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Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal – A Step-by-Step Guide


Although the electric bikes come with a speed limit to ensure your safety, some riders can easily get irritated by this feature, especially when they want to ride at higher speeds. That is why they look for electric bike speed limiter removal methods.

If you are also one of them, you’ve come to the right place. Our complete guide on how to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter will help you increase the speeds and maneuver in the air as you ride.

So, tighten your helmet and fasten your seatbelts to hover at higher speeds!

How to Make An Electric Scooter Go Faster?

In short, you can make your electric scooter go faster by removing the speed limiter.

But, how to take the speed limiter off?

Here is a complete guide that will help you remove the speed limiter and make your electric bike go faster.

Electric bikes may use different methods for removing the speed limiter due to the different functions and construction. So, we will discuss all the techniques here to make it easier for you.

Method 1: Removing the limiting wire

This method is perhaps the simplest for those who have a limiting wire installed in their electric scooter.

However, all the electric scooters won’t have a limiting wire. So, if yours have it, you’re blessed.

  • The process involves locating the limiting wire in your electric bike.
  • Most probably, it will be installed at the controller and will be a single wire only.
  • As it is attached to the connector, you can take it off easily.
  • So, take it off the connector, and the speed limit of your bike is removed.

Method 2: Derestricting your bike with manual tuning

You can also derestrict your electric bike with your hands. It is only recommended if you have experience in tuning the technical aspects of your bike. However, even if you don’t have any, a little care and the steps mentioned below will help you increase the speeds of the electric bike.

But, you need to understand a few mechanisms of your electric bike before you start to derestrict it. First of all, every electric bike won’t allow you to use this method on it.

The primary source of consideration for this method is the sensor. The sensor is the component of the electric bike that reads all the behaviors and delivers them to the computer unit. The unit analyzes the data and decides how much assistance the motor will provide on the road.

Now you know how the sensor works in an electric bike. So, here’s what you need to know.

·  Modifying the sensor

The best idea is to modify the sensor and remove the speed limit of the bike.

But, how do you modify the sensor?

For this, you’ll have to understand the link of the sensor with the magnet.

While the sensor is located on the base of the electric bike’s frame, the magnet is found on the rear wheel.

Thus, the speed of your electric bike will depend on the size of the wheels. In other words, larger tires tend to make the electric bike move faster.

·  Relocating the magnetic device

To make the electric bike faster, a better idea is to change the number of turns the magnet makes in the wheels.

So, how do you change the number of turns?

The trick is simple. You can relocate the magnetic device and move it away from the wheel.

In this way, the magnetic device will move to another element, which will make the controller notice a lower frequency.

Now, the controller will get signals that you are riding the electric bike at lower speeds. In this way, the speed limiter won’t get triggered even at higher speeds, and you will maneuver at top speeds.

As you’ve understood the method, here is a short step-by-guide guide on practically using it. You can perform it with your hands without getting into complicated features like disassembling the electric system.

What you need:

  • A tool to hold
  • A tape


  • You can bring out the magnet and the sensor from their places or move them to another location.
  • Look for the pedal bracket on your electric bike. Once you find it, attach the magnet to the pedal bracket.
  • Then, you can move the sensor. Make sure that it is facing the magnet as you complete the process.

Now, your electric scooter is derestricted and ready to move at fast speeds!

Benefits of this method:

  • Many electric bike owners feel that this process is much better than any other method of derestricting the electric bike.  You are only using your hands and don’t have to pay for any toolkit. In this way, the method is inexpensive.
  • Secondly, this method only requires you to relocate a few things in the electric bike. On the other hand, the other processes need you to get into technical features and cut wires, which is only feasible for a professional.

Method 3: Using a tuning kit

If you’re not among the people comfortable with using their hands to remove the speed limiter from their electric bike, this method will prove handy for you.

Although many manufacturers limit the scooter’s speeds to ensure safety, several riders don’t like this feature. When the manufacturers realized that riders are using different techniques to remove the speed limiter off their electric bikes, they opted for an advanced and convenient method and introduced tuning kits.

The tuning kits work much like the process mentioned above, in which you use your hands to remove the speed limiter.

The tuning kits remove the use of the hands and offer tools and instructions to make the process easier.

How they work:

The tuning kits also work in the same way as the handy method.

To be more precise, the tuning kits also manipulate the speed date provided by the controller and the speed rate.

Thus, they will trick the controller by sending messages that the electric bike is riding at lower speeds even if you have crossed the speed limit.

In this way, the motor engine will keep releasing more power, and you will continue to ride at increased speeds.

Due to the different kinds of tuning kits available in the market, there is no general step-by-step guide for using a specific tuning kit. It is because all of them work by different processes. However, they are super easy to use, and you can get instructions as well.

In general, two kinds of tuning kits are available in the market.

  • Tuning kits that require disassembly
  • Tuning kits that don’t require disassembly

Tuning kits that don’t require disassembly:

These tuning kits are easy and convenient to use as you don’t have to disassemble the whole electrical system.

  • While using this kit, you attach the component to the sensor of the electric bike.
  • Now, the sensor is fully intact.
  • The process of removing the speed limit is complete, and you can ride at top speeds.
  • If the speed limit isn’t removed immediately, don’t worry. Some tuning kits work differently and will get activated once your electric bike reaches the top speed.

Internal installation kits

The internal installation kits are designed for electric bikes whose speed limit is difficult to remove.

  • The kit consists of modules, which are also called ‘’dongles.’’
  • The dongles consist of 4 connection cables and a micro-controller.
  • Although the installation process of dongles is different for different electric bikes, you have to remove the crankcase before installing the device.
  • Then, you can easily fit the device in the electric bike and derestrict the speeds.

Benefits of this method

  • The tuning kits are easy to use and offer a quick solution.
  • You can also go back to the default mode after tuning the electric bike.
  • The tuning process becomes practical and hassle-free.

If any of the aforementioned methods didn’t worked, you probably need to buy on of the fastest electric scooter available online.

How To Make a Razor Electric Scooter Faster?

If you are looking for methods on how to make the Razor E300 go faster or any other Razor electric scooter, the following steps will help you.

Things you need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Pincer
  • Allen tool
  • A tape (optional)


  • The Razor electric scooter speed limiter removal process starts with opening the deck of the scooter by unscrewing the nuts and bolts. You can use a screwdriver, pincer, and Allen tool.
  • Then, you’ll see the batteries held in place with a metal bracket. Remove it and look for the speed connectors attached to the battery.
  • Press the pin slowly and remove the plugs carefully.
  • Remove the screws from the speed limiter and open it.
  • Then, you’ll notice a metal piece connecting wires to the scooter to limit its speed. Remove this metal piece.
  • If you cannot remove the metal piece, you can cover it with tape. It will prevent the cables from modifying the rate.
  • Then, reverse the whole process and place everything back and cover the battery with the deck.
  • Now, your Razor electric scooter will go faster, and you can enjoy uphill adventures too!

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How to make a Moped faster?

If you have a moped scooter and want to remove the restricted speeds, here are a few steps on how to make a scooter faster.

Step 1

Locate the air box in your scooter and remove the air filter.

Step 2

  • Then, you can buy a performance muffler and replace the original. Another idea is to install an expansion chamber in the muffler.
  • Then, remove the exhaust pipe and any restrictors in the muffler. You can also drill holes in the restrictors if you don’t want to remove them.
  • To cut off the narrow pipe, you’ll have to grind the bolts off to get to the pipe. Then, you can remove it.
  • You will also see a small pipe hanging out. As it is of no use, cut it off.
  • After cutting the narrow pipe, you can close the opening on the exhaust by crumpling it.

Step 3

Then, check that the transmission of the moped scooter is as specified in the manual. It is because excess amount of fluid released can affect the performance of your scooter and make it slow.

Step 4

The next step is to change the oil filter and replace the oil inside with synthetic oil.

Step 5

Pull the variator assembly out and remove the restrictor washer. The restrictor washer will be located between the two halves of the pulleys. After removing it, replace the nut and the variator assembly.

Step 6

Remove the carburetor and take its top portion off. Then, replace the main jet with a larger one. Also, make sure the gas doesn’t leak out during the process.

How to make an electric mobility scooter go faster?

Here are the different methods for electric mobility scooter speed limiter removal.

Removing the speed limiter

The easiest method of increasing the speeds of the electric mobility scooter is by removing the speed limiter.

If you don’t know where the speed limiter is located, you can check it in the user manual or look for it on the scooter.

Once you find it, you can turn off the limiter and increase the speed. Turning off the speed limiter of a mobility scooter is almost the same as other electric scooters.

If you feel it challenging, you can ask a professional.

After the removal of the speed limiter, your mobility scooter won’t stop after hitting top speeds.

You can also make the mobility scooter faster with other methods, which are:

  • Reverse the motor
  • Replace the battery
  • Add another battery

How to remove the speed limiter from the Segway Ninebot S-Plus electric scooter?

How to remove the speed limiter from the Segway Ninebot S-Plus electric scooter?

The Segway Ninebot S-Plus Self-Balancing Scooter comes with a rider safety mode to keep you safe while riding it for the first time.

The scooter is in beginner mode by default when you first ride it. Once you complete the Rider Tutorial, the speed will increase.

However, many people have figured out the Segway Ninebot S-Plus speed hack and increased the speeds to 10 mph.

All of it lies in the Segway app!

Here are the steps:

  • Download the Segway app.
  • Complete the Rider Tutorial. You cannot increase the speeds unless you pass this safety step.
  • Keep completing the other tutorials to reach the maximum speed.
  • Then, connect the app to the Segway S-Plus.
  • At the top right corner of the app, you will see the ‘’gear’’ icon.
  • Tap and open it.
  • You will see a slider that shows the speed.
  • If the speed is set at the medium level, adjust the slider and increase it to the maximum speed.
  • Now, your Segway Ninebot S-Plus is ready to hover at higher speeds!

However, you need to keep one point in mind. When you increase the speeds of the S-Plus, it will cause a decrease in the battery. Thus, your battery will drain faster, and you will need to charge it more often.

Many experts also suggest replacing the tires of the Segway S-Plus with sports tires to increase the speed up to 20%.

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Final Thoughts

Removing the speed limit of an electric scooter is somewhat challenging because different brands use different construction methods. So, you can only remove the speed limiter if your electric scooter allows you to.

However, our complete guide on how to take the speed limiter off will help you increase the speeds of your electric bike, no matter how complex the construction. It has all kinds of methods explained, and you can use the one that matches yours.

If the process seems complicated, a better idea is to spend a few bucks and consult a professional instead of losing your electric bike.

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