Difference Between An Electric Wheelchair And A Scooter?


In functionality, both a mobility scooter and an electric wheelchair seem alike. And both are supposed to transport people from one place to another.

However, there is a hell of differences between an electric scooter and an electric-powered wheelchair. So, which option will be best for you? An electric scooter? Or a wheelchair?

What is the difference between an electric wheelchair and a scooter?

To answer this question, we’ll try to compare both the products and give our final thought, which will be the best-suited product for you.

After reading the comparison, you would be at a decisive point in choosing one product for yourself. So, let’s start with the introduction of both the products. 

What is mobility Scooter?

A mobility scooter can be kept somewhere between a motorcycle and a wheelchair. An electric scooter may have 3 or 4 wheels. Like an electric wheelchair, a mobility scooter has a chair to sit on and drive.

On the other hand, an electric scooter has a handlebar (having grip throttle on it) similar to a motorcycle.

It can be an ideal ride for the people suffering from bone-issues and can’t walk and stand for the longer run. Moreover, the rider must have both the hands alright to drive the scooter safely.

In other words, we can say that old-age people can enjoy this ride the most.


  • Disassembling makes it portable
  • Scooters are faster than automatic wheelchairs
  • Mobility scooters come in Attractive design
  • Headlights, effective brake system, and suspensions are the features that make a scooter more desirable
  • Easy to drive. Even a kid can easily learn how to drive an electric scooter quickly.


  • Demands a bigger space to turn back.
  • Not suitable for paralyzed people. 

What is an Electric Wheelchair?

An Electric Wheelchair is a modified form of a manual wheelchair. In Electric Wheelchair, you need not exert force with your hands to move forward.

Instead of using force with hands, there is a joystick on an armrest of the wheelchair that makes your maneuverability easy.

An electric wheelchair has 4 or 6 wheels to give you a stable ride. It can be a perfect product for people who have limited mobility of legs and arms.

Advantages of Electric wheelchairs

  • Due to the foldable feature, it can be transported in a car quickly.
  • Smart turning radius is a plus, and it can be driven in tightly packed areas like shopping malls.
  • Quiet operating product indeed
  • Weight capacity is exemplary

Disadvantages of powered wheelchairs

  • The speed of the wheelchair isn’t too fast
  • You need to practice more to be a master in driving the wheelchair by a joystick
  • Various models are heavier
  • Wheelchairs are pricier than scooters
  • Not a good choice for traveling long.

Mobility Scooter vs. Electric-Powered Wheelchair

To compare both the products, we would like to discuss similarities and differences. By doing so, we will come to know which product is suitable for whom. Let’s start with the similarities.


First, we’ll describe the similarities between an electric scooter and an electric wheelchair. Both types of products contain the following features.


The first common factor is a battery. A charged battery drives both.

Generally, both the products have batteries underneath their chair.

You need to charge the battery before going anywhere. Furthermore, the battery runtime of both rides is the same that is 10 to 15miles.

Electric Power Motor

Like batteries, mobility scooters and electric wheelchair have been driven with the help of an electric power motor.

Typically, to enhance the performance of mobility scooters, a brushless motor has been used in it.

However, in several models of wheelchairs, the brushless motor has been used nowadays.

Thanks to electric powered motor and batteries, both electric wheelchair and electric scooter share the same environmental advantages.


Although the total number of wheels isn’t the same in an electric scooter and an electric wheelchair, yet both have pneumatic or non-pneumatic wheels.

In several models of mobility scooters, pneumatic wheels are used to give a comfortable ride. However, non-pneumatic wheels have been used in a wheelchair that are more prone to get jumps.

Weight Capacity

Weight Capacity varies from one model of each product to another model. Nevertheless, mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs are designed for heavy adults.

Generally, it’s observed that an electric wheelchair’s weight capacity is more than a mobility scooter.

The maximum weight capacity of an electric wheelchair can be 500-700 pounds.

At the same time, the maximum weight capacity of a mobility scooter is 400-500 pounds.


After analyzing all the aspects of similarities, let’s move towards differences between an electric scooter and electric wheelchair.

The way of driving

The main difference lies in the way of driving. To drive an electric wheelchair, you need only to move your fingers, and with the help of a joystick, you can drive a wheelchair.

On the other hand, you will have to lean on the handlebars of an electirc scooter to drive. Furthermore, you would have to control the speed of a mobility scooter with the help of a throttle.


Usually, various models of electric wheelchairs are foldable. So, the foldable feature of an electric wheelchair can make it transportable.

Not withstanding, there is a problem with a foldable electric wheelchair. An electric wheelchair is heavyweight and can be lifted easily after folded it up.

On the flip side, a mobility scooter can’t be folded. However, a mobility scooter can be disassembled quickly. A mobility scooter can be disassembled into 5 to 6 pieces that could be easily transported from one place to another. 


As we know that there is a sitting chair on electric scooter and wheelchair. The sitting chair of an electric wheelchair is more comfortable and roomier than the scooter’s chair.

In contrast, the electric scooter has various other features to provide comfortable rides to its riders. For example, different electric scooters use pneumatic wheels that’s is a plus for comfortable ride.

Moreover, there are shock-absorbing springs on the wheels of a scooter that mitigate the effect of jumps.

Turning Radius

To take a turn, mobility scooter demands more space. It means, turning radius of a mobility scooter is higher.

On the contrary, an electric wheelchair can be turned back from a tightly packed area. So, it could be a big plus of it.


In fact, speed is another decisive factor. If you need to move fast, then a mobility scooter might be a perfect option. A mobility scooter can move with a speed of 10mph to 15 mph.

An electric wheelchair can move much slower than a mobility scooter, moreover, to drive on different and difficult terrains, a mobility scooter is recommended. 

Indoor Outdoor

There is a lot of difference between the usages of both types of products. Electric wheelchairs tend to use indoor activities, and these chairs can’t be driven on steep and rough terrains. However, various models of wheelchairs can be run outdoor as well.

On the other side, mobility scooters are used outdoor. You can use electric scooters for going to market, office, or school. So, there is a huge difference lies in the usage of both products.


Both the products are poles apart in design. A mobility scooter is versatile in its design. It allows you to glide you around with a unique style.

However, an electric wheelchair comes with the same design and doesn’t consider a style statement.


The price creates an actual difference between both products. An electric wheelchair is much more expensive than a mobility scooter. In general, the price of a wheelchair starts at $1500, and it may go up to $3000.

On the other hand, the price of a mobility scooter starts from $500.

Other Features

A mobility scooter is equipped with plenty of features like basket, headlights, effective brake system. In comparison, these features are absent in electric wheelchairs.

On the front side of the scooter, there’s a basket for extra storage of the luggage. Moreover, for safe riding in nights, headlights and red brake indication lights are there in a scooter.

Electric Wheelchair vs Mobility Scooter – Which one is better?

Having read all the features, pros, and cons of scooter and wheelchair, it’s easy to decide which one is better for you.

It is a subjective matter to choose an option for easy transportation. Electric wheelchairs are considered suitable for those who are unable to walk and can’t move their arms as well. In other words, paralyzed persons can use electric wheelchairs.

On the other hand, old age people, who can’t walk long and feel tired can buy mobility scooters. An electric scooter is a faster and safer option.

Moreover, a mobility scooter can be the best choice to commute in the streets of a city.


We’ve tried to explain every bit of electric scooters and wheelchairs. Now it’s up to you whether you go for a wheelchair or a scooter.

Having analyzed your physical health, make your decision wisely. Aside from physical health, price and portability can be the other factors to consider before buying. So, think deeply and purchase carefully.

Thank you. Stay blessed.

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