How To Fix A Flat Tire On An Electric Scooter?

The most prevalent and frustrating issue that electric scooter users face is punctured tires. It may be a real pain to get rid of them.

Fortunately for you, with some precautions, flat tires may be almost eliminated.

One of the simplest methods to avoid flat tires on your electric scooter is to use slime which is also known as tire sealant along with which electric scooter slime may also be used.

Continue reading to learn the easy and inexpensive methods to keep the electric scooter from flattening and how to fix the tire when it does get flat.

How common are flats in an electric scooter?

On electric scooters that have air-filled tires, punctured tires are still rather prevalent.

They are among the most common scooter defects.

This is particularly more prevalent in the case of inner-tube tires.

On average, a popular scooter will have one puncture every six months.

The risks of a flat are higher if your scooter comprises inner-tube tires. Tubeless tires are less common.

Flats are less prevalent on scooters with larger, patterned tires or scooters built for off-road use.

These versions are designed to withstand greater stress on tough surfaces, which will prevent you from getting a flat due to a sharp object on the road.

Models with solid tires don’t get flats.

Solid tire scooters, on the other hand, come with a lot of drawbacks and aren’t always the best option.

How to identify what caused damage to the tire?

To figure out how your tire went flat, you simply need to see the size of the hole in your tire or if a piece of the stuff that caused damage is still stuck in your tire.

If the tire went flat due to a nail or a glass, chances are you will still find it there on your tire.

Sometimes improper tire pressure can also cause damage to your tire so be careful when you get it filled with air.

If you install an inner tube yourself or do not get it done by a professional, you might do it wrong.

This installation of the inner tube in the wrong manner, that is not filling it entirely with air can cause a flat tire as well.

Learn how to install the inner tube properly or get it done by a professional so that you don’t end up damaging your tire.

If you don’t take care of your tire, it can also cause damage to your tire for example if you ride it on a rugged landscape where you know well that sharp objects on the surface can cause harm to the tire.

Can you fix flats on a scooter tire?

Yes, you can easily fix flats on and repair the scooter tires using several methods including the use of slime or tire sealant, applying patches on tube, or replacing the tube completely.

Read on to understand how you can do it without hassle.

How to fix a flat tire on your electric scooter?

Whether or not you’ve had a puncture, it’s important to know how to replace the inner tube ahead of time.

If you then run into issues later, you won’t be as perplexed.

You may even do it yourself if you like the concept of switching from city to off-road tires.

Replacing the inner tube is not difficult.

There are several ways to fix a flat tire.

The basic method is as follows:

  1. First, remove the last of the air from the tire
  2. Then the tire is being removed off the rim.
  3. If the damage to the tire is repairable, you have two options: repair it or replace it.
  4. Next, remount the tire on the rim.
  5. Lastly, the tire is being inflated.

For some models, however, this procedure might be quite difficult.

When you remove a tire, you may also have to take out many other pieces from the wheel.

Sometimes mounting or removing the tire is difficult or necessitates the use of tools you might not have.

Next comes the method of repairing or replacing the punctured tire which is the process for inner-tube tires.

For this process you will need a few pieces of equipment namely:

  1. Allen key (Check Price on Amazon)
  2. Wrench (Check Price on Amazon)
  3. Tire levers (Check Price on Amazon)
  4. Water and dish-washing soap
  5. Bike Tire Repair-kit with glue (If you are planning to fix the old tube, instead of buying new one) (Check Price on Amazon)
  6. New Tire and Tube (Refer to your eScooter’s user manual for correct size) (Check Price on Amazon)
  7. Tire inflator (mini-pump) (Check Price on Amazon)

Note: Keep anything you take out at a secure location. This saves you from losing any important pieces like a screw. Moreover, you can also take pictures or record a video while you unscrew the tire. This will help you put everything back in place the way it was before. Besides, you must remember the right direction of the tire on the wheel. You need to put it back in the same direction after fixing it.

How to fix flat tire by replacing it with new one?

Once you have all of the equipment as mentioned above, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by releasing any air in the tire that may have remained. To deflate the valve, unscrew it and push it using the Allen key.
  2. Next, you’ll have to remove the wheels’ plastic covers on several versions to proceed. For this, you’ll need the right Allen wrench key, which should have come alongside the scooter when you initially got it.
  3. Afterward, loosen the bolts on both sides of the tire to easily remove the tire. For this, you’ll need a wrench.
  4. Take off the fork’s wheel. (Take care not to damage any of the components!)
  5. Remove half of the tire off the rim with tire levers. Don’t completely remove it; instead, let 1⁄2 of the rim “protrude” through the tire in overlapping circles. To help ease the removal procedure, take a water solution plus a dish washing soap and use it.
  6. Here’s when it gets tough! You’ll have to reach in between the tire and the wheel using your fingertips to discover the inner tube. Take it out.
  7. Then proceed to take off the tire from the wheel completely.
  8. You now have the option of replacing or repairing the tube. This will be determined by how extensively it was damaged. If the perforations are too large, a new tube should be used. (for now we will stick to replacing the tube. Tube repair is discussed ahead!)
  9. In case of Rear Wheel: Due to the transmission, removing the rear wheel is indeed somewhat more complicated than removing the front wheel. Separate the brake rod, avoiding damage to the springs while the engine is installed on its center stand. Next, you need to detach the pin from the wheel axle and use a flat wrench to loosen the castle nut.
  10. Clean both the interior of the tires and the wheel when you have the tube (Whether it is mended or new!). Any debris in your tire will quickly puncture it again.
  11. You must now replace the tire on the wheel. Check that the tire direction is the same as it was when you began. You can check the arrows on the tire for it.
  12. The tube should then be fitted in between the tire and the wheel. Begin with the valve, a minor but beneficial trick.
  13. To put the tire back around the wheel, use the tire levers once again.
  14. Using the inflator, you should now inflate the tire. Be sure that it isn’t leaking air. 
  15. If a gauge is a part of your inflator, you should check the scooter’s manual to ensure that you inflate the tires to their recommended pressure.
  16. If there is no gauge, put the pieces carefully into their place. You should ensure that everything is fixed tightly. Although, check if it’s not extra tight that the wheel can’t spin freely.  

You can also watch watch this video to replace the old tube and tire with the new one:

How to Repair Punctured Tire Tube On Electric Scooter?

If you don’t want to spend money on a new tire and tube and fix the old one, here is what you need to do:

  1. Examine the tire to see the punctured spot. Remove any sharp object or debris (if it is still there!).
  2. Remove covers surrounding the wheel and unscrew the bolts on both sides using Allen Key.
  3. Unscrew the axis bolts using the Allen key and remove the wheel.
  4. Deflate the tire by pressing the valve pin using a screwdriver or Allen key.
  5. Use a bike repair kit or 2 pieces of a spoon to disassemble the tire from its rim. (no need to completely separate the tire from the rim).
  6. Dig your fingers inside the tire and take out the tube.
  7. Pump a little air into the tube using a tire inflator (mini-pump).
  8. Dip the tube into the bucket full of water to trace the holes quickly. You can also mark the holes with chalk.
  9. Once the hole(s) are traced, dry the tube and blow off the air.
  10. Sand and de-grease the area around the hole using a metal rasp, including in the bike tire repair kit
  11. Apply a thin layer of rubber glue (including in the repair kit) on and around the hole. Wait for recommended time (usually 3 minutes) for the glue to dry.
  12. Apply the patch (included in the repair kit) to the hole, squeeze and press it as much as possible.
  13. Once the patch is properly glued with the tube, place the tube inside the tire. (insert the tube’s nipple first inside the rim to make your work easy!).
  14. After the tube is completely inside, assemble the tire using levers.
  15. Add air to the tire using an air inflator.
  16. Now screw back the wheel to the electric scooter the way you have unscrewed it. (Remember not to miss any bolts, and screw them properly!)

You can also watch the following video for better understanding:

How to fix a flat tire on a razor electric scooter E100?

How to fix flats on an electric elderly scooter?

An elderly electric scooter tire fixation is no different from a regular tire fixation.

For this too you simply need to follow the above-mentioned steps and you will be safe to go.

You can also watch this video:

How to temporarily fix a tire?

To temporarily fix your tire, you can use slime.

You need to deflate your tire first to apply slime.

To deflate you first need to get rid of the valve stem.

There will be directions on the pack as to how much slime you need to use for your type of tire damage.

Finally, you need to fix your valve and then inflate your tire.

Don’t forget to spin the tire afterward as it will help distribute the slime all over the tire equally.

You can also watch the following video on how to fix flat tire quickly using Dr. Orange Tire Sealant (Slime):

What are tire repair kits?

A tire repair kit, as its name suggests, has the purpose of helping you repair a tire once it goes flat.

Numerous such kits are being sold in the market, you simply need to figure out which one will do the trick for your scooter’s tire type. Usually for electric scooters, it’s recommended to buy “bike tire repair kit” or “bicycle tire repair kit“, as car tire repair kit is too much for this purpose.

Tagvo, Maifede, Exppsaf, RocRide and Dawy are among many such companies that produce these tire repair kits.

What is the best way to prevent flat tires?

Use Airless Tires

To avoid flat tires on your electric scooter, solid tires are an alternative.

Solid tires do not depend on the pressure of air for structural stability and include a solid filling.

Punctures have no effect on them.

You may either purchase an electric scooter with solid tires already mounted or solid tire replacements.

Because you give up a lot of performance, this one is our least favored option.

However, solid tires have poor ride quality and traction, high rolling resistance compared to pneumatic tires. Besides, they are also hard to replace.

Honeycomb Tires, an upgraded variant of these solid, airless tires, have also been developed by tire producers.

The ring of the tire has numerous air-through holes just like a honeycomb has that can carry more weight and allow superior shock absorption, yet the tire weight is less than standard solid tires.

It’s understandable that it costs more than other tires.

How to replace pneumatic tire with solid tire of an electric scooter?

So, if you have decided to change your pneumatic tire to solid tire, here is how you do it!

Use Tire Liners

Made of a rubber layer that goes in between the tire and the inner tube plus a flexible, thick plastic and rubber layer the tire liners work only for inner tube tires, unlike tire sealants.

Since many electric scooters with pneumatic tires contain inner tubes, this isn’t a significant drawback.

Tubeless pneumatic tires are currently only available on extremely high-end electric scooters.

They are reasonably priced and may entirely eradicate flats.

Because installing tire liners requires removing the tire and inner tube, it’s better to do that after you get a flat tire for the first time or if you want to change the tires anyway.

How to install anti-puncture tire liners to your electric scooter?

Use Tire Sealant

A special blend of glue, fibers, and other fillers makes up the tire sealant.

Also known as Tire Slime.

Through the valve, a tiny quantity of tire sealant is added to the tire.

The tire sealant coats the interior of the tire during regular operation.

When the tire is punctured, the sealant is forced through the tiny opening by escaping air.

The sealant dries, closing the opening and avoiding a flat on your electric scooter.

Tire sealant works on punctures that are 1/4 inch or less for example glass.

The narrower the damage, the better the chances of it sealing well and soon.

Punctures or tire failures that induce a rupture will not be prevented or fixed using tire sealant.

How to Fix Electric Scooter Flats with Slime?

Although we have discussed this method earlier in this post, here it is in detail.

It’s super simple to do. Here’s how:

  1. Remove the tire from the scooter. You’ll need a wrench to do this.
  2. Clean the tire of any debris. This is important for getting the Slime inside the tire evenly distributed so it can patch your hole.
  3. Take the bottle or tube of Slime and shake it up.
  4. Using the valve core tool (it comes with the Slime), remove the valve core from the tube.
  5. Allow the tire to deflate completely.
  6. Squeeze the tube of Slime into the tire until you’ve filled it completely (It is usually add 4 oz (118 mL) of slime per tire), then re-insert the valve core.
  7. Fill the tire with Air.
  8. Spin the tire to evenly distribute the slime/sealant.
  9. Check for air leaks by watching for bubbles near the valve stem and around the tire bead. If there are no bubbles, you’re done! If there are, repeat steps 2–4 until you have a properly sealed tire.
  10. Put the tire back onto your scooter and tighten it with a wrench.

Keep the Tire at the Right Pressure

Maintaining correct tire pressure is the simplest approach to avoid flats.

Punctured tires are more likely to be under-inflated.

Because it is essentially free and needs minimal work, this is our preferred preventative approach.

All you’ll need is a bicycle pump to get started.

We suggest picking such a one that has a built-in gauge since it will cause making the tire be at the correct pressure much easier.

This table will help you deduce the ideal PSI for your tire according to rider’s weight:

Rider’s WeightFront Tire’s PSIRear Tire’s PSI
110 to 154 lbs. (50 to 70 kgs.)35 to 40 PSI40 to 50 PSI
155 to 198 lbs. (70 to 90 kgs.)40 to 45 PSI45 to 55 PSI
over 198 lbs. (over 90 kgs.)45 to 50 PSI50 to 60 PSI

Clean the Tire Regularly

Taking care of your scooter is important to prevent it from getting damaged.

You should inspect and clean its tires regularly so if there are any sharp particles on the surface they may come off rather than piercing the tires when the tire rolls.

Replace Old Tires

In general, you should replace your tire if even one of the signs explains below shows on it.

Initially, if the tread on the tire becomes plain, just under 1mm, or the worn region on the tire’s side becomes more widespread, the tire surface has been overly eroded, and the friction will be diminished.

The tire is in need of replacement at this time.

Secondly, any fractures on the tire’s surface impair its anti-puncture capabilities, making it simple to get punctured while riding.

Third, if you notice a fracture in the tire and can observe the inner tube through it, you should replace it right away.

Other precautions you can take:

  • Ride the electric scooter carefully, and avoid riding it on rough or rocky surfaces or surfaces with sharp pieces of debris like glass, nails, wood, etc., that can damage your tire.
  • Prevent your tires from sudden jerking or impact. This usually happens when you try to get onto a slightly elevated surface like a speed breaker or sidewalk from the road while riding or by driving fast on a rough or bumpy surface.
  • When you ride the electric scooter, keep your knees bent if you go over a bump, and don’t try to jump even if the sidewalk is super low.
  • Use heavy-duty tires and inner tubes for your ride, especially if you live in a city with lots of debris.
  • Only hire a well-experienced mechanic for electric scooter repairs. Improper installation of the tire can also cause damage or a puncture.

How long does an electric scooter tire last?

Tire life on an electric scooter can vary depending on the model you choose, how often you ride, and how you maintain your tires.

But in general, a good quality tire can last anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 miles.

If you ride your electric scooter every day and put a lot of miles on it, your tires might not last as long.

On the other hand, if you only take it out once in a while and don’t ride too far or too fast, or if it’s been sitting for a long period of time with low air pressure in its tires, your tires will probably last longer.

You can also extend the life of your electric scooter’s tires by checking their air pressure regularly and pumping up the tires when they get low.

That will make sure that the tire material isn’t being unnecessarily stretched out or overused.


Even though your scooter now lacks a sturdy tire, you may change it as needed.

In any case, we must concentrate on tire care on a daily basis.

Our main objective is to extend the life of tires as much as possible while avoiding flat tires.

Save time, money, and energy by scooting safely.

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