Razor E175 vs E200: Which Electric Scooter to Buy?

Razor e175 vs e200

Since its establishment in the year 2000, Razor has positioned itself as a cutting-edge car company that has revolutionized the way people commute.

Razor’s realm of potential shall make commuting more appealing and exciting for people of all age groups.

Razor E175 versus E200 electric scooter seem to be the two classics that confuse the buyers before buying out of a variety of models.

As a result, if you’re having trouble deciding between the Razor E175 and the Razor E200 electric scooter, we’re here to help you out.

The Razor e-scooter types appear to be identical, and a newbie will have trouble distinguishing which is the superior type.

Nevertheless, by researching both, we are able to provide you with accurate counsel which will assist you in choosing the best option for your needs.

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Razor E200 vs E175 Electric Scooter: Specification Comparison Table

Razor E175 vs E200 Electric Scooter: Quick Feature Comparison

  • Powerful Motor: Powered by a 100-watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor that delivers electrifying fun at speeds up to 10 mph (16 km/h) for kids ages 8 and up
  • Long Range Battery: Rechargeable 24V (two 12V) sealed-lead-acid battery system provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use while also building comfort, confidence, and control. Takes 4-6 hours to fully charge
  • Extra Features: Additional features include soft rubber grips with twist acceleration control for easy acceleration, hand-operated caliper front brake, foldable handlebars, and retractable kickstand
  • Durable & Long-Lasting: An all-steel frame and fork provide for a solid ride that stands up to rugged use and time with a max rider weight of 120 lbs. (54 kg)
  • Safety & Comfort: The Razor E175 has a kid-sized deck and frame making it the perfect introduction to electric-powered fun. With 8” (200 mm), pneumatic front tire helps soften out rough surfaces for a smooth ride
  • Product Note: Max speed and range per charge vary based on several factors, including: rider weight, riding surface, incline, ambient temperature, battery level, riding style (stop/start vs cruising), etc.
  • With its full-size deck and frame, the E200 electric scooter is designed for ages 13 and up.Folding Mechanism: No. Retractable kickstand
  • Powered by a 200-watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor that delivers electrifying fun at speeds up to 12 mph (19 km/h)
  • Rechargeable 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid battery system provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Features an all-steel frame and fork for a solid ride that stands up to rugged use

Razor E200 vs E175 Electric Scooter: Detailed Feature Comparison


You’ve most likely know the phrase “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.”

It is actually completely accurate when it comes to the design of the electric scooter.

Any electric scooter enthusiast would have their own ideas on what constitutes a decent design.

Even though the Razor E175 and E200 are designed almost similarly, some of their features clearly tell them apart.

The first thing is the height of Razor E175 which is clearly shorter than E200.

Second is the obvious brake wires on the front wheel of E175.

These brake wires somehow diminish the elegance of the electric scooter.

Winner: Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Weight Capacity

Varying electric scooters are designed to carry different maximum loads.

There is a clear-cut difference in the weight carrying capacity of Razor E175 and E200.

Since Razor E175 is built for children and E200 is designed for adults, the difference in weight limit was mandatory.

Razor E175 can carry a maximum weight of about 120 lbs whereas E200 can carry a weight of about 154 lbs.

Both these weight limits are not up to the mark as a heavier person will not be able to ride these electric scooters.

A tall and bulky person easily weighs more than 154 lbs.

As a result, the customer range is reduced, resulting in mainly slim individuals purchasing these electric scooter models.

Winner: Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Battery Life Per Charge

For a given engine size, increased energy capacity implies more battery watt-hours, which equates to a greater electric scooter range.

Both Razor E175 and E200 have a battery of 24 V.

The battery life of both these models is up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

The battery life however depends a lot on the way it is taken care of.

Because the battery doesn’t just charge your e-scooter but influences its range as well as its speed, it is necessary to maintain it.

Although, they both last for 40 minutes, the Razor E200 can give of 8 miles of range, while Razor E175 can travel up to 7 miles on single charge. So, with the thin margin, Razor E200 is a winner.

Winner: Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Charging Time

The best thing about an electric scooter is that it’s really easy to use. You just hop on and go. And it only takes a few hours to charge. So you can just hop on whenever you want.

Unfortunately, both Razor E175 and E200 electric scooter have a charging time of 12 hours, which is significantly longer than the other electric scooter available on the market.

It means you need to charge these scooters for 12 hours to get 40 minutes of run-time.

However, the lower prices of these Razor products may justify the charging time.

Winner: Draw

Top Speed

Mostly there are no speed limit rules for electric scooters on the road but they still come with a limit due to their decreased motor powers.

It mainly depends on the motor power that how fast an electric scooter might travel.

As there is a difference in the motor power of Razor E175 and E200, there is also a difference in their maximum speed.

The Razor E175 has a top speed of 10 mph and Razor E200 on the other hand has a top speed of 12 mph.

Both of them are quite slow at their maximum speeds but Razor E200 is still slightly faster than E175.

Note: According to the manufacturer, you need to kick start the Razor E175 up to 3 mph while applying the throttle to the engage motor and achieve the top speed.

Winner: Razor E200 eScooter

Motor Power

There is an obvious difference in the motor power of Razor E200 and E175.

The Razor E200 has a motor power of 200 W whereas the Razor E175 has a motor power of 100 W.

Apart from motor power, both are equipped with chain-drive, high torque, single speed motor.

The motor power has an effect on their other properties as well such as their range, top speed, hill climbing, etc.

This is why the difference in the motor power of these two Razor models also causes a difference between their other features.

Winner: Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Hill Incline

The inclination of a hill relates to how high on a hill a vehicle can climb.

Many routes have an uphill portion, and in case the e-scooter has difficulty going over it, it will be a huge issue.

The Razor E175 is not recommended for hill climbing as the 100W motor is not powerful enough to handle an inclined surface.

As for Razor E200, it has double the powerful motor as E175 but is still not recommended for hill climbing as a 200W motor is not powerful enough to handle inclined surfaces.

As these Razor models are built for children, it is safe to say that they will not be using them on long routes hence the lack of being able to drive on inclinations won’t be an issue.

Winner: Draw


The seat is an important feature of electric scooters for kids.

On Razor E200, the seat is a stand-alone option, but on E175 electric scooter it’s not available, even as a separate variant.

So if comfort for your child is important to you, then Razor E200 is the best choice.

Winner: Razor E200 eScooter


When driving in the dark lanes, mostly at night, proper lighting is necessary to be present in an electric scooter.

This is important for your safety to avoid any potholes, or such when driving in the dark.

The Razor E175 and E200, both do not have a headlamp or tail lights.

As these electric scooters are manufactured keeping kids in mind and mainly for their fun, having no proper lighting won’t cause many issues.

It is highly not recommended to ride it at night.

It should be used in no-traffic areas like parts, streets, indoors, only in the daytime.

Winner: Draw


Your vehicle’s brakes are a crucial part of your safety system.

Brakes allow you to quickly come to a halt, which assists in you escaping a major collision.

If the brakes of a vehicle aren’t thoroughly managed and examined on a routine basis, might fail you when you really need them.

The Razor E175 has hand-operated, caliper, and front brakes.

The Razor E200 has hand-operated, rear brakes.

The rear brakes are great for regular stops whereas the front brakes are perfect if you need sudden emergency stops.

Both these brakes are fine for their respective models, however, if there were options for both front and rear brakes in these models, it would make them even better.

Winner: Draw


It is important to have good quality tires to enjoy a comfortable ride on electric scooters.

Razor E175 and E200 both have 8” pneumatic front tires which mean that the tires are filled with air. However, E175 features a solid rear tire, while for E200 it is pneumatic.

It can advantageous as well as disadvantageous that the air-filled pneumatic tires are fully inflated using air.

The air makes the trip more comfortable, but it makes the tire more susceptible to deflation and punctures both, which may happen at unexpected moments.

A punctured pneumatic tire can be repaired, and ensures comfortable ride, so Razor E200 takes the lead here.

Winner: Razor E200 Electric Scooter


The height of the handlebar on an electric scooter is crucial for convenience.

You will have trouble riding if the equipment is not adequate for your height.

For tall scooter riders, this can be a serious issue.

The Razor E175 has a handlebar of height 22” but the handlebar is not adjustable.

The Razor E200 has a handlebar of height 25” but the handlebar is also not adjustable.

For kids, it is important that the height of the handlebar is adjustable because kids grow in height with time. Unfortunately, both of these rides lack this essential feature.

Winner: Draw


Suspension’s main goal is to enable the scooter to withstand the abrasive shock created due to the tire meeting the road’s surface.

This creates a relaxed trip for the driver while also ensuring that the e-scooter remains balanced.

Both the Razor model, E200, and E175 do not have suspension.

The Razor E175 however is still a comfortable ride for kids.

Its pneumatic front and solid rear tires help soften out rough surfaces for a smooth ride.

However, it may be slightly less comfortable than E200.

The Razor E200 is a comfortable ride for kids. pneumatic front and rear tires help soften out rough surfaces for a smooth ride.

The Razor E200 is a safe and enjoyable ride for children. For a comfortable ride, pneumatic front and rear tires assist in softening uneven areas.

However, you can ignore the fact that pneumatic tires can go flat, while solid tires are maintenance free.

Winner: Draw

Water Resistance

The ability to withstand water is an important feature that should be a part of every vehicle.

The Razor E175 and E200 electric scooters, however, do not have water resistance.

The scooter’s lack of water protection makes it extremely sensitive to water droplets when riding in damp situations.

As a result, you should avoid using these e-scooters amid rainstorms or across puddles.

This is a significant disadvantage of both the Razor electric scooter models.

If you live in an area where it rains regularly, you should reconsider purchasing any of these two electric scooter types.

Winner: Draw


Razor E175 and E200 both have increased portability.

They are not foldable but they are both lightweights which enhance their portability.

A lightweight e-scooter will allow you to simply pick it up and carry it around in places where you might have a hard time driving it.

The weight of Razor E175 is 32 lbs which is 14.5 kg whereas the weight of Razor E200 is 38.17 lbs which is 17.35 kg.

As the Razor E175 is lighter in weight as compared to Razor E200, it will be much easier to hold it, making it more portable.

Winner: Razor E175 electric kick scooter


Mostly e-scooters are costly due to the fact that they are the latest invention.

They are currently being thoroughly explored and developed.

One of the key causes is the high expense of battery study and manufacturing.

Demand for scooters is growing, and as more rivals join the field, scooters are becoming more affordable.

In the following years, this tendency is projected to continue.

Currently, the Razor E175 (Check Price) is priced lower than the Razor E200 (Check Price).

As Razor E200 is bigger and has a more powerful motor, it is only natural that it costs more.

For those who are in search of a cheaper vehicle for their kids, Razor E175 is a better choice.

Winner: Razor E175 electric scooter


A warranty protects the quality of the goods.

It shows the company’s unshakeable belief in its own brand.

A 90-day warranty is included with both the Razor E175 and E200 electric scooters.

This covers free repairs within 90 days of delivery for any issues with the electric scooter.

This Warranty excludes regular wear and tear, wheels, and any damage, failure, or loss resulting from faulty installation, maintenance, storage, or misuse.

If the product is ever used for anything other than leisure or transportation, changed in any way, or was rented, the Razor Limited Warranty will be invalid.

Warranty: Draw

Boot Space

The boot space means the part of a vehicle in which items can be kept.

Both the Razor E175 and E200 electric scooters have insufficient boot space due to their basic construction.

There’s no place for a boot compartment because they’re both designed in the same style, with a straight grip linked to the board for standing.

However, some people are seen carrying shoppers or other items by hanging them from the horizontally oriented handlebars of their electric scooter. But this is highly NOT recommended as it may cause the electric scooter to dis-balance.

Warranty: Draw


On the horizontal handlebars of both the Razor E175 and E200 electric scooters, there is a throttle and a brake handle, but, unfortunately no display.

Winner: Draw

Riding Modes

Many electric scooters have different riding modes which help the riders ride with ease.

As the Razor E200 and E175 are not for professional riders but built for kids for their enjoyment, no riding modes are required.

Both these Razor electric scooter models have no riding modes.

Winner: Draw

Bluetooth Connectivity and APP Support

Bluetooth connectivity and app support are helpful when one is using the vehicle for longer routes.

As kids do not use electric scooters for traveling alone on a long journey, it is not necessary that they have these two features.

The Razor E175 and E200 both do not have the option of Bluetooth connectivity or app support.

Winner: Draw


There is no option for navigation in both Razor E175 and E200 electric scooters.

Winner: Draw

Charging Ports

The charging ports of both Razor E175 and E200 are located under the deck of the electric scooter.

Winner: Draw

Razor E175 and E200 Electric Scooter: Who Is The Winner?

You now have a good insight into the variations between the Razor E175 and E200, which will aid you in deciding which is the best option.

Contemplating all the features, we declare Razor E200 as the winner.

It has features a 200-watt motor which allows a speed limit of 12 mph and also lets heavier kids drive it.

The handle is taller as well hence making it easier for tall kids to ride on it with ease.

The Razor E175 is not much far behind as it has almost the same features except a low-power motor and a slower top speed.

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How high are the handlebars of Razor E200?

The height of the handlebar of Razor E200 is 26”.

What is the warranty for Razor E175 and Razor E200?

The manufacturing warranty on all electronics is 90 days from the date of purchase with the receipt.

Are the charger and battery included in the package for Razor E175 and Razor E200?

Yes, everything is part of the package.

Can you use the Razor E175 like a regular scooter if the battery dies?

Because of the drag of the chain on the rear wheel, I would doubt that would work. Only if you could remove the battery and chain would make using as a regular scooter possible.

Does Razor E175 or Razor E200 have a variable speed controller?

No, one speed only, it’s on or off.

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