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Best Helmets for Electric Scooters in 2024

Just because you don’t see many people riding electric scooters with helmets doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a helmet.

The electric scooters are likely to cause as severe injuries as other automobiles, despite their slower speeds and safety.

As most of the accidents from electric scooters include head injuries, wearing a helmet is the best way to keep yourself safe.

But, what are the best helmets for electric scooters?

What things do I need to consider while buying a helmet?

If you have the same questions, get ready for the answers!

Our detailed review contains honest reviews of the best electric scooter helmets, along with a buying guide.


List of Best Full Face Helmets for Electric Scooters

Photo Title Sizes Weight Certifications Buy
ILM Motorcycle Dual...image ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet S, M, L, XL 4.6 lbs DOT, FMVSS-218 Check Price
Bell Qualifier Full-Face...image Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL 4.85 lbs DOT, FMVSS 218 Standard, and CARB Check Price
O'Neal unisex adult...image O'Neal - Sierra II - Full Face Helmet Flat XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL 3.5 lbs DOT and ECE 22.05 safety standards Check Price
Bell Sanction Adult...image Bell Sanction Adult Dirt Bike Helmet XS, S, M, L 1.87 lbs. US CPSC Safety Standard Check Price
Bell Super 3R...image Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet S, M, L 1.73 lbs. US CPSC Safety Standard Check Price
ILM Off Road...image ILM Off Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Full Face Helmet S, M, L, XL, XXL 4.84 lbs. FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards Check Price
Bell Bullitt Full-Face...image Bell Bullitt Helmet XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL 3.5 lbs. DOT, FMVSS-218 Check Price

List of Best Half-Shell Helmets for Electric Scooters

Photo Title Sizes Weight Certifications Buy
Triple Eight Dual...image Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet XS, S, L 0.9 lbs. ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards and U.S. CPSC Safety Standard Check Price
GLX M14 Cruiser...image GLX M14 Cruiser Half Helmet S, M, XL 2.1 lbs. DOT certification standards Check Price
BASE CAMP Bike...image Base Camp Adult Bike Helmet with Rear Light One Size Fits All 0.62 lbs. CPSC safety standard Check Price
Thousand Adult Bike...image Thousand Adult Bike Helmet S, M, L 1.2 lbs. CPSC and EN1078 certified Check Price
MOKFIRE Adult Bike...image MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet One Size FIts All 0.62 lbs. North American Bicycle Helmet Safety Standard, CPSC and European Safety Standard CE.EN1078 Check Price
Lumos Kickstart Smart...image Lumos Kickstart with MIPS Smart Helmet One Size FIts All 0.84 lbs. CPSC, EN1078, AS2063, F1447, NTA8776 Check Price
Lumos Matrix Smart...image Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet One Size FIts All 0.84 lbs. CPSC, EN1078, AS2063, F1447, NTA8776 Check Price

List of Best Open Face Helmets for Electric Scooters

Photo Title Sizes Weight Certifications Buy
Daytona Helmets 3/4...image Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Cruiser XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL 1.90 lbs. DOT, FMVSS 218 Check Price
Bell Custom 500...image BELL Custom 500 Helmet XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL 2.3 lbs. DOT, FMVSS 218 Standard Check Price

Best Full Face Helmets for Electric Scooters Reviewed

1. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Full Face Helmet [Best Full-Face Helmet for Electric Scooters]:


The ILM Motorcycle Full-Face helmet comes with all the features every rider needs to have in their helmet. The helmet gives a robust overall look, with a nice matte black and smooth finish to enhance its style.

Although ILM Motorcycle helmets are heavy, this one comes with a lightweight design and weighs only 4.5 pounds. So, you can enjoy a comfortable long ride without putting much pressure on your neck.

The dual visors are highly impressive as they allow you to ride in all weather conditions. While the smoky visor is ideal for bright sunlight, the clear visor provides a clear view at night.

The best part of the helmet is the removable cheek pads. As the helmet develops sweat in the sun, you can remove and wash them to keep the helmet clean.

The sides and front portion of the helmet also have ventilation slots. They keep you cool in summer and also block the wind noise. In winters, you can also close them.

The adjustable chin strap is highly efficient and comes with a quick-release feature, making it the best full-face helmet for electric scooters. The flip-up function also allows you to expose your face and get some fresh air.

While fulfilling the safety standards, the helmet also comes with an ABS shell that protects your head and increases its durability.

  • High Resistance ABS Shell With Micrometrically Adjustable Strap
  • Meets or Exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards
  • Helmet Liner / Cheek Pads are Lightweight, Soft and Easily Removable and Washable
  • Sleek and Lightweight Design Reduces Wind Noise
  • Modular Flip-Up Function Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog and Wide View Clear Visor

ILM Motorcycle Full-Face Helmets Reviews:

  • 83% of customers liked the design and features of the helmet.
  • Many users said that its quality is impressive compared to the price.
  • Almost all users loved the dual visors.
  • The chin strap is sturdy and easy to use.
  • About 5% of the users complained that the screws holding the visor came out after a few months.
  • Some said it fits small.
  • A few people received a defective product.

Final Verdict:

The ILM Full-Face Motorcycle helmet features a lightweight design with a robust shell and dual visors, making it the best helmet for electric scooters.

It comes with all easy-to-use features.

The flexibility of using it both as a full-face and half-face helmet has impressed many customers.

2. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet:

The Bell Qualifier full-face helmet comes with a stylish design and several captivating colors. The matte black color appeals most to us due to its fine touch.

The ABS shell makes it hard and stylish and keeps your head protected from severe injuries. The padded collar further helps you enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride without disturbing you.

The helmet is specially designed to ensure ventilation while riding in the summer.

While the padded collar will reduce the wind noise, the FlowAdjust technology will keep you hydrated and prevent accumulating sweat inside the helmet.

The ClickRelease visor is an impressive feature as it adds convenience while riding the electric scooter. The visor has both the properties of being anti-fog and photo-chromatic.

The anti-fog feature prevents moisture from blocking the view while riding.

Similarly, the photo-chromatic feature blocks the UV light rays and provide a clear view while riding in the sun. As you have the ClickRelease feature, you can easily change the visor’s shade according to the weather condition.

In this way, you won’t have to go through complicated settings.

  • Helmet shown with optional tinted shield. (Ships with clear shield only)
  • Lightweight construction with a strong, durable outer shell to provide maximum protection
  • NutraFog II shield which is a ClickRelease shield for fast, easy and tool-free shield replacement
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation system designed to provide optimal airflow for comfortable wear
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet Reviews:

  • 87% of the customers liked the quality features compared to the price.
  • Many customers said that it is lightweight and even stays quiet after opening the vents.
  • The visor is clear, with little or no distortion.
  • The chin vent and two top head vents are perfect for ensuring airflow.
  • Some of the customers faced sizing issues, especially with the cheek pads.
  • A few said that the chin strap is difficult to use.
  • Some of them were disappointed that the visor does not have a lock.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a quality helmet for electric scooters at an affordable price, look no further than the Full-Face Helmet.

The dual-featured helmet and robust shell make it a durable and convenient helmet, and the safety features provide a smooth ride.

3. O’Neal – Sierra II Helmet [Best Electric Scooter Helmet for Adults]:

The catchy design and safety features of the O’Neal Sierra II helmet at a great price range will immediately attract anyone looking for a long-lasting helmet.

Like other helmets, it also comes with an ABS shell and is ideal for off-road and all-terrain electric scooters. The robust features will protect you everywhere, making it the best electric scooter helmet for adults.

The helmet also has a soft polyester lining to provide a comfortable fit so that you can enjoy a smooth ride. It has moisture-absorbing properties and won’t make you sweat too much on sunny days.

Besides, you can remove and wash the liner and then add it again to ensure hygienic measures. The chin strap also has sufficient padding to make you feel like lying your head on a pillow.

The safety D-lock of the chin strap will make the perfect fit and prevent the helmet from slipping. Although it has sufficient cushioning, the O’Neal Sierra II helmet is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 1590G (3.5 pounds).

The helmet also offers a sun-visor along with the integrated face shield. It is easy to bring up and down. Besides, the vents ensure nice ventilation and keep you dry.

  • Shell is constructed with ABS. Lining 100% polyester
  • Weight: 1590G ( 50G)
  • Moisture wicking, removable/washable air channeled comfort liner
  • Integrated face shield
  • Padded chin strap with double-d safety lock

O’Neal Sierra II Helmet Reviews:

  • 90% of customers liked the comfortable design of the helmet.
  • Almost every user loved the integrated sunshade and clear visor.
  • The helmet has the perfect fit and finish.
  • The head venting system and lightweight design are impressive.
  • Some of the customers did not like the chin strap.
  • Some users said that it is very loud at high speeds.
  • A few said it becomes foggy.

Final Verdict:

The O’Neal Sierra II is the best helmet for those living in sunny areas and enjoys off-road rides.

Although it is noisy at higher speeds, it won’t cause problems with electric scooters.

The air vents are nice, and the fit is ideal for a fun and comfortable ride.

4. Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet [Lightweight Helmet For Electric Scooter]:

If you travel long distances daily and are frustrated by your neck getting tired, the Bell Sanction Adult Full-Face helmet will be your ultimate choice.

The helmet comes with a robust ABS shell construction and comes with special features that make it lightweight.

This lightweight helmet for an electric scooter weighs only 850G (1.87 pounds), allowing you to enjoy longer rides without getting tired.

The ventilation system is the most impressive part as the helmet has 15 vents. You will surely feel soft air flowing into the helmet and keeping you calm and relaxed while riding in the hot summer.

The adjustable visor also offers convenience while riding. You can keep it lifted, but we recommend keeping it down for safety reasons.

Although many people don’t like full-face helmets, the lightweight design and various color options of this helmet appeal to many people. The smooth and matte finish with a protected shell makes it highly durable.

  • ABS SHELL CONSTRUCTION with Adjustable Visor
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FULL-FACE - offers comfort and protection for dirt jump or BMX riders who want a smaller size and profile
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FULL-FACE - offers comfort and protection for dirt jump or BMX riders who want a smaller size and profile
  • ABS SHELL CONSTRUCTION with Adjustable Visor

Bell Sanction Full Face Bike Helmet Reviews:

  • About 80% of the customers appreciated the size and quality of the helmet.
  • Many people liked the stylish design of the helmet.
  • It provides excellent ventilation and gives protection.
  • It is also lightweight with a good field of view.
  • About 5% of customers said that it is tight on the jaws but feels good on the head.
  • Many of them said it runs small.
  • Some customers did not like the customer service.

Final Verdict:

While equipped with a lightweight design and excellent ventilation, the Bell Sanction Adult Full Face helmet offers extreme protection on all terrains.

Although the chin strap causes problems, the helmet itself is well-built and comfortable. According to the price, it is an excellent value!

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5. ILM Off Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet:

The ILM off-road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet is one of the most high-quality and sturdy helmets of all time.

We recommend them for people who ride electric scooters at high speeds and experts who perform off-road stunts due to the robust features.

The dual visors are the most impressive part of this helmet. The sun visor blocks the UV rays and makes it easier for you to see in the bright sunlight.

Similarly, the other comes with an enhanced and increased-angle lens that helps you see far-off places. In this way, it makes your ride safe. The inner tinted visor is a bonus for safety.

The visors are also windproof and detachable for convenience.

To make you ride comfortable, the helmet has removable and washable inner linings so that you can use the helmet for long hours on a hot day.

The ventilation system is excellent. It comes with an Aerodynamic air intake system, which lets all the fresh air inside and converts the warm air into the fresh air. In this way, you will be hydrated as the helmet will freshen you up.

  • DOT Approved - Meets or exceeds FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards. S:55-56 CM,M:57 -58 CM,L:59-60 CM,XL:61-63 CM,XXL:63-64 CM, The helmet size runs smaller than regular helmet, please kindly choose one size up when ordering the dual sport helmet.
  • Dual Visors - HD enhanced wide-angle lens to increase periferal vision and improve riding safety, and the sun visor is great for protecting against the sun, which can be rotated slightly according to the direction of the sun to avoid direct sunlight. This motorcycle helmet also comes with an inner tinted visor.
  • Ventilation - Aerodynamic air intake system to introduce fresh air and replace the hot air inside the helmet.
  • Liners & Quick Release Strap - The top liner and ear pads are detachable and washable, quick release strap helps to easily put on or take off the adventure helmet.
  • Multiple Function - It can be used as a ralley helmet, a full face helmet or a off-road helmet, ideal for dirt bike, motorcycle, mountain bike, dual sports and other outdoor riding activities.

ILM Off Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet Reviews:

  • About 90% of the customers were impressed by the features of the helmet.
  • Many customers appreciated the fast responses and coordination of customer service.
  • The shades in the visor are pretty, and they can flip up and down easily.
  • Many people said that it is an excellent helmet for the price.
  • A few customers did not like the sizing.
  • Some said they could not wear the helmet with glasses or goggles.
  • One customer said that the sun visor distorts things.

Final Verdict:

The ILM Off-Road Dual Visor Motorcycle helmet is best for expert riders who want extra safety and protection.

The dual visors enhance the view, and the ventilation mechanisms make it ideal for use on sunny days.

As it doesn’t have anti-fog properties, we don’t recommend using it in colder areas.

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6. Bell Bullitt Helmet:

The Bell Bullitt helmet features an old-school retro style and is ideal for people who want a simple and sturdy helmet for riding an electric scooter.

Bell Bullitt has taken safety to another level by introducing three carbon shells for extra protection while riding.

It gives a low-profile look and makes your ride smooth and comfortable. As the cover has a round shape, it is only recommended for people with round heads.

Unlike other helmets, this one comes with a unique leather interior. The leather is of high-quality and is anti-bacterial, removable, and washable.

The chin pad also consists of leather. The whole interior of this full-face helmet is secured with EPS foaming for extra comfort levels. As the chin strap comes with a D-ring closure, it provides a secure fit and makes the helmet east to take on and off.

The helmet comes with a clear visor, while other options are sold separately. The face shield also comes in two styles: bubble and flat.

The most impressive part of the Bell Bullitt helmet is the magnetic closure, which may be the point of its higher price. It is unique and works well.

  • 3 low-profile carbon composite shells and EPS sizes that are DOT certified and backed with an industry-leading five-year warranty
  • Contoured cheek pads with integrated speaker pockets, genuine leather, removable interior
  • Sold with Clear Flat Shield installed
  • Front chin vents with metal mesh intake and exhaust vents
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard

Bell Bullitt Helmet Reviews:

  • About 88% of customers liked the stylish and sturdy features of the helmet.
  • The ventilation system offers good airflow and feels comfortable.
  • Many users said that it has a better field of vision compared to other brands.
  • The interior padding is super-soft.
  • About 5% of customers said that it is very noisy at high speeds.
  • Some users faced issues with the sizing.
  • One customer said they don’t stand behind the warranty.

Final Verdict:

The Bell Bullitt helmet is a nice choice for electric scooter riders. Although expensive, it has high-quality materials and a visor with perfect vision.

You may need time to adapt to the unique features, but you will love the style once you get used to it.

Best Half-shell Helmets for Electric Scooters Reviewed

1. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Skateboard Helmet [Best Half-shell Helmet for Electric Scooters]:

The Triple Eight Certified Bike Skateboard helmet is a lightweight and elegant helmet to protect your head from severe injuries. The comfortable design and added features also make it the best half-shell helmet for electric scooters.

Like other standard helmets, this one also comes with a protective ABS shell. The covering is smooth and robust and gives a nice overall look to the helmet.

The EPS liner further protects your head due to its shock-absorbing capability. In this way, the liner makes you comfortable while ensuring your safety.

We like the helmet’s dual certifications, which makes you gain confidence while riding so that you can enjoy your ride while staying safe.

If the sizing does not fit well, Triple Eight has got you covered! The helmet comes with two different sets of Fit Pads, which you can use to enhance the fit and make it comfortable on your head.

The chin strap is also adjustable and features a side release buckle. Thus, the helmet provides safety and is super-easy to use.

  • Dual Certified skateboarding and bike helmet with ABS shell and impact-absorbing EPS foam liner
  • Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older and ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards
  • Ideal for biking, skateboarding, scooters, BMX, roller derby, and commuting
  • Includes two different sets of removable, moisture-wicking Sweatsaver Fit Pads to customize fit; adjustable chin strap with side release buckle
  • Size XS/S fits 18.9 – 21.25 in (48 – 54 cm), S/M fits 21.5 – 22.75 in (55 – 58 cm), L/XL 23.25 – 24 in (59 – 61 cm)

Triple Eight Bike Skateboard Helmet Reviews:

  • About 92% of customers were satisfied with their purchase.
  • So many users claimed that the helmet saved their life during an accident.
  • Customers liked the overall shape of the helmet, along with the cut-outs above the ears.
  • It is lightweight and stylish.
  • About 5% of customers said that the helmet did not fit right.
  • One user said it needs more protection.
  • Some said that their head looks big after wearing the helmet.

Final Verdict:

The Triple Eight Dual Certified helmet is an affordable and quality product that has proved to be a life-saver for most people.

The hard outer covering and soft inner liners are durable and make the helmet lightweight. Thus, it is an excellent value for the money!

Similar Product:

  • Dual certified, urban-style helmet for skateboarding and biking features a vented ABS shell with a subtle brim, and an impact-absorbing EPS liner
  • Conehead liner construction has collapsing cones that absorb energy and spread force sideways within the helmet; ideal for biking, skateboarding, rollerblading, BMX, derby, and commuting
  • Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older and ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards
  • Includes two sets of removable, moisture-wicking Sweatsaver Fit Pads, and an adjustable dial system and chin strap with side release buckle for custom fit
  • Size XS/S fits 18.9 – 21.3 in (48– 54 cm), S/M fits 21.7 – 22.8 in (55 – 58 cm), L/XL 23.2 – 24 in (59 – 61 cm)

2. GLX M14 Cruiser Half Helmet with Tinted Retractable Visor:

The GLX M14 Cruiser helmet is one of the best half-faced helmets in the market. Its stylish look and robust features allow all riders, including electric scooter riders, to use it.

The helmet weighs 2.1 pounds. Its amazingly lightweight and doesn’t seems bulky. So, if you need a helmet for riding shorter distances, it is the best choice.

The best part of this helmet is its additional built-in compartments which allows you place your Bluetooth earphones or hear aid device.

The shell comes with a nice and bright finish, which consists of a moisture-wicking EPS liner on the inside. It efficiently absorbs all the moisture and makes it easy to ride the electric scooter on hot summer days.

Moreover, the inner is fully removable, washable, and replaceable.

We like the drop-down sun-shield that protects you from the scorching heat of the sun and makes riding in summer easier. You can also add another visor to it.

The chin strap of the GLX M14 Cruiser half helmet is also padded for added comfort, and the quick-release mechanism makes it easy to use.

  • The M14 exhibits a dynamic and innovative layout configuration, extensive fabrication, as well as internal pampering presenting specific plush inner liner components to exceed DOT certification standards.
  • Integrated sun shield designed to deploy and retract promptly. Useful in minimizing time adjusting, and maximizing time enjoying. Free smoke shield protects from 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays.
  • Additional built-in compartments designed to encompass audio enhancement equipment, or similar communication systems. A quick release strap designed for convenience, as well as peace of mind security.
  • Fully removable, washable, and replaceable microfiber inner material. Premium synthetic leather along the lower edge of the liner designed to increase durability and add an extra touch of style.

GLX M14 Cruiser Half Helmet Reviews:

  • 86% of customers liked the quality of the helmet.
  • Many users said that it is comfortable and easy to take on and off.
  • Almost all customers liked the smoke shield.
  • The chin strap is a great addition to its features.
  • About 5% of customers complained about the drawbacks of the helmet.
  • A few said that the visor is small and distorted.

Final Verdict:

The GLX M14 Cruiser is the best choice for those tired of face issues with the sizing.

The removable, washable, and replaceable microfiber inner and soft lining enhance the right fit, while the visor protects you from sunlight.

The overall design of the helmet, along with the advanced features, is amazing.

3. BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet with Rear Light [Best Bike Helmet With Rear Light]:

If you want a stylish and robust half-face helmet for off-road adventures, the Base Camp Bike helmet with rear light will be your ultimate choice.

The shell of the helmet consists of high-quality PC material that increases its durability. Besides, it has a removable EPS foam liner for extra convenience while cleaning.

We like the rear dial adjustment features, which allows you to customize the fit according to your preference. The removable rear light and other features make it the best bike helmet with a rear light.

The rear light comes with two modes. You can either use it as a steady light or a flashing light. It makes your ride at night a lot easier and safe.

The lightweight design of the helmet is impressive. It weighs only 0.62 lbs., although it has several useful features. Thus, it is the best choice for long-distance travelling on your electric scooter.

It also has an adjustable chin strap and 9 air vents, making it convenient and versatile to use. The helmet offers safety while riding, and the ventilation system never lets sweat disturb you.

  • SAFETY PROTECTION: BASE CAMP bike helmets are made from a high-impact PC Shell and shock-absorbing EPS foam (EPS foam made in the USA), providing powerful protection to your head from cycling or skating. ASTM F 1447 and CPSC certified, meets US & EU cycling standards.
  • TOUGH & LIGHTWEIGHT: The bicycle helmet adopted the advanced EPS In-mold Technology. In-mold is the best current production technology for making ultra-lightweight helmets with a high level of firmness and maximum protection.
  • DETACHABLE LED TAILLIGHT: The bike helmet for men is build-in a detachable LED Taillight. Feature 2 lighting modes (steady & flashing modes), which provide max visibility and safety while riding on the city streets in the dark. The adult bike helmet is also for women.
  • 9 COOLING VENTS & VISOR: 9 strategically placed vents actively capture airflow and pass it through interior cooling channels to keep you cool on long rides. The men's bike helmet with an integrated visor reduces glare and increases your field of vision.
  • SIZE ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM: Turning the dial to fit the suitable size of an adult or youth helmet. Head circumference: Medium Size: 21.65-23.6in/55-60 cm. (NOT for Large). The soft padding under the chin-strap clasp prevents pinching or rubbing.
  • COMFORTABLE AND UNIVERSAL: The helmets for adults come with a high-quality moisture-wicking liner to keep you sweat-free on the hot summer commutes. Lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and washable, great for urban commuting, bike cycling, and scooter riding.

BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet Reviews:

  • About 85% of customers liked the excellent features of the helmet.
  • Many users said that it is durable and provides an unmatched fit.
  • The rear light with several options appealed to many customers.
  • The straps are nice, and the lightweight design makes it convenient.
  • About 5% of the customers did not like the quality of the helmet.
  • Some users said that the inner padding is thin and cheap.
  • A few felt the chin strap uncomfortable.

Final Verdict:

The Base Camp Bike helmet with rear light is an excellent choice if you travel longer distances at night.

The rear light comes with different modes, and the lightweight design makes it convenient.

The inner padding and thick shell make it a good value for the money.

4. Thousand Adult Bike Helmet [Best Electric Scooter Helmet for Adults]:

If quality and safety are your priority in a helmet, we highly recommend buying the Thousand Adult Bike helmet.

It has a very simple and elegant design with a smooth finish on the shell. However, it is unmatched in terms of quality.

The shell of the helmet is robust with a rubberized matte finish, making it durable and versatile. The inner has efficient padding to keep your head comfortable. You will also receive some extra padding in the package.

The fit adjustment dial also makes it convenient by allowing you to get the perfect fit, which will keep you safe on your adventure.

Besides, the PopLock feature is impressive. You can lock your helmet with the electric scooter and go to work without any fear of getting it stolen.

We also like the magnetic buckle and leather straps. The clasp makes it easy to use, and the leather straps enhance durability and comfort while maintaining the right fit. Thus, it is the best electric scooter helmets for adults.

The Thousand Adult Bike helmet never lags in ventilation too! It consists of three cooling channels and seven air vents that freshen up your mind and prevent the accumulation of sweat in the heat.

  • A HELMET YOU’LL WANT TO WEAR: Our founder created the first ever stylish bike helmet to keep people who bike and skate safe, while expressing their personal style. She designed a functional and lightweight helmet that doesn’t sacrifice style for safety.
  • LOCK YOUR HELMET WITH YOUR BIKE: Our patent-pending PopLock is the most convenient way to leave your bicycle helmet behind. Access the hidden channel behind the logo mark, and pop your U-Lock or chain lock through. Perfect for the daily commuter.
  • GET THE PERFECT FIT: Refer to the fit guide in the images to find the correct size. Tighten or loosen your bicycle helmet with our Dial Fit System in the back of your helmet to get the perfect fit for every ride. Doesn’t fit? Contact us!
  • SKATE & BIKE HELMET FOR MEN & WOMEN: A unisex women’s and men’s bike helmet for riding a bicycle, road bike, skateboard, longboard, or e-scooter. Ideal for bike commuting, recreational cycling, and skateboarding.
  • OUR GUARANTEES: Your bike and skateboard helmet is backed by our Anti-Theft and Accident Replacement Guarantees. If your bike helmet is stolen while locked up, or if you get into an accident and damage your helmet, we will replace it for free.

Thousand Bike Helmet Reviews:

  • About 92% of customers liked the quality and design of the helmet.
  • Many of them said that it fits perfectly and is highly comfortable.
  • Many users were impressed by the responsive customer service.
  • People said that it doesn’t make your head look like a mushroom.
  • About 4% of customers did not like the leather straps.
  • Some said that the padding is thin and uncomfortable.
  • A few customers faced issues with size.

Final Verdict:

The Thousand Adult Bike helmet is a top-notch value for people who prefer quality over style.

It has many advanced and durable features equipped with a lightweight and simple helmet. Although it may seem expensive, it is definitely worth the money.

5. MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet [Best Helmet with Lights]:

The MOKFIRE Adult Bike helmet comes with a sturdy design and durable features, making it the best helmet with lights for all genders.

The shell consists of PC material to make it hard and protective while riding on all terrains. The EPS foaming further provides a nice cushioning on the inside. You can also detach the lining and clean it to ensure hygienic measures.

It also comes with a plug-in rear light for added nighttime safety. The two modes make it convenient to use. The helmet also includes a one-handed fit system for a comfortable fit. You can rotate the dial and adjust it according to your head size.

The adjustable nylon strap also helps provide a customized fit.

We like the ventilation system as the air-channel matrix reduces overheating by making the air cool so that you can ride with ease, even on hot days. In this way, you will enjoy a comfortable ride.

The sun visor further protects you from the sun rays and rain blocking your view.

The side buckle is also easy to use, and the washable chin pad absorbs sweat and keeps you comfortable while riding.

MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet Reviews:

  • About 83% of customers appreciated the quality and features of the helmet.
  • Many users liked the lightweight and adjustable design.
  • The chin straps are well-made and feel soft.
  • Many customers said that it is highly protective.
  • About 5% of customers said it didn’t fit right.
  • Some people received defective products.
  • A few said that the strap is loose and doesn’t let the helmet stay in place.

Final Verdict:

The MOKFIRE Adult Bike helmet comes with a stylish design and all the protective features you need while riding an electric scooter.

It is ideal for all weathers, as well as day and night time. Thus, it is an excellent value for the money.

6. LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet with Front and Rear LED Lights, Turn Signals, Brake Lights and Bluetooth Connected [best Helmet with Bluetooth]:

The LUMOS Kickstart Smart helmet is undoubtedly the smartest and best helmet with Bluetooth in the market.

It has so many advanced features along with a stylish design that will make you fall in love with it!

The helmet includes a PolyCarbonate shell and EPS lining, which work together to provide protection and absorb impact during accidents.

The lighting system of the helmet is the most impressive part. It comes with a USB charging cable and remote control. You can connect it via Bluetooth and control the lighting with the remote control or a SmartWatch.

The lights surround the whole helmet and are equipped with turn signals and automatic brakes lighting system. The 500 lumens of both the front and rear lights make you visible from far away, giving you a safe and fun ride at night.

The company has also provided an excellent ventilation system while ensuring a robust design. The several wide spaces in the helmet offer 22 vents for extra ventilation while riding in hot weathers.

  • Enhance your cycling identity - Choose Lumos Kickstart, the smart helmet designed for those who prioritize safety, technology, and style in their cycling adventures. Stand out among fellow cycling enthusiasts and embrace the cutting-edge features that will elevate your road biking and e-biking experience while providing exceptional visibility and protection.
  • Enjoy effortless communication on the road - Integrated bike turn signals controlled by a wireless handlebar-mounted remote make your cycling experience safer and more enjoyable. Connect the Lumos Kickstart to our app for seamless LED pattern customization, brightness adjustments, Team Sync feature, and ride tracking. Experience up to 10 hours of battery life and convenient magnetic charging.
  • Prioritize safety with MIPS head protection - Benefit from the advanced safety of the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), a sophisticated design that helps protect your head by allowing the helmet to absorb rotational impact force during your rides and commutes.
  • Share the joy of cycling - Delight your cycling friends or family members with the Lumos Kickstart, a thoughtful gift for avid cyclists who value technology, safety, and design in their cycling gear. Strengthen your cycling community by sharing the Lumos experience.
  • Embrace comfort and versatility - The Lumos Kickstart smart helmet accommodates various head sizes, from 21-1/4" to 24" (54cm to 61cm), ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Perfect for cyclists who commute, participate in road biking or e-biking, and seek a helmet that adapts to their lifestyle.

LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet Reviews:

  • About 88% of customers were impressed by the quality of the helmet.
  • Many users claimed that it provides excellent visibility.
  • Most of the users did not face any issues with the fit.
  • The design is stylish, and the lights are bright.
  • Almost 5% of customers complained that the battery life is short.
  • Some users said it is bulky.
  • A few people faced durability issues.

Final Verdict:

The LUMOS Kickstart Smart helmet is the best choice for adventure-loving individuals and those who want extra safety at night.

The bright and luminous LED lights around the helmet make it stylish, and the ventilation system ensures a comfortable ride.

Similar Product:

  • Light as air bike helmet: Weighing as low as 250g, this adult bike helmet offers a tailored, comfortable fit through our innovative FlexiFit Retention System. Ideal for both men and women, its design accommodates ponytails for unmatched comfort on the road.
  • MIPS for Advanced Safety: Opt for the MIPS version to elevate your road bike helmet's safety features. MIPS technology is designed to protect against rotational forces during unforeseen crashes. Also complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older.
  • Sleek Eyewear Storage: Our bicycle helmet comes with a built-in OptiGrip Sunglasses Port that securely stores your high-end eyewear, seamlessly integrating with your riding experience.
  • The Ultimate Gift: As part of the Lumos Smart Safety System, this road bike helmet is an unbeatable gift for adult riders. Whether you're looking for men's bike helmets or women's bike helmets, this one checks all the boxes for road cycling and daily commuting needs.

7. SEGWAY Ninebot Bike Helmet:

If you are a fan of the Segway hoverboards and electric scooters, the Segway Ninebot helmet will be the next addition to your collection.

It is equipped with a robust PC outer shell and weighs only 330 grams (0.7 lbs.).

The EPS lining is easy to clean as you can remove and wash it easily. Thus, the helmet prevents the accumulation of sweat and ensures all hygienic measures.

The Segway Ninebot helmet also has a nice ventilation system that ensures breathability in hot weather conditions. It also includes a customizable spin dial so that you can ensure the right fit for safe travel.

As it is an off-road helmet, it offers extreme protection with a compact design and robust shell. The adjustable strap further works well to cover your head. So, you can ride with ease without the helmet getting off the head during your adventures.

As the helmet has passed several safety tests, we can undoubtedly rely on it for a safe and smooth ride.

SEGWAY Ninebot Bike Helmet Reviews:

  • About 85% of the customers liked the features of the helmet.
  • Many customers claimed that it is safe to use as it saved their life.
  • It fits well, and the neck protection adds extra safety.
  • The helmet is sturdy and lightweight.
  • Many users also liked the comfort and airflow of the helmet.
  • About 7% of customers faced issues with size.
  • Some people did not like the adjustable strap.
  • One user said that the head adjustment dial is cheap.

Final Verdict:

The Segway Ninebot helmet is a high-quality and affordable option for people who want protection while riding electric scooters.

It is lightweight and contains all the features of an off-road helmet. So, if you want a long-lasting helmet, this one is worth considering!

More Segway Product Reviews:

Best Open Face Helmets for Electric Scooter Reviewed

1. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Helmet [Best Open-Face Helmet for Electric Scooters]:

The Daytona Motorcycle Open-Face helmet will be your best choice if you are tired of looking like a mushroom after wearing the helmet. It comes in various head sizes, and the shell is perfectly designed to eliminate the mushroom head look.

While equipped with a protective ABS plastic shell, the helmet makes your safety its priority while riding. Besides, the moisture-wicking interior lining provides the most comfortable feeling while riding for long hours.

The Daytona helmet is also lightweight, weighing only 2.15 pounds, making it suitable to use while travelling long distances.

The best part of this helmet is the chin strap. Unlike other uncomfortable and tight chin straps, this one comes with a slider adjuster so you can make a snug fit while riding.

The Y-shaped chin strap consists of nylon material, which efficiently absorbs sweat and keeps you cool and comfortable without any disturbance.

We like the black bubble visor included in this open-face helmet. It protects you from the sun rays and rain that could interfere with the view. Thus, the helmet ensures all the safety measures you need while riding an electric scooter.

  • Smallest DOT-approved 3/4 shell helmet ever made; Meets & exceeds D.O.T. FMVSS 218 safety standards
  • Biker helmet provides superior impact protection with nylon strap retention & quick-release system
  • Cruiser motorcycle helmet has 3 shell sizes & employs 9 helmet padding sizes ranging from 2XS to 4XL
  • Proper biker headgear & riding gear for safety & comfort on motorcycles, cruisers, scooters & mopeds
  • Moisture-wicking inner liner fabric help keep your head cool and comfortable for warm weather riding

Daytona Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Reviews:

  • About 86% of customers liked the features of the helmet.
  • Many of them appreciated the low-profile design.
  • Some users said that the quick release chin strap provides much ease.
  • The fit of the helmet is perfect, and it is lightweight too.
  • About 5% of customers said that it runs small and feels tight.
  • Some said that the interior is uncomfortable.
  • One customer complained about the visor blowing off.

Final Verdict:

The Daytona Open-Face helmet is the perfect choice for people who don’t want a mushroom head while riding.

The several sizes and extreme protection makes it a quality helmet for everyone. Besides, the durable shell and sun visor lets you enjoy a smooth ride.

2. BELL Custom 500 Helmet:

The BELL Custom 500 helmet is the most stylish, low-profile and open-face helmet in the market. It has so many advanced features that you will immediately fall in love with it.

The outer shell consists of a fiberglass composite, which offers extreme protection during accidents and prevents injuries. Besides, the anti-bacterial leather interior provides an extra layer for a comfortable fit.

It also has an EPS liner to ensure ventilation and absorb moisture. Thus, the several layers increase the shock-absorbing capability.

We like the chin strap as it comes in a D-shaped design. It is specially designed to provide a snug fit without making your cheeks uncomfortable.

As the BELL Custom 500 helmet is DOT approved, we can say it is safe to use on adventures with electric scooters. Although it does not come with a visor, the helmet offers the flexibility of adding one yourself.

  • Multi-density EPS liner
  • Low-profile fiberglass composite shell
  • 5 shell and EPS liner sizes ensure a low-profile look
  • Integrated 5-snap pattern for aftermarket shields and visors
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard

BELL Custom 500 Helmet Reviews:

  • Almost 78% of customers left positive reviews on the helmet.
  • Many customers said that it efficiently reduces wind noise.
  • It is lightweight and offers extra breathability.
  • The war pockets are nice, and you can easily wear headphones.
  • About 5% of the customers complained that it runs very small.
  • Some customers did not like the liner.
  • One use said the sweat came out in the form of red dye.

Final Verdict:

The Bell Custom 500 helmet is the best choice for those who struggle while wearing glasses or headphones with their helmet. The low-profile design and smooth finish, along with a robust shell, make it an excellent value for the money.

Electric Scooter Helmet: Buying Guide

What features should I consider when buying a helmet?

While buying a helmet for riding an electric scooter, you might come across several questions that will make you doubt your choice.

In this case, our complete buying guide will help you choose the right helmet without compromising on safety.

· Visor:

If you ride your electric scooter in snowy areas, you need a helmet with an anti-fog visor that will prevent moisture from disturbing your view.

In sunny areas, you need a sun visor along with a clear one that will help you see clearly on the road without any distortion.

Tinted visors are also the best for riding in the sun as they protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays by filtering the light. In this way, you get a clear view.

· Ventilation:

If you live in an area that stays sunny most of the year, you will need extra ventilation so that you don’t sweat too much. Also, the interior lining must be removable and washable for ensuring hygienic measures.

Many helmets have extra vents and a cooling system all around the helmet.

We all know how disturbing it is to feel the sweat rolling down your head and cheeks while riding in the sun. Sounds gross!

So, if you commute daily in the scorching heat, make sure to choose the helmet with the best ventilation system.

However, people living in cold areas hardly need any ventilation. The warm inside lining is enough to keep them cozy and comfortable while riding in the cold breeze.

· Certification and Helmet Laws (For USA):

The certification of the helmet is the first thing to consider. As safety is the priority in all helmets, several certifications can prove how safe the helmet is for riding.

Almost every helmet comes with DOT standards, which is a standard certification for motorcycle helmets. However, it provides the least performance requirements.

The Snell standard takes a step further and provides additional safety requirements. Although it is not required by law in the USA, people prefer it due to its strict performance tests. This certification makes electric scooters ideal for racing.

If your electric scooter comes with ASTM standards, it is a bonus. It also ensures the safety and makes the helmet eligible for exporting to other countries.

· Weight:

While the helmet’s weight might not concern first-time buyers, neglecting it can cause problems in the future. If your helmet is heavy, you won’t be able to ride with ease.

It is especially a problem for people who travel long distances daily. The weight of the helmet will cause your neck to ache, which will further cause a headache. If you don’t consider it initially, frequent pain in the neck will lead to other problems.

So, make sure to buy the lightest helmet packed with awesome features to make your ride safe and comfortable.

· Padding:

While the outer shell protects you from scratches, the inner padding keeps your head comfortable. The better padding your helmet has, the more force it will absorb, and the safer it will be for you.

Many helmets also come with a moisture-wicking inner liner that absorbs sweat in hot weather. It is also a nice feature. However, make sure the liner is removable and washable so that you can ensure hygienic measures.

· Fit:

What’s worse than your head looking like a mushroom while wearing a helmet outside?

To prevent this disaster, it is better to choose the helmet with the right fit. All helmets have a scooter helmet measuring size and charts that you can use to ensure the perfect fit.

The best part is, several helmets have a fit adjustment dial. If you regularly face sizing issues to your head shape, opt for such helmets.

How to Measure Your Head for Proper Helmet Sizing?
  • Wrap a flexible tape and measure around the largest portion of your head (usually about 1 inch above your eyebrows)
  • OR you can also wrap a string or ribbon around your head and mark where the end of the string connects. Then measure the string with a ruler.


  • Helmet should have little-to-no movement once on the head. However, it should be tight enough to cut of the blood circulation. Therefore, it should fit snugly.
  • For child, the helmet size should be measured every six months.
General Scooter Helmet Measuring and Size Charts
Helmet SizeHead Size (cm)Head Size (in)
Extra SmallLess than 21 cmLess than 20″
Small 51 cm – 55 cm20″ – 21.75″
Medium55 cm – 59 cm21.75″ – 23.25″
Large59 cm – 63 cm23.25″ – 24.75″
Extra LargeMore Than 63 cmMore Than 24.75″
One Size Fits All (Kids)46 cm – 57 cm18″ – 22.5″
One Size Fits All (Women)50 cm – 57 cm19.75″ – 22.5″
One Size Fits All (Men)54 cm – 61 cm21.25″

Are Scooter And Bike Helmets The Same?

As electric scooters do not have helmets with a specific identity, we often use bike helmets for electric scooters. They are the same in terms of protection.

The only difference is that bike helmets offer extra protection and have more durability to handle high speeds. Their shell is also robust to absorb impacts during accidents.

So, we can use bike helmets for added safety.

How to find the perfect electric scooter helmet?

You can find the perfect electric scooter helmet by determining your terrain and your area’s climate.

If you live in hot areas, it is better to choose a helmet with the best ventilation and a clear or tinted visor to protect your eyes from sun rays.

Similarly, people living in cold areas do not need any ventilation. They only need sufficient padding and an anti-fog visor.

If you frequently travel at night in high traffic, helmets with rear light or those with lights all over will be the best choice.

Are Carbon Fiber Helmets Better?

Although carbon fiber is slightly stronger than fiberglass, it becomes extremely durable and strong when combined with the right materials. Thus, carbon fiber helmets are widely appreciated due to their extra protection and strength, making them perfect for off-road riding.

Another advantage of carbon fiber helmets is their noise reduction property. When riding at high speeds, they efficiently lower the wind noise and provide a smooth ride.

What Type of Helmet is Right for Electric Scooters?

Electric scooter helmets come in three types:

  • Full-face helmet
  • Half-face helmet
  • Open-face helmet

You can choose any type, depending on your preference.

  • Full-face helmets offer extra protection by covering the whole face. They are ideal for people who ride at high speeds and go on adventures. However, they are heavy.
  • Half-face helmets are ideal for daily commuting and protecting your head from injuries. They are lightweight and highly functional for a smooth and safe ride.
  • Open-face helmets are the lightest ones. If you don’t travel frequently or cover shorter distances, it is a nice idea to have an open-face helmet.

Why do we need to wear a helmet when riding an Electric Scooter?

Not wearing a helmet while riding an electric scooter because they operate at low speeds is the worst thing you could do to yourself!

Electric scooters cause an almost equal amount of road accidents like other automobiles. When riding around traffic, you never know when an accident could happen. As you won’t have airbags or a car roof to protect you, a helmet will do the job.

So, it is always a better idea to protect your brain by wearing a helmet, no matter how short the distance.


Can I Use A Bike Helmet For A Scooter?

As electric scooters don’t have special helmets, people often use a bike helmet. They are durable and provide extra safety, which is why they prove to be the right choice for electric scooters too.

Can you use a bicycle helmet for an electric scooter?

Yes, you can use a bicycle helmet for electric scooters. However, as they aren’t as protective as bike helmets, it is better to use them only while riding at low speeds and smooth terrains.

Can you use a snowboard helmet for an electric scooter?

Yes, if your snowboard helmet meets all the safety certifications and is tested for performance, it is safe to use for an electric scooter.

Can you use a skateboard helmet for an electric scooter?

Yes, skateboard helmets are better to use for an electric scooter. However, make sure that it meets the safety standards. It is even better if it comes with CPSC bicycle certification.

Can you use a downhill helmet for an electric scooter?

Yes, downhill helmets meet the ASTM F1952 standard due to the higher risks of injuries. So, they are protected with robust materials, making them ideal for electric scooters as well.

Can you use a mountain bike helmet for an electric scooter?

Yes, but they aren’t a better alternative for a motorcycle helmet. Mountain bike helmets are just like bicycle helmets and don’t offer extra head protection in traffic.

Can you use a hockey helmet for an electric scooter?

No, hockey helmets do have any certifications that could be suitable for riding bicycles. Therefore, we do not recommend using hockey helmets for electric scooters.

Should I wear a full-face helmet for an electric scooter?

It depends on your activities. Full-face helmets provide extra protection for adventures and riding in traffic. If you live in cold areas, a full-face helmet is a better choice for safety.

How Often Should Motorcycle Helmets Be Replaced?

In general, motorcycle helmets should be replaced after every five years. If you use it more often and it faces impacts, its life will decrease.

What is the Safest Motorcycle Helmet?

The ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Full Face helmet is the safest motorcycle helmet due to its full-face protection. It meets the safety standards, and the dual visor provides a clear view. Its shell is robust, and the liner efficiently absorbs impact for a safe landing during accidents.

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