How to Fix an Electric Scooter? – Quick Tips

Finding a portable electric scooter is definitely a difficult task because you are investing a great amount of money.

However, besides having advanced and special features, your electric scooter may come out with a problem like all other devices.

But don’t worry!

These issues are faced by many people across the world. It is a common issue that even the most portable electric scooter may face some issues after a few years.

You don’t need to throw your electric scooter away in case of a small problem.

Just fix it!

We have thoroughly researched some of the common problems that most users face with their electric scooters.

However, these problems may arise because they don’t take of them as they need to.

If proper care and cleanliness are done, your electric scooter will last for much longer years.

Let’s have a quick review of the problems people face or you might be facing at this time and get their solution quickly.

How to Fix an Electric Scooter?

1. A dead battery:

In the case of electric scooters, a battery is the most important component. Without it, your scooter won’t even start.

Many people complain that their scooter’s battery dies after some time.

That is because there is a limit to the working of the machine. A dead battery means that the scooter has lost power and won’t turn on.

The simple solution to this problem is to charge the battery. However, continuous charging and recharging will reduce battery life.

You must keep in mind that patience is required. An electric scooter takes a longer time to charge. If you unplug the charger when the battery hasn’t been fully charged, it will also affect the functionality of the scooter.

It is better to unplug the charger when the battery is fully charged. Some electric scooters have an LED display and a green light blinks when the scooter is fully charged. That is the time you can use the scooter again.

It is good to recharge the battery before it is fully drained as it won’t take a longer time to charge. Different scooters take different time to charge. Some will require 3-4 hours while others will require at least 12 hours to charge.

The minimum charging time of an electric scooter is 2-3 hours. You will need to check the description of your scooter to know the exact charging time so your scooter can again function perfectly.

However, if the scooter is not working even after fully charging it or the battery is swollen, you will need to take it to the mechanic. Scooter batteries are cheap, and you can replace them yourself as well.

2. Heating up of the Engine:

As electric scooters regularly have a longer range and can travel for many hours, their engine might heat up due to excessive use.

They are usually meant to be used outside, and hot, sunny weather can also cause the engine to heat up.

This is a common problem and can be sorted out with some sensibility.

The heating up of the engine is due to the heating up of the battery, as the battery is what drives the electric scooter.

If you continue to drive it with a hot engine, the battery’s life will decrease, and it will eventually damage the electric scooter.

Therefore, the best solution is to turn off the engine of the electric scooter and let it cool down. You can also cool the engine through some cold-water splashes.

The heating up of the engine can also be due to damaged wires or fuses.

This problem needs a quick solution as any more damage may cause you to completely lose your electric scooter.

Although the scooter might run even with the damaged wires and fuses, it will greatly affect the battery life as increased pressure is exerted on the battery.

The battery will finally heat up and your scooter will stop working.

Unfortunately, the heating up of engine can be sorted out temporarily by cooling it down, it is greatly recommended that you should take it to a repair shop to avoid any further problems.

3. Damaged and Worn Tires:

Although electric scooters and electric mobility scooters are manufactured with the best tires to make them portable to ride on different surfaces, your electric scooter’s tires may need to be changed from time to time.

This is because the tires’ durability will decrease after withstanding bumpy areas and steep hills. There are two types of tires in electric scooters: solid and pneumatic.

Rubber tires are a good choice as they are flat-free, meaning they can easily tackle bumpy roads.

However, air-filled tires may cause you some problems. But don’t worry. They are very easy to fix.

The best solution for damaged tires is to replace them yearly. If you use your scooter on bumpy roads, you will need to replace them from time to time.

Although some people might not consider it a problem, running your scooter with worn tires will create many problems in the future.

Many people don’t look after it, but tires should be checked regularly especially from the sidewalls.

Damaged and worn tires will affect the functionality of the braking system and cornering stability. Therefore, it is a good idea to regularly check the tires to avoid them from puncturing.

It is even better to embrace your scooter’s tires through regular service.in this way, they will last longer.

However, if your tires are worn, the only solution is to replace them with durable tires.

4. Electrical Controller Issues:

The electrical system is the powerhouse of your electric scooter, as it has all the fuses and wires that let your scooter perform its function. Any problem in the electrical controller can lead to serious issues as it may affect the battery usage and braking system.

Electrical controller issues are hard to spot because they continuously come and go depending on the kind of issue and the surface on which the scooter is used.

A common mistake many people make that causes electrical controller issues is that they leave the scooter outside or use it in rain.

Electric scooters are not meant to be driven in rain. This is because they are not waterproof and if water or dirt reaches it internal parts, it will create serious issues.

A simple solution to this problem is to take care of your electric scooter and clean it regularly. If any issue arises, you can check the wiring and fuses yourself to ensure that they are in their proper place.

Make sure that the wires are not loose, as they can cause some unpredictable issues.

However, if your scooter does not have any damaged wires or blown fuses, it is possible that the problem might be in the transistor.

Although very rare to occur, the popped transistors can easily be replaced and are cheap. So, you can either do it yourself or ask a mechanic to do it for you.

5. Faulty Motor:

Although the motors of electric scooters are reliable and powerful, they are vulnerable to breakdowns.

This mostly happens when your electric scooter is old. In this case, the motor power may diminish, and the scooter may face some problems while running.

If you feel the scooter bumping, it is a sign that the motor is having some issues.

However, there can be various causes of this problem. Maybe the speed controller is not working properly that results in the malfunction of the motor, or maybe the throttle needs to be repaired.

The wiring of the motor is also likely to be problematic. You can check it by figuring out any smoke or fumes. If the motor has a short circuit problem, it would be better to dismantle it.

A good solution is to re-assemble the motor or have entirely new wiring. However, it would be a good choice to take it to a mechanic as a faulty motor is not caused by one reason only.

New motors are cheap to buy and replace. If you are not a professional, doing it yourself may cause another problem or the problem might not be fixed.

Replacing the old motor with a new one will at least give you a smooth and comfortable ride.

6. Weak Acceleration:

The problem of a weak acceleration indicates that there is a problem with the engine. A common cause is that the engine might not be able to draw the required power from the battery.

As the engine and battery are the main components that assure the durability of an electric scooter, they need to be checked first in case of any problem. A weak acceleration will provide you an uncomfortable ride.

As this issue is a serious one and can only be handled by professionals, we would advise you to send your scooter to a mechanical shop.


By implementing safety measures, your scooter will last long. Proper care must be taken of the scooter to ensure its durability.

Electric scooters always face problems and they can be fixed easily.

However, if you are in a doubt, it is better to consult a mechanic so that he can sort out the problem.

It is also a great choice to get your scooter frequently serviced and cleaned to avoid any long-term problems.

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