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Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Scooters

The use of electric scooters has increased a lot in a short time.

Although they were introduced not long ago, they have gained so much popularity due to their convenience and versatility that we now see electric scooters all around us.

If you frequently go out, you would have also seen different children and adults riding them with fun.

Electric scooters are not only sturdy and easy to ride but also come at an affordable price so anyone can benefit from this means of transport.

Besides all the benefits and positive riding experiences offered by electric scooters, we are sad that some people consider them as an environmental threat.

Most countries have even banned them already, while others are thinking so.

But why are they being banned when they offer so many conveniences?

Let’s find out!

Why are electric scooters so popular?

No doubt, electric scooters have become very popular in no time!

The internet is loaded with several brands offering the best quality and most convenient electric scooters.

When we try to find out the reasons for the popularity of electric scooters, there are so many reasons than we expected!

The main reason you see people using electric scooters all around is that they are affordable.

Those who don’t have their own cars or bikes can benefit from the electric scooters for easy transport.

Secondly, they are suitable for almost all ages.

Children, as well as adults, can ride it without any issue. It does not even matter if you are over-weight.

There are so many electric scooters that can accommodate heavy users.

However, electric scooters are recommended for children 8 years and above.

Thirdly, they are quite different means of transport.

Instead of getting packed inside a car, you get to feel the fresh air and natural environment.

So, electric scooters keep you connected with Mother Nature.

Health Benefits of Electric Scooters:

Have you ever wondered if your electric scooter could be a reason for better health?

It seems impractical, but they offer many health benefits.

· You become active:

When riding an electric scooter, you become active as your muscles work to improve your balance.

You cannot get these benefits from riding a car.

If you ride your electric scooter in manual mode, you use your legs more, which result in a perfect workout.

No need to go to the gym then, right?

Staying active is the ultimate form of health, which we should never neglect.

Even if your job requires you to sit on the desk all day, a bit of exercise while riding the electric scooter can do wonders.

· Improves body balance:

Better body balance leads to extra mobility skills.

As electric scooters require you to stand during the ride, your body balance improves a lot.

Riding an electric scooter at low speeds or without any stunts can also prove beneficial for your body balance.

· Helps to relieve stress:

Communicating with nature is a great way of reducing your stress and anxiety.

Although electric scooters are not the best cure for depression in today’s busy life, spending some time while riding an electric scooter can help increase your happiness levels.

Most users claim that they can’t wait to get out of their bed in the morning and enjoy their scooter’s ride.

· Reduce the risk of diseases:

Electric scooters can help reduce the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases because they do not emit harmful gases while working.

In other words, they cause no pollution to the environment.

In this way, you and your planet are saved from a lot of harm.

· Mobility for people with health issues:

Electric scooters are much valued because they are a means of transport for disabled people.

These people cannot drive a car, and public transport is very difficult for them.

In this situation, an electric mobility scooter and electric wheelchairs can help people a lot as it offers many conveniences.

Do you know? Many people think that electric mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs are the same thing. However, there are considerable differences.

· Improves social interaction:

An electric scooter helps you to ride in style!

You don’t want to miss any ride and go to new places to enjoy the unique riding experience.

It improves not only your overall mood but also social interaction.

It is surprising how electric scooter users meet with a shared interest.

Electric scooters provide easy mobility, and people can go to different places.

In this way, they meet new people and communicate, which proves beneficial for the overall well-being of the mind.

How are electric scooters environmental-friendly?

According to researches, there are many environmental benefits of electric scooters.

Cars and bikes are responsible for emitting 333 million tons of carbon dioxide each year.

This accounts for a lot of pollution and global warming.

Luckily, electric scooters operate on batteries and cause no pollution.

It means that no matter how much you use them, you won’t pose any serious environmental hazard.

Electric scooters also save us from a lot of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases caused by pollution.

The protection of our planet is becoming difficult due to the increasing transport.

In this condition, if people opt for electric scooters, it can make a big difference.

Advantages of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are not magical, and they offer many pros and cons.

Let’s look at the pros of using electric scooters.

· Convenient:

Electric scooters offer many conveniences in terms of use and repair.

They can take you anywhere you want, even into compact places where a car cannot go.

You start your journey in seconds, and after reaching your destination, you park it in the parking space.

· Don’t require a driving license:

All children and teenagers want to drive their cars and bikes.

However, it is not possible until you have a driving license.

Electric scooters are a much safer option as many countries don’t require a license for electric scooters.

You can drive off to work, or your child can ride it himself to school daily.

· Low operating costs:

Electric scooters are much cheaper to operate when compared to other vehicles.

Traveling by public transport costs much more than riding an electric scooter.

Therefore, electric scooters are a more affordable alternative to cars for poor people who need to travel daily.

With that said, electric scooter’s price is much lower when compared to cars and bikes.

Also, some cities have scooter-sharing facilities where people can rent scooter at low costs.

· Fun to ride:

If you live in a large family with many friends, electric scooters are a fun way to get around.

You can take them to family vacations and enjoy a whole new experience.

In most cities, tourists are offered electric scooters for visiting.

It is because electric scooters save the time of the visitors and give them a great sightseeing experience.

· Practicality:

Electric scooters are lightweight and easy to carry.

When compared to an electric bike, electric scooters are so light that you can even take them in your hand.

Some electric scooters also have a folding technology, so that they can fit into compact spaces as well.

· Easy to use:

Electric scooters have easy operation, and you can learn it in the first ride.

In this way, they are convenient than cars and bikes which take a much longer time to learn.

Electric scooters are especially popular among kids and teenagers as they help them enjoy their outdoor experience in a better way.

Also, children use them for going to the schools, and they save them from waiting for the school buses.

Disadvantages of Electric scooters

Electric scooters provide many conveniences and are a versatile travel partner.

However, they have many disadvantages associates with them at the same time.

· Only suitable for short distances:

Due to limited range, electric scooters are not suitable for traveling from one city to another.

You can use them for a few miles, and then the battery will run out, leaving you helpless in the middle of the journey.

Electric scooter with better range and longer battery life are costly.

· No storage space:

What if you want to take your family on vacation?

Of course, you can’t take them all in a single electric scooter.

Also, they don’t have space or a storage bucket to keep your possessions.

Electric scooters are only a fun way to travel shorter distances, and they don’t offer a storage basket as well.

· Slow speed:

When compared to cars and bikes, electric scooters have a much slower speed.

So, we can say that they are good for kids.

But if you are a businessman always running late for your important meetings, an electric scooter should definitely not be your choice.

They have a certain speed limit, so a car is better for reaching your destination on time.

· Can cause accidents:

Being cheaper, many people misuse electric scooters.

Also, children who don’t have a license might underestimate the speed of the electric scooter, which can lead to a severe road accident. This is why it is highly recommended to wear safety helmets and gloves while riding.

In some countries, people used to leave their electric scooters in the middle of the lane that also caused accidents.

· Low power and pick-up:

Most Electric scooters don’t have enough powerful motors and pick-up for climbing steep hills.

When riding on slopes such as flyovers in cities, electric scooters’ performance will decrease, especially if the battery is low.

· Short battery life:

Electric scooters battery life is short, and you will need to replace the battery from time to time.

If the battery is damaged, you won’t be able to resale the scooter.

Also, you need to charge the battery after riding a few miles.

Some batteries take much longer time to charge.

However, electric scooter batteries are easily available, and you can change them yourself.

But, they do add maintenance and replacement costs to your budget.

Are electric scooters bad for environment?

Some studies claim that electric scooters are not so eco-friendly, and they pose more damage to the environment than benefits.

They are responsible for the emission of more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than cars or bikes.

Electric scooters do not cause any pollution while using.

The pollution is caused in the manufacturing process and recharging in recharge stations.

In fact, electric scooters emit 202g of carbon dioxide per km.

This amount is almost 3 times more than an electric car and the same as a conventional car.

Nearly 50% of the carbon impact is linked to the manufacturing process, while 43% of greenhouse emissions are caused when electric scooters are taken to recharge stations through trucks.

The main problem with electric scooters is their misuse.

Electric scooters have a life of one year, which increases the negative ecological impact of electric scooters.

People throw them away in the rivers or garbage after using for a month.

However, they are not meant to be treated that way.

Electric scooters have aluminum frame and lithium battery, which can be harmful to the environment if left in garbage or rivers.

That is why many countries have already banned electric scooters while others are thinking of doing so.

Final Verdict:

While riding a car or bike can make you lazy, an electric scooter is a good option to keep you and your family engaged in outdoor activities.

While some people regard them as a dumb means of transport, we cannot deny the fact that they offer many conveniences, especially to children and poor people.

They can never replace cars, but they are a good way of social interaction and traveling short distances.

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