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How to Clean an Electric Scooter? Quick Tips – 2024

Even if you just came back home after a ride in the neighborhood on your electric scooter, you might see some dirt and trapped dust particles on it. A little bit of dust is okay, and you can wipe it off with a clean piece of cloth.

However, your electric scooter needs to have a good cleaning session once it gets dirty. If you keep ignoring it, the dirt and dust can build up on the scooter. It will, in turn, damage the machinery and also make it difficult for you to clean the scooter.

So, how to clean an electric scooter after it gets too dirty?

Here is a step by step guide on cleaning your electric scooter.

How to Clean an Electric Scooter?

Get everything in your hand:

Now, by this line, we don’t mean to take all the supplies, including the bucket, in your hands!

It means to choose the right place for washing your electric scooter and keep all the things you need while washing near you. Of course, you won’t want to keep roaming in and out of the house for gathering the supplies during the cleaning process.

Here is a checklist you need to keep with you (Don’t forget the electric scooter!).

  • A bucket with water.
  • A sponge for cleaning.
  • A soap.
  • A towel for drying.

When you have chosen the right place for cleaning the electric scooter and have all the things mentioned above, what are you waiting for? Let’s proceed further.

Let your scooter calm down:

If you have just landed after a long drive on your electric scooter, the motor will probably be very hot. So, let it calm down and get to the average temperature.

Cover the battery port:

If you don’t like getting electric shocks while cleaning, make sure to cover the charging port and unplug your scooter.

You can also remove the battery if your scooter has this option.

If not, a better idea is to charge the battery inside while cleaning the scooter in your backyard.

Whatever you do, make sure that the scooter is unplugged and you have properly covered the charging port with a plastic sheet or any other waterproof material.

Gently pour water on the electric scooter:

This is an essential step to consider.

Don’t throw water harshly on the scooter as it may damage it.

Instead, be gentle and rinse the scooter with light water splashes.

This process will help you get rid of the loose dirt particles that can easily wash away.

Also, make sure to rinse off the tires. They catch the most dirt while riding on muddy areas.

This mud can reduce the traction of the tires and make them look ugly too.

So, don’t forget to rinse the tires and other parts of the electric scooter.

Note: Avoid cleaning tires with chemicals, as they may cause them to slip. It is best to use clean water!

Use some soap and sponge:

If you cannot get rid of the hefty dirt accumulation and oil on your electric scooter, it’s time for the soap and sponge to show their powers!

You will also need to play your part in this.

You can use two kinds of soaps for this purpose:

The automotive cleaner soaps are effective and clean the stubborn oil and dirt perfectly.

On the other hand, dishwashing soaps can also serve the purpose and are inexpensive. But, dishwashing soaps can make the paint fade with time.

Thus, the automotive cleaner soaps are safe to use for cleaning an electric scooter.

Once you have the soap, pour some drops on the sponge and start the labor!

But, don’t be too harsh on your electric scooter.

What about the grease and oils?

Grease and oil are very annoying and can become a nightmare while cleaning the scooter.

But don’t worry! We have the solution planned for you.

If you still see any stains on the electric scooter, use the lemon and vinegar solution and rub it gently for a few minutes.

You can also use a toothbrush with toothpaste on it. This method is effective on plastic and silicon parts.

Also, it is better not to rub the frame with rough hands as the toothbrush bristles can leave marks.


While following all these steps, ensure that the water or soap solution does not touch the battery compartment or any other electronic parts.

How to clean an electric scooter’s chain?

Here, the story takes a turn. You cannot wash the chain like the other parts of the electric scooter.

Instead, use a platform that can carry the weight of your electric scooter, and you can easily spin the wheels.

Then, you need two things:

As the chain has grease and is challenging to clean compared to the other parts, a toothbrush will prove handy. Its firm bristles and long handle can help you reach the chain and other non-reachable parts and clean them efficiently.

Using an eco-cleaner is a better choice because of its ability to dissolve the oils and grease.

Dip the toothbrush in the cleaner, or pour a few drops on the bristles, just like you put toothpaste on the toothbrush.

Then, rub the bristles on the chain in a straight motion.

If the grease and oil stains are difficult to remove, you might need to repeat this step for a few minutes.

When the chain is clean, rinse it again with clean water to remove the eco-cleaner.

After cleaning, remember to lubricate the chain with chain wax or other bike chain lubricants for better performance and rust prevention.


How to lubricate Electric Scooter Chain?

Give a final wash with clean water:

When the dirt and stains have finally gone, and your electric scooter is looking nice, it’s time to give it the last wash with clean water.

It will remove the soapy water and any dirt stains on the scooter. However, make sure to avoid water from reaching the electrical parts or the battery compartment while washing with water.

This process will take a few minutes, and your electric scooter will give a sparkling look!

It is also a better idea to check whether any soap is left on the scooter and rinse it off too.

Dry it with a towel:

After the final wash, the last step is to dry the electric scooter.

Please don’t leave it in the sun to dry. Instead, use a clean towel or cloth to wipe off the water tipping from the scooter.

Also, clean the tires and all the parts you have washed with water. Leaving water on any part is not good at all!

Then, don’t rush to put the battery inside and ride on your scooter.

Sometimes, water is left at the bottom of the scooter, or the chain does not dry properly.

So, leave the scooter in the garage or shady place for the wind to dry it thoroughly. You can also keep it under the fan for an hour or so.

Apply scooter wax:

A thin layer of scooter wax is an excellent idea to make your electric scooter sparkle after a wash!

It will act as a varnish and also protect the paint of the electric scooter, thus increasing its durability.

Pro tip:

Many people think that using a water gun is the easiest way to wash an electric scooter.

But it is not!

In a water gun, the water comes out at high pressure, which can damage the delicate parts and the electric scooter’s frame.

So, using a water gun for cleaning an electric scooter is the worst idea!

Some useful videos on how to clean an electric scooter!

How to clean Xiaomi Mi365 Electric Scooter:

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How to clean electric scooter connections?

The electrical connections of an electric scooter are hazardous and should not be touched with bare hands. Also, you cannot clean them with water. A better idea is to clean them with a dry and clean cloth while preventing any signs of getting current. You can also ask a professional to do this.

How often should I clean my electric scooter?

According to experts, you should clean your electric scooter when it gets dirty. The time gap depends on your usage. If it often rides on muddy areas, you can clean it once a week. If you ride it seldom, cleaning it once a month is okay.

Is it necessary to clean the electric scooter thoroughly?

A thorough cleaning session of an electric scooter is an excellent way of increasing its durability and performance. The dirt can seep into the internal parts and damage them, making the electric scooter useless after some time. A thorough cleaning also makes it look nice.

Why should I not dry my electric scooter in the sun?

You should never dry the electric scooter in direct sunlight because it can damage the paint. It can also heat the electric scooter and damage the internal parts and electrical connections.

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