Front tire suspension and Honeycomb never-flat airless rubber tires
  • Patented dolly and vertical self-standing feature lets you roll it like a suitcase and stand it vertically out of the way
  • Energy efficient, utilizing 1$ electricity per 500 miles.
  • Portable and ever-lasting rubber tires
  • Aluminum frame
  • Water-resistant controls allow you to ride it in any weather.
  • Lightweight with a self-standing feature.
  • Can be loud

Final Verdict

This Glion foldable electric scooter is an amazing choice if you want to ride in bumpy or busy areas. Its portable rubber tires are an amazing feature.

Also, the sleek look and self-standing feature of this e-ride make it a must-have electric scooter of all times!

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5. Segway – Ninebot ES4 – Best Electric Kick Scooter:

The Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter is a highly efficient and notable electric scooter to buy in 2020. With all the amazing specs and flawless design, this electric scooter can cover all your needs.

It is considered different from the others because it has an additional battery attached. This extra lithium-ion battery boosts up the efficiency of the scooter, allowing it to travel up to 28 miles! So, this would be a perfect electric scooter for long trips.

This lightweight scooter comes with an impressive motor power of 800W with a speed of 19 mph, accelerating your riding experience to another level.

It can accommodate a load of 220 lbs. However, if you’re a lightweight person, it would run even faster with you.

The Segway Ninebot ES4 has large and solid tires and an amazing brake system with front and back shock absorbing. It can take you wherever you want and will always ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

It is a multi-function electric scooter with easy-to-use controls that provide much flexibility while riding.

This electric ride also has a mobile app connectivity, customizable light colors, LED display, and advanced security updates that provide you a versatile and luxurious ride. Also, it is affordable!

Moreover, its deck is specially designed to provide a perfect grip and its handlebars have rubber pads on them, to keep you safe and secure during the drive.

  • Dual Batteries: With an extra Lithium Ion battery and upgraded motor, ES4 boasts up to 800W of power, with a top-speed of 19 mph, travel up to 28 miles and accommodate a max load of 220 lbs. The ES4 can take you just about anywhere you want to go.
  • Portable Folding Design: Ninebot Kickscooter by Segway ES4 is sleek, lightweight and features a one-step folding system. Now our riders can carry the ES4 scooter on public transportation, store it in your car and take it to any destination you desire.
  • Safe & Comfortable Riding: Front and rear wheel shock absorbers equipped with the large solid tires provide maximum rider comfort even when traveling at high speeds. The mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking system ensure braking safety.
  • Technology Superior: With a LED display, bluetooth capabilities, cruise control, customizable ambient light colors, and mobile app connectivity for additional security and firmware updates, Segway ES4 electric scooter combines performance with luxury.
  • Quality Assurance: The ES4 is designed to bridge the gaps along your journey, whether it’s the store two blocks away or the bus stop down the street. Please refer to warranty information in product details below.
  • Powerful motor of 800W
  • Can travel 28 miles, making it perfect for long-distance traveling
  • Customizable lights
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Advanced safety features
  • Dual batteries
  • Takes a long time to fully charge

Final Verdict

This Segway Ninebot ES4 electric scooter is an amazing choice as it is highly durable and is user-friendly.

Its portable tires can easily ride uphill and on bumpy roads as well, its dual battery provides a longer ride and sleek look can make it look luxurious, making it an overall amazing electric scooter.

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Best Folding Electric Mobility Scooters for Adults

1. Dragon Mobil – Foldable Lightweight Power Mobility Scooter:

This power mobility scooter by Dragon Mobil is a good choice if you’re looking for a foldable electric scooter with seat.

This smartly designed 4-wheeled electric scooter is suitable for all age groups, whether adults or children.

It has a comfortable and unique seat that gives you amazing and safe riding experience. It has been equipped with brush-less wheelchair motor technology.

If you are an adult facing difficulty while traveling long distances, it is the best choice for you.

We all love traveling and exploring new places. So, never sit at home and travel long distances comfortably with this electric scooter.

It is introduced with energy-saving technology and is environment friendly, letting you ride while using little electricity at the same time. Therefore, it is better than all the wheelchairs out there in the market.

This folding scooter can easily travel long distances up to 17 miles and can be quickly charged with its lithium battery. It is easy to control with 3-speed options, level 1 is 3.75 mph, level 2 is 7.5 mph, and level 3 is 12 mph.

It has all-terrain wheels that provide a comfortable and easy ride. They can travel on all kinds of surfaces, either muddy, bumpy, or uneven.

These durable wheels make this electric scooter much more efficient.

It has a soft leather seat for a safe drive and also includes an optional child seat. It is safe to travel on for elderly persons and also for people with little children to give a ride to.

This seat can easily fold in just 5 seconds and can fit into small spaces as well, such as a car or a truck.

  • Leather seat and optional child seat
  • Can travel long distances easily
  • Durable and efficient wheels
  • Has a long-lasting battery life
  • Energy-saving and shock absorbing features
  • Slightly expensive than other foldable scooters and wheelchairs

Final Verdict

The elegant and sleek design of this Dragon Mobil wheelchair is impressive.

It comes with easy controls and is safe to use for elderly people. Although it might seem expensive, it provides a very comfortable ride with its leather seat and efficient wheels. 

Also, it is user-friendly, giving out no noise or pollution.

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2. EV Rider Transport Plus – Manual Folding Scooter Power Mobility:

As can be seen from its sleek design, the EV Rider Transport Plus electric scooter comes with amazing specifications and multi-function ability.

This scooter has been specially designed for adults who wanted to live an active life.

It has a powerful 270-watt 4-pole motor that allows the electric scooter 10-15 miles when fully charged. it is designed with high quality and lightweight material, that can easily bear healthy people as well.

It has a comfortable seat for easy riding, so you can always enjoy any ride without any backache at the end.

EV Rider has an amazing and unusual folding concept. It can be folded in one, two or three simple steps and will fold in just 5 seconds, allowing it to put in compact spaces as well.

It also has front and rear light, making it more convenient to use during the night and has durable wheels that can travel easily on any bumpy surface as well.

However, its seat can be removed easily if you don’t want it. It has a flawless digital display at the front, so you can control all functions of the wheelchair easily and efficiently.

This lightweight foldable electric scooter will weigh only 70 pounds, but if the seat is removed, it will weigh 46 pounds. This makes it easy t carry through luggage as well.

  • A true one, two, three-step folding/travel scooter + 1 Year Extended Warranty
  • The Transport weighs a total of 70 pounds, however the seat and battery can be removed to make it only 46 pounds for easy lugging and travel.
  • Powerful 270 Watt 4-pole motor, Articulated front end adds to greater stability
  • 10 to 15 mile range per charge, Lighting Package: front and rear lights
  • Digital display, Removable seat, Unique design uses unusual folding concept. The TranSport plus comes with upgrades like digital display, front and rear lights, removable seat to make the scooter even lighter, better seat and you can fit armrests as well.
  • Easy folding in simple steps
  • Powerful 270W 4-pole motor
  • Comfortable seat provides stability
  • Rigid wheels
  • Removable seat
  • Digital display and safety features
  • Not suitable for tall adults because of less legroom

Final Verdict

This EV-Rider transport plus electric mobility scooter is an amazing choice as it provides easy transport with impressive folding technology. Its unique design and amazing specs are eye-catching.

It is a good choice for elderly people as they can easily control it through the digital display. It can fit into any car and will provide a comfortable ride.

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3. MovingLife – ATTO – Folding Mobility Scooter:

The ATTO folding mobility scooter is regarded as the best and most efficient scooter of all time.

This folding electric tricycle scooter is perfectly designed for older and disabled people. Its unique design and flawless features have made it user friendly.

It is lightweight, easy to carry, and is quickly folded, making it an efficient electric scooter. This device folds in just one second like a suitcase and can be split into two smaller pieces for easy transport.

Taking disabled or elder people in your house to trips and places would never have been such an easy task without this one.

It is airline approved, so you can even travel abroad and explore new places, it will take you wherever you want to go.

This amazing electric scooter can travel up to 4mph and can travel 12 miles in one charge. It includes a chargeable 48-volt non-spillable battery and has a weight capacity of 220 lbs.

Additionally, it can be easily customized according to your needs, giving you an amazing experience. It has solid tires and a comfortable seat, so you never get tired while traveling.

Its outstanding specifications and multiple modes with a glamorizing design make it the best and most advanced electric mobility scooter.

It can easily travel long distances and would be suitable for any kind of area, whether muddy, snowy, or bumpy.

The ATTO folding electric scooter for adults comes with all the safety features and easy controls to give you a perfect, mesmerizing, and safe ride.

  • PORTABLE & FOLDABLE: The ATTO Folds and Unfolds in Seconds! This Scooter Folds to the Size of a Small Suitcase (15.3"L X 16.5"W X 28"H), and It Can Be Split Into Two Smaller Pieces for Easy Transport & Storage
  • AIRLINE APPROVED: The Lightweight Lithium Battery Is FAA Approved For Safe Air Travel, and When The Scooter Is Split, Its Two Smaller Pieces Fit Easily In The Plane's Overhead Bin
  • SLEEK DESIGN: With a stylish, eye-catching design, drive up to 4 mph, last 12 miles per single charge, and turn countless heads, as you drive by looking cool
  • FOR EVERYDAY USE: Go Travelling, Shopping Or Sightseeing…Anywhere, Anytime
  • FDA APPROVED: Safe and Smooth Maneuverability - Exceed Limitations
  • Long-range traveling
  • Airline approved
  • Comfortable seat
  • Multiple modes
  • Advanced safety features
  • No storage options in the scooter

Final Verdict

This electric mobility scooter always makes your dreams come true of traveling and exploring the world, even if you’re disabled or feel difficulty in walking.

MovingLife ATTO is easy to carry anywhere as it quickly folds into a suitcase. It has amazing specifications and its sleek design has continued to regard it as the best of all the mobility scooters.

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4. Tzora – Classic Lexis Light – Folding Lightweight Travel Scooter:

The Classic Lexis Light travel scooter by Tzora has so many amazing specifications and an amazing design to fulfill all your requirements.

Many people complain that they do not have any storage basket for their important things, but don’t worry!

This folding electric scooter with seat has a large basket beneath the seat where you can put your things and carry them with you anywhere.

This electric scooter has a compact design and can easily fit into small spaces with its advanced foldable technology.

This Tzora folding electric scooter has a very powerful motor and can travel at a speed of 4.8 mph. this 4-wheel scooter offers 3-wheel maneuverability.

It comes with articulating front wheels with a climbing ability of 10-degrees, all making this scooter an amazing and portable product.

The solid tires of this ride are flat-free, meaning they will neither get punctured nor go flat nor will they leave any marks on your floors. It can travel up to 8 miles with its 12AH battery, its battery being detachable to get charged.

The Classic Lexis Light fold-able scooter weighs only 39 pounds, making it the lightest electric mobility scooter. It is airline approved and is easy to carry. It can even fit inside the car trunk, ensuring a luxurious, comfortable, and safe ride.

  • Challenger Mobility Vinyl Cover is included with the Scooter - Bundle Package from TOP MOBILITY
  • Compact design with ultra-light
  • Large basket for carrying items
  • Battery can be detached and carried inside for charging
  • 4-wheel stability with 3-wheel maneuverability
  • Memory foam padded seat
  • Automatic electronic brakes
  • Can be unstable while taking a turn at higher speeds

Final Verdict

The Tzora-classic lexis light scooter has been perfectly designed to provide comfort. It is very easy to control, comes with all the safety features, and has a comfortable seat for easy traveling.

Moreover, the large basket and detachable battery of this e-scooter make it, even more, user friendly. Absolutely an amazing electric scooter!

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5. Ephesus S5 — Electric Mobility Scooter:

This Ephesus S5 — Electric Mobility Scooter is an advanced electric scooter that has better specifications and unique design than all the previous ones.

It includes so many features that you would hardly find anyone missing.

This 4-wheel electric scooter has an additional or optional child seat, so you can let your children enjoy the ride with you. Also, it has a 360-degree directional rod that can be adjusted in any direction.

It has an adjustable height, making it suitable for both, tall and short people. Unlike many electric scooters, it also has a storage basket for the front.

Its 250W motor power allows it to travel at a speed of 12 mph and distances up to 25 miles. This e-ride also has front and rear high-brightness LED headlights, making it efficient to use at nighttime as well.

Th lightweight Ephesus S5 electric scooter can be easily folded and carried to any place. It comes with many safety features and easy controls, ensuring the security of users during the ride.

An impressive factor of this scooter is that it has solid and durable wheels, the front ones being larger than the rear wheels. The size of front wheels is 10’’ and that of rear wheels id 8’’, with a maximum climbing grade of 12-degree.

This factor makes it one of the most efficient electric scooters, allowing it to travel long distances and steep hills easily without any stop!

Its handlebars are equipped with 3 gear positions, high, medium, and low. It has different driving speeds too, which allows you to accelerate the scooter as you want, providing a fun and amazing ride.

  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT: New 2020 model of Ephesus S5, undoubtedly comes with smart and better features. Weights only 62 lbs including the battery. The four-wheel design structure is stable and suitable for changing road surfaces.
  • ✅ LONG RANGE: Up to 25 miles with a max speed of 12 mph. The actual range of driving range is affected by vehicle configuration, load capacity, temperature, wind speed, road surface, operation habits, and other factors. The data in this description is a reference only.
  • ✅ EASY CONTROL: You can use S5 with 3 different speed level. Speed level 1 is 3.75 mph, level 2 is 7.5 mph, and level 3 is 12 mph. S5 comes with an adjustable (7”) direction bar.
  • ✅ ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: The foldable scooter has advanced and reliable design technology, and energy-saving and environmental protection. S5 has no pollution and noise during operation which is conducive to environmental protection.
  • ✅ CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: As a California based company we are obsessive about 100% Customer Satisfaction. We provide expedite free shipping all over the US, and we ship from California. Promise to contact you under 24-hours.
  • Adjustable height
  • 3 gear positions
  • 360-degree rotatable handlebars
  • Strong rear and front wheels
  • Child seat
  • Seat height is not adjustable

Final verdict:

An amazing and modern electric scooter for teens and adults. Its solid and efficient wheels can travel anyplace and will always take you wherever you want.

The optional child seat and front basket of this vehicle provide much convenience to many users. It is lightweight, easy to fold and unfold and comes in unique and advanced designs with different colors.

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Best Folding Electric Tricycle Scooters

1. Glion – SNAPnGO – 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter:

The Glion SNAPnGO Mobility Scooter is comfortable, easy to assemble, and is perfectly designed to fulfill all requirements.

An important feature that many electric scooters don’t have is the armrests.

So many people complain that their arms get tired while traveling but they can’t find a position to rest them. But don’t worry about this electric scooter.

This 3-wheel folding electric scooter provides a very comfortable sitting position. It has a soft seat with detachable armrests and the deck is specially designed to provide a larger legroom for tall and short people.

This electric scooter weighs only 31 pounds without the battery and seat, but it can easily accommodate weights up to 300 pounds. Its lithium-ion battery has great battery life.

It also has an included basket and charger, making it an efficient product.

Glion SNAPnGO is very easy to fold and unfold, as it does not require any tools or instructions.

It attains the shape of a suitcase when lifted and can be quickly disassembled into 2 components.

Additionally, its never-flat tires provide an amazing riding experience.

This electric mobility scooter has a powerful 600W motor that allows it to travel 15 miles when fully charged. This helps it to attain a top speed of 10mph.

To ensure safety features, this electric scooter is equipped with default electric braking mode when thumb controls are released by the user.

It has an electronic motor brake that helps the scooter to stop easily in an emergency.

Its front and rear LED lights are bright and make the scooter safe to use during the day as well as night. It has very easy controls, just like a bicycle.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & SIMPLE : 31 lb frame to lift. Quickly disassemble into 2 components - just lift the seat, no tools no instructions needed. Hightly portable - it can dolly like a suitcase when folded. Only take 1 sq ft storage space
  • WORRY FREE GUARANTEE: Risk Free 30 day trial. Free shipping & no restocking fee. 1 year manufacture warranty on motor controller and battery. Lift time warranty on frame.
  • COMFORTABLE SEATING: Standard deluxe seat is very comfortable. Seat position adjustable. seat is swivelable with detachable arm rests. Lightweight travel seat sold as optional accessory.
  • FAA COMPLIANT BATTERY: 3 lb premium lithium ion battery will give you 15 miles on a single charge. You can always swap another spare battery for unlimited range.
  • SAFE MANEUVERABILITY: Navigate over any smooth surface with comfort and ease with SNAPnGO mobility scooter. Designed to safely support up to 300 pounds, the mobility scooter features flat-free, non-marking tires with a tight turning radius, a maximum speed of 7mph (programmable to 12mph) and a driving distance up to 15 miles per charge.
  • Detachable armrests
  • Included basket
  • Travels long distances easily
  • Easy to drive
  • Efficient braking system
  • Does not travel well on grass and rocks

Final verdict

This amazing electric mobility scooter is a perfect choice for anyone facing difficulty walking long distances. It can be used during the day or at night.

No special instructions or tools are required for it and can be a great choice if you’re using an electric mobility scooter for the first time.

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2. WISGING – Folding Electric 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter:

When it comes to buying foldable electric scooters, we consider the ones with the best specifications, unique designs, and affordable products.

All these and many more amazing features can be found in the Wisging folding electric mobility scooter. It is specially designed for adults who feel difficulty while walking, to provide them with amazing and comfortable riding experience.

This electric scooter has a very comfortable seat and armrests, so you won’t get tired sitting in the same position during long journeys. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and can easily be folded and unfolded.

It has a portable deck providing a large legroom for all heights and makes a good grip between the deck and your shoes.

Wisging folding electric scooter has an impressively powerful 350W motor that allows it to travel long distances up to 18 miles. It can travel at a maximum speed of 9 mph.

Its biggest advantage is the presence of a reverse gear, allowing you to easily change the position of the wheelchair in crowded places without getting imbalanced.

This durable electric scooter has 10’’ thick and strong tires with a climbing capacity of 35-degree. It is efficient to use in crowded as well as uneven places. It will always provide a smooth and fun ride.

  • Comfortable seat with backrest cushions and armrests
  • Amazing reverse gear
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Can travel large distances and crowded places
  • Removable seat
  • No LED display

Final Verdict

This compact designed electric scooter with durable and strong tires will be a perfect choice for any adult who is looking for scooters at an affordable price.

It will always ensure a safe and secure ride and can be a long-lasting product if properly looked after.

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3. TopMate – ES31 – Mini Foldable Electric Tricycle:

The TopMate ES31 mini foldable electric scooter is an amazing advanced product in this technological era.

Going to work or traveling short distances was never such easy and fun before this amazing foldable electric scooter.

It is a quite small and lightweight electric scooter that can be easily carried.

It is super easy to fold and unfold and can be stored in compact spaces as well.

This electric scooter comes with 3 gear speeds of 6 km/h, 12 km/h, and 22km/h. You can adjust the speed according to your requirement and the place you’re traveling in.

As it does not come with a backrest or support while riding, this electric tricycle has been introduced with a more advanced and efficient feature, shock absorbers.

It has one shock absorber in the seat and two in the rear wheels that provide easy balancing and stability during the ride.

It has a 18650-power lithium battery that takes only 3-4.5 hours to charge, allowing it to travel up to 18.6 miles.

The scooter’s body is made up of pure aluminum, which is light with corrosion-resistance properties.

Although it might be difficult to balance yourself on this scooter in the beginning, it will surely provide a fun and comfortable ride once learned.

  • Adjustable Three Gear Speed: The first gear speed up to 6km/h(3.7mile/h);The second speed up to 12km/h(7.4mile/h);The third speed up to 22km/h(13.7mile/h).You can adjust the speed freely.
  • Recommendation: It is recommended that people under the height of 70.87inch and under 60 years old use this electric scooter. Driving electric scooter requires basic balancing capabilities. Please read the scooter parameters of the Product Description carefully, then refer to your height and weight data for purchase.
  • Three Shock Absorbers:The seat has one absorber, and the rear wheels have two suspension shock absorbers, make the tricycle more stable during riding, powerful and safe, the elderly and children are also available. It’s great fun to ride.
  • Good Load Bearing Capacity: 98% of the whole vehicle adopts aviation aluminum alloy, which is firm and light, with high physical properties and corrosion resistance. The whole vehicle quality is only 30.9lb, but the carrying capacity reaches 220.5lb.
  • Durable Battery: 18650 power lithium battery, only need to charge for 3 to 4.5 hours, endurance performance can up to 20-30km(12.4-18.6mile), the best choice for short trips.
  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • Good for people with mobility problems
  • Covers great distances
  • Compact design
  • 3 shock absorbers
  • 3 gear speeds
  • Seat may be small and uncomfortable for some people.

Final verdict

Taking your riding experience to another level, this foldable mini electric scooter will ensure a safe and secure drive for you.

It is most suitable for adults, as it is difficult to balance in the beginning. It is suitable in most terrains as its shock absorbers easily balance the scooter.

This portable, lightweight scooter is worth the money with such amazing and advanced specifications.

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Similar Product

  • 【Added Rear Axle Shock Absorption】A shock-absorbing module is added to the rear axle to make riding more stable,powerful and safe. The whole vehicle quality is only 14.5kg(32lb), but the carrying capacity reaches 100kg(220.5lb).
  • 【Recommendation】It is recommended that people under the height of 5.9 feet and under 80 years old use this electric scooter. Driving electric scooter requires basic balancing capabilities. Please read the scooter parameters of the Product Description carefully, then refer to your physical condition, height and weight data for purchase.
  • 【Adjustable Three Gear Speed】The first gear speed up to 3.7 mile/h;The second speed up to 7.4 mile/h;The third speed up to 13.67 mile/h.You can adjust the speed freely.
  • 【Key Switch & Durable Battery】ES30 Scooter has key switch that you can turn off the battery physically. Built in 18650 power lithium battery, power is 270W, charging duration of 3-4.5 hours, battery endurance of 25-30 km (15.53-18.64 miles), is the best choice for short trips.
  • 【1 Year Warranty Service】If the electric tricycle has any quality problem, you can return the tricycle within 30 days after receiving it (Please return all accessories and ensure that the tricycle is not damaged). We also provide one year warranty service, if you have any questions, please contact us at any time, we will make solution for you.

Buying Guide

Many important factors must be taken into consideration while buying folding electric scooters as you’re already spending a large amount of money on them.

If you’re buying a folding electric scooter for the first time, this buying guide would prove beneficial for you as it contains the most important factors that must be present in a durable and long-lasting electric scooter.

· Power:

A great power electric scooter will not only accelerate with fast speeds, but it will also provide a smooth, comfortable ride without stopping.

An electric scooter’s power can range from the lowest 200W to the highest 6720W. however, most electric scooters have a power output of 250W, which is enough for daily commuting.

If you need an electric scooter to climb steep hills during vacations, a power output of 350W will be a better choice.

A high-power electric scooter is useful as it can easily tackle bumpy and uneven surfaces without slowing down the speed. It also helps the scooter to last long.

· Maneuverability:

An electric scooter’s efficiency does not independently depend on its speed and power. It also depends on maneuverability.

An electric scooter must have a sharp turning radius that allows it to turn quickly even at crowded places, without the scooter getting imbalanced.

These electric scooters can easily climb steep hills and rocky surfaces without disturbing the motor’s frame.

· Range:

An electric scooter with high power can easily travel smoothly, but what about the range of the scooter? As they need to be charged frequently, a larger battery will provide a longer range.

If you need an electric scooter to travel long distances, you’ll have to buy one with a larger battery.

With this, you can not only cover long distances, but you can even travel at faster speeds without running out of battery in the middle of the journey.

The battery should also charge fast if you need to use your electric scooter daily. Charging time of 3-4 hours is good, but that of 2-3 hours is even better as it will quickly make the scooter ready to use.

· Safety features:

Advanced safety features can be seen in almost all folding electric scooter.

Some have an LED display with front and rear lights so that you can use it during the night as well.

The LED display shows all information like scooter’s speed, remaining battery, etc. and you can easily control it with your smartphone as well.

Similarly, shock absorbers and efficient braking system are equally important. It will maintain stability and the braking system will provide a smooth stop even in emergency situations.

· Practicality:

Your electric scooter must be practical. If you’re a nature-loving person who wants to travel to new places more often, your electric scooter must be lightweight so can carry it easily.

It should have a good folding ability so you can accommodate it even in your car’s trunk.

Some electric scooters are airline approved; you can carry them with you as you travel. These would be a better option if you’re traveling frequently.

However, if you want one for indoor or seldom outdoor use, other options like comfort and portable tires must be taken into consideration before.


Which is the lightest folding mobility scooter?

Tzora – Classic Lexis Light – Folding Lightweight Travel Scooter is one of the lightest electric scooters, weighing only 39 pounds. It has a one-fold mechanism with its heaviest part weighing only 29 pounds.

Which is the best folding mobility scooter overall?

EV-Rider Transport Plus is an overall amazing folding mobility scooter. It has an adjustable height and seat, flat-free tires, powerful 270W motor, and a sleek design to fulfill all requirements.

It is easy to carry and its digital display and articulate front wheels provide a safe and fun ride.

What happens if you ride an electric scooter in the rain?

Riding an electric scooter in a light rain is totally fine. However, electric scooters are not meant for rainy weather or floods. They must not be left outside in the rain as water can seep into its parts, affecting its machinery.

In case of breeze or floods, the scooter can be permanently damaged. However, the Glion Dolly electric scooter is safe to use in rain as it has amazing water resistance features.

How to increase the speed of an electric scooter?

Most electric scooters have a limited speed and you cannot increase the speed above that. If you want to increase the speed, the best way to do it is to remove the speed limiter.

However, doing this can drain the battery faster. Using an additional battery or increasing the battery power will also effectively increase the speed of your scooter.

What is the best mobility scooter for outdoors?

ATTO folding mobility scooter by MovingLife is the best folding mobility scooter for outdoors as it can travel 12 miles in a single charge. It is lightweight and airline approved.

It quickly folds to the size of a small suitcase in just one second. It is specially designed for travelling and shopping.

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