14 Best Electric Scooters Under $200 [Reviewed]

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List of Best Electric Kick Scooters Under $200

Photo Title Top Speed Range Buy
Razor E100 Glow...image Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter for Kids Age 8 and Up, LED Light-Up Deck, 8" Air-filled Front Tire, Up to 40 min Continuous Ride Time 10 mph 6.5 miles Check Price
Hover-1 Rally Folding...image Hover-1 Rally Folding Electric Scooter 12 mph 7 miles Check Price
GOTRAX GKS Electric...image GOTRAX GKS Electric Scooter 10 mph 7.5 miles Check Price
Segway Ninebot eKickScooter...image Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E10 Electric Kick Scooter for Kids and Teens 10 mph 6.2 miles Check Price
Razor Power Core...image Razor Power Core E90 Glow Electric Scooter 10 mph 10 miles Check Price
VIRO Rides 550E...image VIRO Rides 550E Electric Scooter with New Street Art-Inspired Look 10 mph 6 miles Check Price
MAXTRA Upgraded E120...image MAXTRA Upgraded E120 Electric Scooter with Removable Seat 10 mph 10 miles Check Price
Swagtron Swagger 8...image Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter for Kids & Teens 15 mph 10 miles Check Price
SISIGAD Hoverboard, with...image SISIGAD Hoverboard 6.5” Self Balancing Scooter with Colorful LED Wheels Lights 6 mph 6 miles Check Price
Hover-1 Helix Electric...image Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard Scooter 7 mph 3 miles Check Price
Beston Sports Newest...image Beston Sports Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard 6.2 mph 7.5 miles Check Price
jolege Hoverboard 6.5 Jolege Hoverboard 6.5" Self Balancing Hoverboards for Kids with LED Light 7.5 mph 12 miles Check Price

No other gadget has ever taken the world transport with such a sensational storm the way these latest electric scooter gadgets have.

With its never-ending charisma and jaw-dropping agility, an electric scooter is rapidly becoming a must for everyone who’s looking for an agile, affordable and environment-friendly transport. 

And for kids and teenagers, these low budget electric scooters are super fun to use.

Thanks to the competition, we’ve got some really great electric scooters coming out of these brands.

However, with the presence of so many scooters and brands, it becomes a laborious task for parents to get the best one for their kids.

To make sure you bring home a scooter that’s second to none, we’ve come up with some of the best electric scooters under $200. And if you are looking for more premium rides, then you can check our article on fastest electric scooters under $500 and $1000.

We’ve gone through extensive research and testing in this regard.

So whether you’re looking for a fast or the sleekest one, we make sure the below list has the best pickup for you.

Much of pep-talk folks, let’s dive straight into our list of best electric scooters under $200 for kids and teenagers.

Note! It is highly recommended to ride these electric scooters while wearing helmet, and other safety gears.

Best Electric Kick Scooters Under $200

1. Razor – E100 Glow – Electric Kick Scooter:

I know you’re looking for an electric scooter that not only makes your daily commute a breeze but also turns out to be a perfect companion during your camping and hiking adventures.

With Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter, its high-time to invite more comfort and thrill into your busy lifestyles.

Let’s find out why Razor E100 deserves to be our first choice!

Why we like it?

Specially designed for kids of age eight or above this gorgeous scooty introduces with a durable steel frame and deck and rightly deserves to be your when presenting your kid with an electric scooter for his/her upcoming birthday.

Thanks to the 200 mm pneumatic front tire, Razor E100 makes sure you get the most fun out on those tracks.

The intuitive twist-grip acceleration control and hand-operated brake add further to the confidence of your kid during rides.

Thinking about the ride time? You’d be glad to hear it offers a ride time of continuous 40 minutes, which means you won’t need to cut short the fun because of low battery timing.

Even if your kid uses this scooter for school commute, the battery timing is more than enough.

The 10mph speed limit could be a downside for some enthusiasts; however, the fact that it’s a kid scooter, Razor E100 proves the most preferred scooter for beginners.

Furthermore, the rear wheels are very well-designed for better traction and control over tough terrains.

Attractive colours and bright design is something every kid longs for, and Razor truly understands that.

Featuring vibrant colours and sleek design, it makes sure your kid gets the most fun when out for hiking with friends.

  • Blue LEDs on the deck that light up each time you twist the throttle!
  • Powered by a 100-watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor that delivers electrifying fun at speeds up to 10 mph (16 km/h)
  • Rechargeable 24V (two 12V) sealed-lead-acid battery system provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • 8" (200 mm) air-filled front tire helps soften out rough surfaces for a smooth ride
  • Features an all-steel frame and fork for a solid ride that stands up to rugged use
  • Lightest electric scooter for a kid
  • High-quality tires for a smooth ride
  • Hand-operated brakes for enhanced safety
  • Extremely affordable for every parent
  • Not a better option for adults

Final Verdict:

Considering the fact that Razor E100 is the lightest, cheapest and comes out of a well-reputed brand, we’re left with no other option but to go for this impeccable scooter.

In short, if you’re on a hunt for an electric scooter that insists your kid go out and get some fresh air, we’d definitely insist bringing Razor E100 home this weekend.

2. Hover-1 – Rally – Folding Electric Scooter:

Look we totally get it you’re not okay with the fact that Razor E100 Glow lacks electric brakes, display, fast speed and lesser weight capacity.

Alright, we get you an enthusiastic adult. With Hover-1 Rally, we get a foldable, speedy and a scooter with long battery timing all in a single pack. 

Sounds interesting?

We know it does! Let’s do the unboxing.

Why we like it?

Featuring built-in suspension and built-in wheel reflectors, Hover-1 proves to be a fun scooter for everyone, no matter the age.

Besides, with a charge time of up to 6 hours, it’s a superb choice for those going out on long trips.

Thanks to the ultralight LED light and high quality round LCD display, Hover-1 Rally comes with the right gadgets needed during recreational rides.

It’s speedy and comes with a weight capacity of 220lb, making sure to fit into lifestyles of every age. 

Unlike the above one, it introduces a sleek folding design. Therefore, it proves to be a portable electric scooter.

Moreover, the built-in reflectors add to the safety and enable us to drives confidently on congested roads.

  • Built-in Suspension and Built-In Wheel Reflector
  • Sleek Folding Electric Scooter
  • Electronic Throttle and Brake
  • LED light and LCD Display
  • Motor: 300W Brushless- Battery Capacity: 36V 4. 0 Ah
  • Brake style: Hand brake
  • A scooter for everyone
  • Foldable and portable
  • Remarkable bright lights during the night
  • Fast and long-lasting charge
  • Much stable than the previous models
  • The display is difficult to be seen in sunlight

Final Verdict:

You need a top-notch scooter to along to ride for college? This is what you need.

If you’re a student, you need not only a high-quality scooter but also one that could easily be carried around.

We find great comfort in Rover-1 in such cases. Besides, we loved the LED lights that make it a breeze to choose the preferred speed.

3. Gotrax – GKS – Electric Scooter for Kids:

If your 6 years old kid is bored of his old kick scooter and demanding a new one; we bet Gotrax GKS is the best Electric Scooter for Teenagers.

Used both as electric scooter and kick scooter, GKS is our most preferred scooter when it comes to mastering scooting from the very basic level.

Why We Like it?

One of the main reason a scooter fails to impress us is the motor that starts very slow, thus taking much of our time starting it.

However, this isn’t the case with GKS. Thanks to the excellent assisted motor, it quickly and smoothly gains acceleration.

Assembling is one of the most surprising things about this electric motor; you just need to spare a few minutes to simply install the screws and boom! You’re ready to hit the roads kid.

Moreover, with a speed limit of 7.5 mph, it’s a decent scooter to please your kid who more into thrilling adventures.

Are you a parent who’s a little low on money and got two kids? Perfect, with an age limit from 6 to 12 years, it could be a better alternative to buying two scooters for your kids. They’ll both equally enjoy GKS for sure.

  • Two Ways to Have Fun - The GKS can be used as both electric scooter and kick scooter. First put one foot on the front button and kick push the scooter over 1. 8mph, then place the other foot on the gravity sensor to accelerate to 7. 5mph
  • Enjoy A Safe Ride - The GKS scooter is easy for your child to master, using the assisted motor the GKS smoothly accelerates. Lifting your foot from back gravity sensor to slow down and then put your foot on the rear brake to realize safe stop
  • Bringing Family Together - The GKS kick scooter is perfect for kids ages 6-12 up to 154lbs. The Assembly is simple and can be done together, safely install the few screws and your scooter is ready to go! Supervision while riding is also suggested
  • MUST HAVE KIDS E-SCOOTER - The GKS Kids scooter is equipped with a 50. 4Wh Li Battery, UL Safety Certified, 150 Watt 6" Motor with top Speed of up to 7. 5mph, Aircraft-Grade Metal & V0 Fire Retardant Deck. Units Passed Independent QC Check
  • Kids Love The GKS - Featuring no external cables, a unique light weight shell, and a simple yet beautiful design, the GKS will light up any Kids day. Get in boys and girls favorite color between with our wonderful color options
  • 7.5 mph speed
  • Lightweight shell
  • No external cables
  • Easy assembling
  • Too instant brakes

Final Verdict:

No external cables, unique and lightweight, GKS is the right scooter to choose if you’re in hunt of a cool yet sturdy scooter.

For those who usually appreciate more speed, we’d highly recommend Gotrax GKS in this regard. And finally, don’t forget to check the four awesome colour combinations.

4. Segway – Ninebot – eKickScooter ZING E10 Best Electric Kick Scooter for Teens:

So the kid has grown up, and now he needs a scooter that fits his weight perfectly?

Alright, you need to check out Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E10 in such situations.

Accommodating a weight of 132 lbs, parents who’re looking for an electric scooter for children of age 8-14 will find great comfort in this one.

Wondering what else it comes with? Let’s find out!

Why We Like It?

Let’s about the power first; this is where Segway takes the lead.

Equipped with a 150W powerful generator, ZING E10 maybe the right scooter to meet the power expectations.

Thanks to the powerful battery, it will be able to travel up to 6.3 miles, with a speed of 10mph.

Time to turn the ride into a real thrill buddy!

What makes it among the best scooters is the way it brings a feeling of safe and comfortable riding.

It features an incredible braking system, coupled with a spring damping system for a smoother ride.

Sure it gets slower on hills, but the shock absorption feature of this sensational scooter more than makes up for it.

We found it pretty lightweight, in that it’s easy to fold and carry around weekend trips.

  • The New Sensation for Big Kids! With a powerful motor of 150W, the Segway E10 kids electric scooter can reach to 10 mph, travel up to 6.3 miles, accommodate a max load of 132 lbs and suitable for kids and teens with the height of 4'3''-5'3''(130–160 cm).
  • Safe & Comfortable Riding: E10 is equipped with a high-performance handbrake system, which also has the EBS energy recovery brake function.Rear fender also has a brake function. Front wheels are equipped with a spring damping system for a smoother ride.
  • Lightweight and Foldable: The body is slim and light, easy to fold and weighing only 18.7 lbs (8.5kg). It is a combination of design and portability when folded, the whole vehicle is very compact, easy to carry, and convenient to store in the trunk.
  • Brand New Cruise Mode: Come and try a new way of riding kickscooters! Simply kick to start, the scooter will continue to glide without needing to press the throttle! The harder you kick, the faster the acceleration.
  • Warranty: Designed for Big Kids, the Segway Ninebot E10electric scooter is a perfect mobility companion for big kids. One-year or 180-day warranty for different parts. please refer to warranty information and contact us if you have any problems.
  • Impeccable shock absorption
  • Equipped with rear and front lights
  • Slow speed on steep terrain

Final Verdict:

ZING E10 is ready to boost your energy with its breathtaking performance and agility. We found the tires really impressive, especially on skiddy roads.

Unlike the above one, it comes with more max load capacity. In short, it’s an amazing electric scooter for teen.

(Well, unless you want to have a look at the remaining ones in the list below)

5. Razor – Power Core E90 Glow – Electric Scooter:

Looking for the coolest scooter around? Believe me, with those 6 dazzling LED lights under the deck; it’s just WOW! These lights are so assuring to our hearts the moment we catch a glance of them.

Other distinctive features such as a 90W motor high-torque motor, and a jaw-dropping speed, we’re left with no other option but to bring it up for you!

Why We Like It?

As we told you earlier, it’s a marvellous choice for kids who keeps the design of their scooter above anything else.

It features a lightweight design, so you can it take it anywhere you prefer to.  Adorable, isn’t it?

On the top of that, with Razor Power Core E90 Glow, our scooter is equipped with such a solid tire it will perfectly fit into any thrill we throw our beat into.

What else do you wish for, really?

The 60 minutes battery timing is surely a downside for some, however, if you’re looking the coolest and smoothest scooter, start with E90 Glow; with a minimum age requirement of 8, it’s paramount of beauty for sure.

  • The electroluminescent wire on deck and 6 LEDs below the deck really light up your ride!
  • Innovative Power Core technology features a 90-watt, maintenance-free, high-torque, hub motor that delivers smooth acceleration with the push of the throttle
  • Rechargeable 12V sealed lead-acid battery provides an extended ride time of up to 60 minutes of continuous use
  • Features a lightweight, all-steel frame and fork and flat-free, airless rear tire for a solid ride
  • Additional features include hand-operated, front brake and retractable kickstand
  • Solid rear tire
  • High-torque motor
  • Lightweight construction
  • Vibrant LED lights below the deck
  • Small in size
  • One hour battery timing, almost

Final Verdict:

E90 Glow gets the job done for every teen who’s a die-hard fan of bright LED lights under the deck. 

The battery timing is less than some of the other electric scooter we recommend, but it’s a beautiful scooter for someone who’s always ecstatic about the design.

6. VIRO Rides – 550E – Electric Scooter with New Street Art-Inspired Look:

Scooters featuring a sleek artistic look are often rare to find. In such case, scooting fans would find a great deal in VIRO Rides 550E Electric Scooter.

VIRO could be set up very easily, because of the included tools, allowing you to join your friends for a race as quickly as possible.

However, our list of supreme features doesn’t end here; let’s go through some more.

Why we like it?

If you’re in search of a fully electric scooter with a 10 MPH top speed and 100 Watt DC motor, then it’s worth buying a scooter from the VIRO Rides.

They’re famous as one of the best brand introducing high performance and sleek electric scooters.

 With an average run time of 40 minutes, it’s enough to be your companion for 6 mile range.

Mostly scooters in this price range offer lesser run time.

In addition, it also comes with the easy-to-use thumb-control throttle so to always offer a quick acceleration. 

It supports high-visibility LED running lights, which should be more than enough for those who love cool ground effect lighting.

The hand-activated rear brake system is loved by almost all the users and provides optimum braking performance and total control.

  • SPEEDY AND GREAT PEFORMANCE - These high-performance electric scooters can roll up to 10 MPH for a smooth ride. Manage the speed with the thumb throttle on the right of the handlebar.
  • DURABLE SAFETY BRAKES - Unlike the ordinary street scooter that use foot brakes, the VR 550 E Rechargeable Electrical Scooter has hand-activated rear brake that provides optimum control and stop.
  • 40 MINUTES AVERAGE RUNTIME - Cruise smoothly for up to 6 miles when the SLA battery of your kids scooters are full. The 550e is a push to start scooter. and comes with a charger.
  • VISIBILITY MATTERS - The scooter lights (LED) helps kids stay visible at all times while they ride these stylish electric toys whether at the park, streets, school, or just around the neighbor.
  • SAFE KIDS SCOOTER DESIGN - The electric scooter kids love is designed for their safety. The motor as well as the chain drive are fully-enclosed. The electrical components also have a covered underside to protect from potential damage from road debris.
  • Brake style: Rear Braking
  • Put together in five minutes
  • Sleek aesthetic look
  • Battery life lasts long
  • Slow to charge
  • Find slopes difficult to ride

Final Verdict:

We found it quite difficult to find out any downside in this scooter.

However, but if there was any downside we caught during testing, it’s the fact that it’s slow to charge.

Despite the fact it charges slowly, that too in some cases, it’s still a universally proclaimed scooter and proves to be the sleeker and high-in performance than the average electric scooters around.

7. MAXTRA – Upgraded E120 – Folding Electric Scooter with Seat:

If you want an electric scooter that offers two riding modes, then the MAXTRA Upgraded E120 Folding Electric Scooter with Seat is the right way to go.

It’s a good option for those teens who sometimes prefers two riding modes according to their mood.

Why we like it?

The adjustable handlebar seat is not only used to remove but also a breeze to install, that too, without the need for any tools.

With the age requirement of minimum 6 and maximum 12, it’s worth the cost for teens of different heights.

What about folding? Well, it offers quick folding features. You don’t need any tools when folding it up after a fun day out.

The handle, too, can be easily folded, making it easier for you to store and transport it.

The 24v replaceable battery is relatively durable, offering 40-60 minutes of continuous use.

Not only that, but E120 also has a maximum speed of 7mph and offers you greater control over the scooter.

One of the unsurpassed things about E120 is the fact that both the seat and handle are adjustable, thus proving to be the most praiseworthy scooter in terms of height-adjustability.

  • WORLD-CLASS SUPPORT - UL/ASTM/FCC certified safest kids scooter. Our relationship doesn’t end after we deliver your scooter.Our support team will provide timely and effective help and 2 year all parts replacement service
  • READY TO ROLL - Rechargeable (Charger included) and replaceable 12V battery. Continuous running time after full charge up to 60 min. No Kick-start. By twisting the throttle to control the speed, up to 10MPH
  • ENJOY A SAFE RIDE - 6" solid tires, say goodbye to flat tires and maintenance. Hand-activated rear brake provides optimum braking performance. Which automatically disengages power whenever you brake
  • 2 MODES TO HAVE FUN - The seat of the upgraded electric scooter can be removed in less than 2 minutes when not in use. Let the kids choose either standing or sitting riding modes
  • COMFORTABLE RIDING - The upgraded handlebar and seat allow you to quickly adjust the height without any tools and grow with your child so they can enjoy it for years to come
  • KIDS LOVE E SCOOTER - The electric scooter folds up quickly without any tools when not in use.The handle has also been upgraded to allow folding. Easy placed in the trunk
  • Adjustable with any height
  • Sturdy airless tires
  • Quickly foldable without tools
  • Power throttle
  • Speed may not be too fast for some

Final Verdict:

As we already mentioned, with adjustable seat and handle, E120 emerges as one of its kind.

However, this isn’t the only we’d recommend an electric scooter. The airless wheel tire and high battery timing is yet another reason we’ve picked it for you.

So twist the throttle, and E120 would be ready to befriend you next moment.

8. Razor – E100 – Electric Scooter:

In this world of hundreds of electric scooter brands, there’s one name that stands gallantry tall, and that’s Razor E3OO.

Stable, comfortable and low price, it finds all the reasons to be the best scooter in a decent amount.  

Why we like it?

It’s a treat for those who’re opting to buy a scooter with speed upto 15 mph.

In the meantime, the 220 pounds weight limit is yet another perk added offered by Razor.

When it comes setting it up, it makes sure you do it so easy and takes just a few minutes out of your busy lifestyles.

Talking about the deck, it’s nice, wide and non-skid. Truly proving itself a prince of the scooter kingdom in terms of performance. Isn’t it?

With a 24v battery and sturdy rear wheel for increased control and traction, it’s definitely worth your price.

The colour and look doesn’t carry the artistic look and represent a pretty basic design.

However, those who prefer a single-colour design will probably find it pretty much attractive.

  • Fast and perfect in size
  • Excellent battery performance
  • Very solid construction
  • A little heavy

Final Verdict:

Thanks to the engineers, Razor E100 Electric Scooter is solid, well-built and comes with durable welding and paint.

Unlike others, it’s not too loud when given full throttle. The lighter you’re, the faster it goes. However, it works totally manageable for adults too.

9. Swagtron – Swagger 8 – Best Folding Electric Scooter for Kids and Teens:

Finding a Scooty for kids and teens with a powerful, quiet motor, smart features, optimized ride, and robust braking system at a reasonable price is back-breaking.

The Swagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter is perfectly designed to go far and fast on rough pavement.

It’s the perfect time to call for convenience, ease, and enchantment in your biz life.

Why do we like it?

Swagtron Swagger 8 is specifically designed for kids and teens with dynamic and innovative technology features that run from 15mph to 10 mph on a single 3-hour charge without ceasing your adventure.

The durable steel frame e-scooter gives a rock-hard, smooth, and stylish riding experience on rough pavement.

The triple braking system with reliable stopping power puts ice on the cake.

Enchanting colours, brilliant design, and smart features are always the first choice of every kid. These features give the utmost joy when hanging out with friends.

  • Powerful, quiet, solid — a whisper-quiet motor powers this motorized scooter up to 15 mph for 10 miles on a single 3-hour charge. And its ultra-durable frame, made from aerospace-grade aluminum, supports young riders up to 150 lb.
  • Smooth riding experience — Say goodbye to flats. This e-scooter rolls on maintenance-free 5. 5” rubber tires that can handle rougher pavement like a boss. The spring-coil suspension delivers a liquid-smooth ride you’ll have to feel to believe.
  • Smart Features, optimized ride — conserve battery by manually engaging cruise control. Increase your range-per-charge between 10% and 25% by activating “kick-start” (off by default), which auto-engages the motor once you reach 1. 8 mph manually.
  • TRIPLE BRAKING SYSTEM — The Swagger 8 provides reliable stopping power, thanks to a unified braking system that includes a push-button e-brake, rear friction brake and our unique “Autoguard”, which automatically disengages power whenever you brake.
  • World-class support — have questions? We have answers. Our relationship doesn’t end after we deliver your electric kick scooter. If you have questions or concerns, reach out via phone, email or chat online with our support team, fully staffed in the U. S.
  • Sport type: Outdoor Lifestyle
  • High-quality rubber tires for smooth riding
  • The unified braking system for smooth stopping
  • Highly economical for all parents
  • Folding electric scooter for kids and teens
  • And guess what? You don’t need a driving license
  • Make sure you do not become lazy
  • Not featured for adults

Final Verdict:

In a nutshell, the slick Swagtron Swagger 8 folding electric scooter comes with a long-lasting battery.

It helps you to seek adventure in your routine life. It can support up to 150 lb. Weight.

It is beyond comparison and is highly recommended for kids and teens. Your kids deserve to have this high-power beauty. 

Do you want your electric scooter to last longer? Keep it Clean!

Best Self Balancing Electric Scooters (Hoverboards) under $200

1. SISIGAD Hoverboard – Self Balancing Scooter for Teenagers:

Are you finding a long-lasting hoverboard? Are you looking for a unique featured hoverboard for all ages?

The self-balancing, stable, fancy, and easy to control with exclusively designed Sisigad Hoverboard is the certified electric scooter for adult kids.

The model is suitable for indoor, outdoor, and paved roads. This high-quality technology hoverboard brings comfort and loads of fun in your life.

Why do we like it?

Sisigad Electric Hoverboard is high-tech designed with innovative components.

It has passed all electrical tests and maintained standards to ensure safety.

Li-ion batteries and dual hub motors give a thither joying in its plumage.

It can run up for 60 minutes without ruining your enjoyment principle. The quick charging feature makes it an eco-friendly device.

Connect yourself with your favourite books and music with Bluetooth and have the utmost fun without headphones.

The high-quality eco-friendly electric hoverboard is specifically designed for beginners, amateurs, office workers, dogs, and cat-walkers.

The easy to learn tech with alluring LED light give a fancy and stylish ride.

Give yourself the best riding with a self-balance hoverboard like a boss.  

  • Shipped from US. - all Sisigad Hoverboard have passed strict electrical test and meet Ul2272 standards to ensure safety. Any issue just feel free to contact us.
  • Unique LED & Bluetooth - built-in wireless speaker can be easily connected to portable devices in second, just enjoy your favorite music or books without wearing headphones.
  • Self BALANCING control system - Full of technology and easy to learn for beginners and amateurs.
  • SMOOTH RIDES - 6. 5" wheels with high quality rubber tires and comfortable footpedals, provide smooth riding experience.
  • Perfect gift - specially designed for beginners, amateurs, office workers, dog and cat walkers, free your feet - new way for transportation! So have fun with your family and friends!
  • Built-in wireless speakers easily connected with portable devices.
  • Free your feet – a new way of transportation
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Cost friendly
  • Comfortable foot pedals and high-quality rubber tires
  • Limited accessibility to some places like malls and airports
  • Ensure your children have some physical activity in routine

Final Verdict:

The SISGAD Hoverboard is a two-wheeled self-balancing scooter that can carry up to 44lb to 200lb.

It can range up to 6 miles with a maximum climbing angle of 10 degrees.

The pure colour series hoverboards with unique LED lights give an extravagant outlook.

Gift your kids with new intriguing hoverboards on their birthdays and Christmas!

If you are looking for hoverboard with better climbing angle? Check out the link below:

2. Hover-1 – Helix – Electric Hoverboard Scooter for Teens:

Moving around the large city’s roads and inside spaces has never been easier!

The Helix Electric Hoverboard Scooter is sleek and stout in a structure that is tough and smart with extra enhanced features.

This hoverboard gives comfort, and comfort is strength to the user. The Helix 1 scooter is a fun, new-age experience that you never want to miss.

Why do we like it?

The Helix electric hoverboard scooter has installed IPX4 water resistance Bluetooth speaker gives a million dollars riding experience.

The certified and tested hoverboard is best to carry 160 lbs. weight.

The two-wheeled scooter has a whooping 7mph maximum speed, which covers for about three mi distance.

The 2 X 200W motor along with 36V battery capacity is featured with overcharge and discharge protection.

What’s more?

It is exciting to ride and can be easily carried around.

Sometimes bigger is really better; the 6.5 ln wheel size gives a ride like no other.

The LED lights give a sumptuous touch to the ride.

The very confidence of the rider proves the high-quality, robust, and durable base and frame of the electric scooter.  

  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker - IPX4 water resistance
  • Ultra bright LED wheels, - Hover board Battery life indicator
  • UL2272-Certified battery- UL-certified power cord- MSDS and UN 38. 3 tested
  • 2 x 200W Motors- 6-hour max charge time
  • Battery capacity: 36 V, 2. 0 Ah, with overcharge and discharge protection- Charging output: 42 V, 0. 4 Ah
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • The not so heavy hoverboard is easy to handle
  • No more transportation charges
  • Self-driven scooter – No more dependency
  • Highly affordable for all parents
  • Don’t get your hoverboard stolen
  • Over excitement may lead to incidents of collision

Final Verdict:

Hence, the Helix Electric Hoverboard scooter is splendidly designed for all ages and is easy to learn.

It gives ease, comfort, and confidence, which is firmly dependent on the worthiness of the hoverboard.

The environmentally friendly scooter is cost-effective and is the best alternative solution for commuting.

Grab your scooter and relief yourself from your busy life.

3. UNI-SUN – Best Hoverboard for Kids:

Remember Marty’s hoverboard from the movie ‘Back to The Future’?

When I saw the movie for the first time, I got obsessed with those flying hoverboards.

Although these hoverboards are not flying, and they may not help you travel the time, but their high-tech configuration makes them equally amusing.

The environmentally friendly board gives comfort, excitement, and constant companionship in each ride.

Why do we Like It? 

The latest UNI-SUN electric hoverboard is the latest craze to hit the market.

It is extremely practical and is great fun to use. It can genuinely be used for transportation with its great battery capacity and dual 300 Watt motors. 

The smart self-balancing system makes it easier for beginners and amateurs to learn a hoverboard ride.

This futuristic electric hoverboard has Li-ion rechargeable batteries with a maximum speed of 9.3 MPH.

Moreover, this device has solid rubber tires that ensure your travel in terrain areas with an average riding range of 9.3 miles in one charge.  

The two-wheel scooter with unique LED lights gives a perfect stylish look and put a cherry on the top.

The certified UNI-SUN self-balancing electric hoverboard is the best fit for kids and an ideal gadget for birthdays and Christmas giveaways.

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Solid rubber tires to travel through terrains.
  • Cost-effective for all parents
  • No more transportation charges
  • Do not need a driving license
  • Good things always get stolen
  • Don’t let your child become lazy

Final Verdict:

Thus, the UNI-SUN two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter gives a bundle of joy beyond imaginations.

It is easy to carry and can lift up to 44lbs to 264lbs. The electric scooter is splendidly designed for kids and gives utmost joy over the moon.

It ensures comfort and convenience with unique features that ensure safety because safety is the most solemn duty.

4. Beston Sports – Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard:

Travelling in style with self-balancing technology has always been challenging.

The Beston sports electric scooter has all in one feature with exceptional configuration.

This model is apt for both indoor and outdoor activities. The wireless speakers are the coolest and with extraordinary sound effects.

The new generation electric scooter is on the top of the line and can cheer up your ride.

Why do we like it?

Beston Sports hoverboard is an electric scooter with updated technologies and distinctive features.

The innovative technology is specifically designed for all age groups. The newest generation board has a dual motor installed with a lithium battery that can run-up to the range of 12 km in a single go.

The non-slip footpad is thicker and more durable for better stability and traction experience while riding.

The installed LED headlights add beauty to the ride and make the travel safer and smarter. The certified self-balancing hoverboard is dynamic in nature and can lift up to 180 lbs.

The high-quality board, maximum performance, sporty look, and brilliant prismatic colours turn the Beston hoverboard absolute alluring and cutting the deck.

  • RIDE WITH SAFETY: Comply with US UL Certified. Maximum Load: 180lbs Lithium Battery
  • NONE-SLIP FOOT PAD: Our None-Slip Footpad is thicker and more durable. It will give you better stability and traction experience while riding.
  • LED HEADLIGHT: High intensity headlights make travel safer and more fun.
  • BUILT IN SPEAKER: A wireless speaker is the coolest one with extraordinary sound effect.
  • New colors with outstanding looks. Excellent production levelIs designed for maximum performance and durability to ensure that you are receiving only the highest quality of products.
  • Built-in speaker with a loud and clear voice
  • Fancy LED lights to ensure safety
  • Enchanting colours and outstanding looks
  • Auto balance feature
  • Cost-effective for all
  • Prevent overcharging the battery
  • Make sure you don’t get lazy

Final Verdict:

To wrap up, the Beston hoverboard is a two-wheeled electric hoverboard with a maximum speed of 10km/hour.

The 6.5 inches tire size maintains smoothness and comfort.

The long-lasting battery with self-balancing features free your feet and makes travelling easier.

Gift your folks the perfect Beston hoverboard to fill their lives with pure colours and loads of fun.

Get some fresh air, and enjoy your favourite music!

5. JOLEGE Hoverboard for Kids and Teen:

A hoverboard ride is the one that makes you feel up in the air. And who wouldn’t want to feel that way?

To fulfil your desires of a sound and joyful ride, grab yourself this beautiful Jolege hoverboard.

With its basic delightful feature design, this hoverboard can prove to be the great electric scooter and make your leisure time lively.

Why do we like it?

Jolege hoverboard is a two-wheel self-balancing board full of easiness and fun. Its robust functionality will help the rider to learn it in only five minutes.

The balancing skateboard is designed for beginners, office workers, hikers, catwalkers, and folks of all ages from age 8 to adults.

The certified battery ensures all electrical systems and components maintain safety standards when using it indoor and outdoor. It can be a wonderful present, super funny toys for kids’ adults.

The 2 LED flash wheels and 2 LED front lights for night driving cut the deck.

Premium quality rubber tires provide excellent traction on all surfaces.

Get your favourite colour hoverboard and make your life super easy with Jolege hoverboard. And save your freight charges too.  

  • 【STRONG FUNCTIONALITY】 - Enjoy the hoverboard with speed of up to 7.5mph by powerful Dual 300W Motors. Charging time 2-4 hours.
  • 【VERIFIED SAFETY】- UL2272 Certified of hoverboard and UL2271 Certified of the battery, comply with all U.S safety regulations, which is with the features of high-temperature resistance and fire resistance.
  • 【SELF BALANCE SYSTEM】 - Quick learning system and powerful self-balancing feature would allow you become a master of hoverboard rider in only 5 minutes.
  • 【Exceptional performance】 - This electric hoverboard is environmentally friendly, easy to drive and will allow you to "float" quickly. With the new generation of intelligent sensors and two front LED lights, our hoverboard will provide you with a safer and more stable driving experience.
  • 【MOST WONDERFUL GIFTS】 - With its basic delight feature design, it becomes a super fun toys or gifts for kids adults. Enjoy your good time with this magic Hoverboard! Any questions, please be free to contact us.
  • Powerful self-balancing feature
  • Nature friendly
  • Highly affordable for all parents
  • Slip-resistant paddles
  • Easy to learn
  • Good things always get stolen.
  • Oops! No built-in Bluetooth and speakers

Final Verdict:

The fantastic Jolege skateboard is a sustainable and environmentally sound device at a competitive market price.

The ultimate design, perfect outlook, and luminous colours are assets of the Jolege scooter. This board is a new epoch toy that gives you confidence and keeps your chin up.

Go straight, or rotate left to right, or rotate 360 degrees. Enjoy your good time with the magic hoverboard.

Of course, you’ll want to consider a few things before spending your precious pennies on any of the electric scooters.

You’ve got no idea what to keep in mind before buying the best electric scooter, right?

Stay with us, and you’ll know for sure!

You can also buy:

  • ▶EASY AND FUN - Specific operation steps and powerful self-balancing feature would help u to learn it well in 5 minutes, We believe you will feel easy to ride and have fun with it.
  • ▶STRONG FUNCTIONALITY - Enjoy the hoverboard with speed of up to 6mph by powerful Dual 300W Motors.
  • ▶SELF BALANCE SYSTEM - Quick learning system and powerful self-balancing feature would allow you become a master of hoverboard rider in only 5 minutes.
  • ▶SAFETY GUARANTEE - SGS certified battery can make sure all electrical systems and components maintain safety standard when you use it indoor or outdoor.
  • ▶MOST WONDERFUL GITFS - With its basic delight feature design, it becomes a super funny toys or gifts for kids adults. Enjoy your good time with this magic Hoverboard !

Best Self-Balancing Electric Scooter (Hoverboard) Under $100:

  • ▶STRONG FUNCTIONALITY - Enjoy the hoverboard with speed of up to 6mph by powerful Dual 300W Motors.
  • ▶SELF BALANCE SYSTEM - Quick learning system and powerful self-balancing feature would allow you become a master of hoverboard rider in only 5 minutes.
  • ▶SAFETY - SGS certified battery can make sure all electrical systems and components maintain safety standard when you use it indoor or outdoor.
  • ▶MOST WONDERFUL GITFS - With its basic delight feature design, it becomes a super funny toys or gifts for kids adults. Enjoy your good time with this magic Hoverboard !
  • ▶GUARANTEE: covers 3 month warranty by default

Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Scooter

1. Speed

Yes, you heard that, right!

After chatting hundreds of scooting enthusiast, we found out speed is the foremost thing one considers above anything else in a scooter.

That’s why it’s of paramount importance.

If you’re an entry-level rider, it’s recommended not to chase scooters with high speed.

A speed of 7mph to 10mph is ideal for those who’re hitting the roads with their scooter for the first time.

However, if you’re someone who’s quite adept at scooting and now want to turn the ride more into a thrilling experience, you may opt for a scooter with high speed.

Note:  Your weight and the gradient of the road does affect the speed. If you’re heavier or the road steeper than normal, you might observe a slower speed.

2. Size:

Next comes the size and of course the scooter is of no use if you don’t get one that fits you well, even if you purchase the best one in terms of performance.

So the question that hits our minds is; how to make sure the one we’re laying our hands on is the perfect one in size?

Well, the answer to finding the best one lies in the following three things:

· Bar Height And Width

The bar height and width of your scooter should be a great balance of comfort and performance.

The bar has to properly align with hips to waist height. If it’s above the waist height, it would be difficult to control the scooter, thus risking the safety.

· Deck Size

For larger riders, it’s important to consider an electric scooter with big deck size to ensure a comfortable ride.

However, if it’s a kid or someone who’s not heavy, smaller deck size will not only fit well but also lighter in weight.

· Fold-down Size

Fold-down size is yet another important factor of size. Make sure you buy one that’s easy for you to carry after the ride ends.

Therefore, buy a scooter that comes with a lighter fold-down size.

3. Weight:

While buying a scooter, don’t compromise on safety. And therefore, double-check the maximum weight capacity a scooter can carry.

People who weigh more should seriously consider this factor.

4. Brakes:

Brakes play a vital role in ensuring safety, and that’s why it’s among the first things to consider.

While every scooter comes with brakes, it would be helpful for you to know what type of brakes your scooter is equipped with. 

· Electric Brakes:

The maintenance of these brakes is outstanding. However, they are less effective compared to disc-brake.

They work excellent in neighbourhood areas, but if you travel in rush areas most of the times, you’d need disc brakes.

· Disc Brakes:

As mentioned above, disc brakes are the best out of all. The only downside of disc brakes is they wear out with time and need re-servicing.  

· Foot Brakes:

As the name specifies, a foot brake works when you stand on the rear mudguard. They’re less common and needs time to master.

4. Lights And Reflectors:

Are you a night rider?

Choose one that comes with built-in lights and reflectors.

However, if a scooter doesn’t have built-in lights, it’s easy to install an upgraded light as well.

Lights and reflector not only enhance the safety but also add a cool look to your scooter.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the best cheap electric scooter?

When it comes to finding a scooter that’s both best in performance and cheap; Gotrax GKS tops our list.

Used both as an electric and kick-scooter, it’s the best cheap electric scooter for entry-level kids of age 6-12.

Q2: How Much Do Electric Scooters Cost to Maintain?

Once you buy an electric scooter, you’ll just need to charge it regularly.

Besides, the maintenance of the parts might show up, depending upon the surrounding and how you use your electric scooter.

If well maintained, it may require none.

Q3: How long do electric scooter last?

Depending upon the use, brand, storage and battery capacity, an electric scooter may last between 3 to 5 years.

The better you use your scooter, the longer it lasts. The thing that expires the first is the battery, the body of the scooter lasts for as many years as one keeps it safe and well-maintained.

You must fix your electric scooter at home, or via manufacturer before problem grow bigger.

Q4: Why do people use E-Scooters?

As 60% of the city journey are less than five miles, we see no better alternative than using electric scooters.

They’re environment friendly, agile and above all fun to use for every age.

That’s the reason we’ve seen a major boom in the use of e-scooters for local commutes over the past few years.

Q5: Why are electric scooters so popular?

Where traffic jam is a normal thing nowadays, electric scooters proves to be the best option in such conditions.

Besides, they’re cheaper than motorcycles and a perfect transport gadget for kids and teenagers in the rural countryside where there’s no public transport.

However, there are some considerable disadvantages of electric scooter too.


We rightly understand your needs and requirements.

We, therefore, not only carried out extensive research to bring you the best electric scooters under 200$ but also consulted dozens of kids, teens and parents to better know the preferences and predilections people have for electric scooters.

It all depends upon your personal interests and requirements. Pick one that your heart longs for.

With our buying guide and exceptional list of scooters, we’ve tried our best to ensure you make the smartest and wisest decision.

The comfort and fun an electric scooter brings into our lives is a force to reckon with.

Go get your first scooter and discover a new world of fun, excitement and thrill.

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