How to Protect Electric Scooters from Theft?

How to Protect Electric Scooters from Theft?

The increased popularity of electric scooters has made them an attractive target for thieves. They can be sold reasonably or used by the thief himself.

An unprotected electric scooter parked around with no one keeping a watch on it is a dream come true for any thief. Approximately one out of every ten e-scooter owners has their scooter stolen simply because of their negligence.

But the main question arises, Are Electric scooters easy to steal?

Just like when bicycles were first manufactured in the 1900s, to the horror of bicycle owners, they were regularly stolen. That is when bicycle locks came into being for their protection, but even today, time and again, there are reports of stolen bicycles.

Just like this, electric scooters are easy to steal since most of them are lightweight and can be picked up by a thief without effort.

You leave your electric scooter outside a store, and Poof!… It’s gone within minutes.

Sometimes, it’s not the entire electric scooter that is stolen; a resourceful thief might even steal parts of it like wheels or tires, etc. 

So, how do you protect electric scooters from theft?

Proper precautions and safety measures are the only way you can keep your electric scooter protected from theft. Keeping your electric scooter within your sight and investing in good quality locks, alarm systems, and GPS devices are a few ideal ways you can use to keep your electric scooter safe.

Removing your electric scooter’s battery and parking it under CCTV surveillance are also schemes to protect it.

Any measure to prevent your electric scooter from getting stolen should be good enough to scare the thief away.

Most of these safety measures will either take so long for the thief to steal that passersby will notice him, or the ones like alarms and CCTV will alert people that the thief is trying to steal, which will, in turn, cause him to run away or get caught.

This article aims to wary you of in-depth details on how you can prevent your electric scooter from being stolen and safeguard it.

So, let’s dive into it to focus on some precautions and the best plus effective ways to protect your electric scooter from theft.

Note: Just like safety locks save your electric scooter, safety helmets save you!

How To Protect Electric Scooters From Theft?

1) Always Lock Your Electric Scooter

The first and foremost rule of thumb is to lock your e-scooter, whether in a hurry or not. Also, ensure the lock you choose can withstand bolt cutters and hacksaws.

U-lock is an ideal option to secure your e-scooter with any permanent fixtures around your scooter. A bike rack or an object of similar nature can be used. A thief will be less likely to attempt to steal your e-scooter if it’s more difficult for them to do so.

Additionally, e-scooters should only be secured in safe areas where they are permitted. It would be inappropriate to lock your e-scooter in a parking lot that prohibits bicycles or e-scooters. Also, you should never leave an electric scooter unattended in public areas such as malls or restaurants.

Moreover, you should check local laws to find out where your e-scooter can be locked.

What Is The Ideal Lock To Put On An Electric Scooter?

Choosing the perfect lock for your electric scooter is crucial since you will invest in it.

Depending on where you mostly park your electric scooter or the weight of your electric scooter, you need to choose a suitable one and then use it consistently.

First, let’s understand the different types of locks to make an informed decision.

a) D-Locks

These locks are more commonly known as U-locks. Their popularity shows that this design is one of the most effective locking systems for bicycles or electric scooters to date!

D-locks are fastened between the scooter and a sturdy foundation, such as a light post or barrier. They generally function as hardened steel shackles.

The only major drawback to employing these locks is that they are less portable than cable locks. They have an inflexible construction and have lower mobility.

D-locks are a great choice because of their general strength and simplicity of operation. It wouldn’t be easy for a thief to unlock it unless they own some powerful tools. Even with the tools, it would be time-consuming and noisy, making theft difficult.

b) Cable Locks

Cable locks, which were first manufactured for bicycles, are still the least expensive alternative, despite being readily evaded. A cable lock may be used to secure anything that will fit within it. The lock is also very handy and compact.

Cable locks can be installed around electric scooters and anchor points to prevent theft or unauthorized use. These locks have a key option, number combination, or both.

This type of lock is typically used for items that cannot be secured with a padlock which is why bicycles were the first vehicles it was used on.

On the contrary, they are not all that robust, acting more as a deterrent to theft than a true defense, making this their downside.

We strongly advise utilizing cable locks in conjunction with a more powerful locking mechanism, for example, with a D-lock, due to how simple it is to damage a cable lock alone.

c) Folding Locks

These locks are interlocking stainless steel plates that can be shaped differently depending on the type of locking situation required.

These types of locks can be folded into a small package that is lightweight and portable. If you want to lock your electric scooter with a solid point, it’s the best lock.

d) Disc Brake Locks

Disc locks are portable security devices usually used on motorcycles and electric scooters. These locks use holes in motorcycle and scooter brake discs.

Their locking mechanism uses a metal pin that passes through the disc brake hole and is connected to the other side of the lock. These locks are ideal if your electric scooters have disc brakes.

e) Ring Locks

Any electric scooter featuring open spoke wheels is still best suited for a ring lock.

It works to lock the wheel into place with the help of a hardened steel ring and a cable extending down the center wrap around the rim, stopping any rotation or movement.

Disc brake locks, mentioned above, which are designed to swiftly disable the majority of scooters, also employ these sorts.

f) Chain Locks

Made of solid steel, the chain locks cannot be cut using wire cutters. Only a professional thief with bolt cutters could get past these locks.

Bolt cutters take forever to cut and draw much attention due to the noise. Hence, it would be impossible for thieves to secretly cut the lock and steal your electric scooter away.

Several of its varieties successfully balance cost and security, making it a safe choice for the protection of your electric scooter.

g) Steering Locks

To prevent theft, steering locks are used in various vehicles. To make thefts as difficult as possible, either mechanical keys are used, or the vehicle’s control unit can be used to lock the vehicle electronically.

This kind of device may be useful if you want to keep your scooter from being stolen because it will be nearly impossible for a thief to push the scooter down the street without your attention.

Most electric scooters on the market do not include this system. You might need to do quite a bit of research to find an electric scooter that is within your budget and comes with this steering lock system.

However, this type of lock does not guarantee safety from theft because some electric scooters are not heavy and can be lifted. This lock is beneficial for electric scooters that are not lightweight or easily liftable.

Even if this lock doesn’t guarantee safety, there are still chances of someone noticing a person carrying an electric scooter around because a normal person would simply drive it around or push it.

Decision: Now, coming to the part where you decide what locks are ideal for you to put on your electric scooter, a steering lock is a definite must-have for any type of electric scooter. For the outer locks, a cable lock and a D-lock would be a secure choice since together, they bond strong enough to shoo the thief away.

Choose The Right Part To Lock Up Your Electric Scooter!

Now that you have decided on the type of lock you want for your electric scooter, choosing the right part to put the lock on is also necessary.

The part of your electric scooter that you choose should be the one where it wouldn’t be easy for the thief to easily break the lock. For example, if you lock the electric scooter in the disc area, the thief will easily be able to unlock it simply by removing the wheel.

Locking the electric scooter at the handle or around both wheels is an effective way, but the best of all is folding the electric scooter and then putting a lock around it.

This would make it almost impossible for the thief to open the electric scooter. Even if he manages to break the lock, it would still take him a long time to open the folding scooter and then move it around and pick, and run. Thieves usually don’t have that amount of time on their hands.

If your electric scooter has a keylock ignition, that is also one of the finest methods to lock because a thief won’t be able to start the electric scooter without the keys. Even if he steals the electric scooter, it will do no good to him since he won’t be able to use the electric scooter.

Most electric scooter models have a keylock ignition, but you don’t need to worry even if yours doesn’t. Keylock ignition installation kits are available in the market. Install keylock ignition easily in your electric scooter, cheaply and effectively.

2) Look At The CCTV Surveillance While Parking Your Electric Scooter

Keeping your electric scooter within the range of video surveillance cameras can help you prevent the theft of your electric scooter. Most wanna-be thieves do not steal from the place where the camera is installed because they fear getting caught.

Even if your electric scooter gets stolen despite the camera being installed, the face of the thief would be recognized, and there are increased chances of getting your electric scooter restored.

To be on the safe side, you may even put your name and contact information on a decal and place it on your electric scooter so they will directly contact you if someone notices a tamper in your electric scooter.

Locking your electric scooter is still a must, even if your electric scooter is parked under CCTV surveillance. You never know how smart the thieves can get. 

3) Locate A Public Place To Lock Up Your Electric Scooter

It is a good and wise decision to lock your scooter in a place where it’s easy to see and reach, like a bicycle or motorbike rack near an entrance.

If the scooter is parked in a crowded area like a shopping center or busy area, thieves are less likely to risk trying to steal the scooter and being caught by a security camera.

Make sure you don’t lock your scooter in areas where you cannot see it, such as dark streets or between parked cars in a parking lot, where thieves could use their time and tools to break the lock.

Whenever you lock the electric scooter, make sure your scooter is protected from the elements. Do not expose your scooter to direct sunlight or water. Your scooter is more likely to get damaged or stolen if left outside for a long time.

It is not a good idea to choose a location near any pedestrians. Also, in shared areas, such as bike racks, lock your scooter in a way so that others can also use the left and right racks easily. Don’t occupy unnecessary space.

4) Don’t Leave Your Electric Scooter Outside, If Possible

It is common sense to park your electric scooter indoors, in a locked up place such as a shed or garage if you live in a high-theft area.

Even in a low-theft area, parking the electric scooters safely indoors would be a better choice than outdoors.

It will not only protect the electric scooter from possible theft, tampering, or damage but will also protect it from harm that may be caused by weather, for example, rain (since electric scooters are never 100% water resistant).

If you don’t own a garage or a shed, don’t worry because electric scooters are compact and can be folded, so you can easily store them within your house.

You just need to store it within a safe indoor space. It doesn’t matter where that is. Having no proper storage space is not what you need to worry about.

Even if you live in an apartment building or condo, you can easily keep your electric scooter inside the storeroom or your room.

Some apartment complexes provide particular storage areas for electric scooters or bikes.

These might seem like a good option, but it is best not to rely on them since they might be full or unprotected.

When you are on the go and need to park at a destination other than your house, choose a location that isn’t exactly remote, is guarded by a person or a CCTV, or is within your sight.

The best option is to park your electric scooter where you can keep an eye on it. This way, not only will your mind be at peace, but it is most certainly the ideal way to protect your electric scooter from any sort of harm or getting stolen.

5) Keep An Eye On Your Electric Scooter

Keep An Eye On Your Electric Scooter

As we mentioned above, keeping your electric scooter within your sight is the most reliable way of keeping it safe.

Consider its position when you park your electric scooter in a public area. It should be parked at a spot where the thief won’t easily approach it or can cut the locks and steal it away right under your nose.

Be mindful always, and don’t leave your electric scooter unguarded for long duration.

Thieves are smart and notice if the owner is carefree or aware of his electric scooter. They search for easy targets, and if you are conscious, your electric scooter won’t be an easy target for them.

The safest place to park your electric scooter is where the rest of the electric scooters are parked. This decreases the chances of your electric scooter specifically getting stolen. Plus, likely, any one or two of the owners of other electric scooters would be keeping an eye on that parking space.

When parking in an area where you know your electric scooter is openly vulnerable, ask someone who might be sitting nearby to keep an eye on it for you. Don’t be afraid of asking tiny favors. People usually find happiness in the feeling of being trusted with such a task.

6) Remove Batteries and Other Parts

This might not be the best way to deter theft, but removing components (like battery, if removable) of the electric scooter can surely help protect it.

When a thief tries to start the electric scooter, due to no battery being present, it won’t start. This might make the thief leave your electric scooter alone since he won’t be able to drive it, or he might think that it is a defective piece.

If the thief figures out that the battery is not present, there would be more chances of him not stealing your electric scooter because then he will have to buy a battery for it which would be expensive.

You cannot, however, fully rely on this method because some thieves steal to sell it away at low rates, and they won’t even need the battery or other components for that.

If the electric scooter doesn’t start and is lightweight, the thief can also very easily pick it up and take it away. It all depends on your luck!

7) Invest in GPS Tracking Devices

Despite following all the theft prevention tips we have discussed thus far, the likelihood of a thief succeeding still exists. A GPS device can significantly assist you in all situations, even after a thief steals your e-scooter.

Remember that the GPS should be stealthily attached to your electric scooter to avoid attracting attention.

Rather than attempting to track down the thief yourself, it may be more prudent to share your tracking data with the police so they may pursue the thief on your behalf.

Your investment in GPS will be more than repaid if a thief is caught and your e-scooter is recovered.

8) Invest in an Alarm

Electric scooters should be equipped with alarms to prevent theft. It would be better to add an alarm to your lock if your lock wasn’t equipped with an alert system.

The alarm will sound if the electric scooter has not been locked, if someone has touched the scooter, or if the scooter has been moved.

An alarm is not intended to notify only the owner but any person in close proximity to the thief. Therefore, it may catch a thief off guard and cause him to run away to avoid being caught. This alarm system would easily shoo off thieves that go for a quiet steal-and-getaway.

It is still somehow possible for a thief to get around the alarm by somehow shutting it off if the thief is a pro.

Still, then again, in most cases, specifically if you live in a heavily inhabited locality, it would be almost impossible for the thief to steal your electric scooter without making noise and be able to run away.

9) Get Insurance


Electric scooters aren’t a cheap investment. Some of them cost almost as much as a car.

This makes their safety your foremost priority. But even if after full protection it gets stolen, what then? For this reason, you need insurance.

This will cover your expenses if your electric scooter disappears into thin air. This way, you won’t be as much at a loss as you would without insurance.


Trying out different safety methods for your electric scooter is a precautionary measure but remember that no method is fully guaranteed to protect your electric scooter from theft.

Smart, professional thieves exist who can pave their way through all the safety measures and easily get to steal the electric scooter.

The best way to keep your scooter 100% safe is to take it with you wherever you go. This may seem annoying, but it is the best way to protect it.

Installing an alarm and a GPS is second in line as barriers to theft, along with good quality lock selection.

Parking your electric scooter in a rushy area under the eyes of many is the last kind of shield you can use, but it is the least effective one.

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