How to Prevent Hoverboard from Exploding?

How to Prevent Hoverboard from Exploding?

Although hoverboards are increasing in popularity every passing day but then why are many people still unsure if they should buy one or not?

The simple answer: safety concerns!

It is no secret that hoverboards are great for use in day-to-day life because of their significant advantages.

However, when it comes to safety, there are numerous rumors rotating the internet about these hoverboards exploding.

The major safety question that most people can’t seem to get out of their minds is do hoverboards really explode?

If you want a clear answer to this then keep reading because we are here to help you know all about the hoverboards that have previously exploded, their causes, precautions, and preventions.

Can Hoverboards Explode?

This question hovers over the minds of customers who look forward to buying a hoverboard.

Ironic much?

Well for one, there is no easy yes or no response to this question. Why?

The reason is that the answer depends upon the quality of the hoverboard and the precautions taken by the user as he runs it.

Not every hoverboard has the tendency to explode but we can’t really remove every single hoverboard from this equation.

A hoverboard just like any other gadget that runs on a battery has a tendency to explode but the chances are minimal.

You simply need to look for the right hoverboard and use it correctly to avoid any such mishap.

In the United States, no hoverboard explosions have been recorded since 2017.

You still don’t want to take any risk so you better follow the required steps to protect yourself and your belongings.

What Precautions Should I Take to Prevent a Hoverboard from Exploding?

Now that you are fully aware of the causes of why hoverboards explode, our second step is to share with you the precautions that you need to take in order to prevent your hoverboard from exploding so let’s have a detailed look at these precautions.

1. Don’t Overcharge your hoverboard:

Overcharging your hoverboard can cause the lithium-ion battery’s particles to begin to lose their usefulness, overheat, expand, and eventually explode.

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2. Handle your hoverboard with care:

Allow no one to abuse your hoverboard for example bang it into street poles or walls, as this may cause some of the main board’s components to harm the battery, setting it on fire.

3. Always remember to disconnect the hoverboard battery during repair:

If you opt to repair the hoverboard yourself, ensure sure the battery is disconnected first. This is to avoid electrical charges from exploding the battery.

4. Always buy good quality hoverboards:

Hoverboards manufactured of low-quality materials are almost always prone to exploding.

These boards feature low-cost components that are very unstable, resulting in a fire and the board exploding.

The explosion might happen when charging the board, riding it, or even while you are not using the board.

5. Keep it away from the flame:

A hoverboard battery or other features might be flammable. Keeping it near to a flame is extremely dangerous as your hoverboard may easily catch fire.

Use your hoverboard safely by using it at a safe distance from any sort of flame.

6. Use the charger that came with your hoverboard:

The charger that the company has provided you to use with your hoverboard is the most compatible one to use as it is designed especially for your hoverboard.

Even though many other chargers across the market may charge your hoverboard quicker but they are not safe for use.

This is because the lack of compatibility can cause a scattering of charges within the battery in turn causing the battery to burst into flames.

Even if it does not cause the battery to explode, a different charger will decrease your battery life in the long run.

7. Store your hoverboard smartly:

At the time when you are not using your hoverboard, store it in a cool, non-carpeted area.

If you leave your hoverboard in a non-climate-controlled garage or on your bedroom floor which is carpeted it might have disastrous consequences.

You also need to store your hoverboard away from combustible materials and bright sunlight.

8. Ride it on a Smooth Surface:

A rugged surface is not what you want for your hoverboard. These are made with light materials and can easily get damaged if they hit an uneven surface with force.

Their batteries are behind the footrest too, a slight poke in them could lead to the very hazard you are worrying about in the first place.

Only a few top-notch hoverboards (and those especially designed for off-roading) include covered batteries for protection against such damage but then again the covering would lead to a lack of ventilation causing the battery to heat up which is exactly what you don’t want.

You can also check the Hoverboard Safety Alert published by CPSC.

Note: Besides the precautions mentioned earlier, you must regularly maintain your hoverboard to increase its life and eliminate potential hazards.

How many hoverboards have exploded?

Since 2015, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has received more than 250 reports of hoverboard-related mishaps.

There have been incidents in which the hoverboards overheated, causing minor fires but there were no direct explosions.

Which hoverboard brands blew up previously?

For customers buying a product for the first time, the key factor is to know the difference between a worthy and a second-rate brand.

You definitely must be curious specifically about the brands that explode because this factor troubles customers to the core.

For you to quit tensing about such brands, we have compiled a list of a few hoverboards that have been recalled due to a fire hazard.

1. Go Wheels Self-Balancing Hoverboards:

There was a report of an overheating hoverboard from this brand in 2017.

The reason claimed was due to lithium-ion battery packs which tend to overheat or catch fire. Hence, these hoverboards were recalled. You can read about them in further detail here.

2. iLive Self-Balancing Hoverboards:

One report of a lithium battery overheating and burning has been received by the company. No one was hurt, and no property damage was reported.

3. Sonic Smart Wheels Self-Balancing Hoverboards:

In 2017, the company received one incident of a hoverboard igniting in Louisiana, causing $40,000 in damage to property to a consumer’s house.

There were no injuries recorded.

4. Powerboard:

A model called Powerboard by Hoverboard LLC was recalled to be replaced due to the risk of heating up and catching fire. This Hoverboard LLC is based in Scottsdale, Ariz, and produced 70,00 units of Powerboard.

5. Hype Roam:

25000 units of Hype Roam by Hype Wireless were recalled due to the same risk of blowing up. Hype Wireless has its headquarters in Edison, N.J.

More such reports of low-quality brands either at risk of catching fire or already proven to cause mishaps are mentioned here.

Reports on other hoverboards that exploded can be found here.

Do Segway hoverboards explode?

Even though Segway hoverboards also use Lithium batteries, their batteries are high-quality and are not at all likely to explode under normal circumstances.

This makes these hoverboards rather safe to use.

This safety, however, is also your responsibility as much as it is of the brand because they share a list of precautions you always need to take when using battery-operated gadgets, and well, then following them is your duty.

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Do Razor hoverboards blow up?

Coming to Razor Hoverboards it was heard that once a specific model batch, after already reaching the stores and sold online by multiple sites, was recalled as it posed a risk of heating or blowing up.

The model was Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboards from Razor USA.

So another question arises which we still do not have a definite answer to, do hovertrax blow up?

The Razor Hovertrax hoverboards don’t directly have any reports of them blowing up.

 The only reason they were once recalled was due to their battery quality only posing a risk of catching fire.

This still makes them relatively safe for use as most of their models have been a success.

It included a detachable battery pack.

The battery was a low-quality lithium battery that had the potential to heat up in the most basic situations as being run for an extended period of time or left on charge for long.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the United States had received complaints of more than 20 hoverboards with overheated lithium-ion battery packs.

A brim of smoke due to a minor light-up was reported in an insignificant number of cases where the user was ignorant as well. Fortunately, there have been no reported injuries.

Why do hoverboards explode?

As mentioned earlier, hoverboards usually explode due to poor quality lithium ion batteries.

Hidden Hazards of Lithium Batteries:

The lithium-ion batteries in hoverboards are to be majorly blamed for the demise of these hoverboards.

Two factors: poor quality and misuse of the battery, is the definitive answer to why hoverboards explode.

A purpose-built ventilation system is a requirement in any tech where lithium batteries are to be used.

The presence of electrolytes within the lithium batteries asks for this ventilation.

Electrolytes are the main source for these batteries to produce power but on the dark side they end up inducing heat in mass alongside being flammable.

Many electric products use lithium-ion batteries, knowing that their misuse can prove harmful, why?

Simply because it is uncommon for corporations to spend a significant amount of money on high-quality batteries. Plus, it is also a good choice when the company wants to produce lightweight hoverboards that are compact and portable.

For a regular customer, who lacks in-depth research about hoverboards and their batteries it is almost impossible to tell the difference between high and low-quality batteries.

In such a scenario it’s better to assume that mass-produced hoverboards utilize less expensive batteries which might be slightly hazardous if not taken proper care of.

Even though the manufacturers are in search of convenience for the customers as well as the company, they sometimes end up compromising on aspects that in turn can be hazardous for the customer.

What are the causes of exploding hoverboards?

It is quite rare to hear about incidents involving exploding hoverboards, but well, we do hear them don’t we? even if at a negligible rate.

This implies that hoverboards being somewhat unsafe is not completely a myth.

However, as we mentioned above there are many external causes such as handling of hoverboards that lead to these hazards.

From this we learn that proper care of the hoverboard would lead to it being completely safe for regular use, so don’t worry and instead learn about the causes of why hoverboards might explode so that you are able to prevent them once you buy a hoverboard of your own.

1. Overcharging:

It is a well-known fact that overcharging can cause any battery to heat, not just hoverboard batteries. The heat up can in turn lead the hoverboard battery to explode.

2. Using incompatible chargers:

Many users think that using different chargers might cause their gadget to charge quicker when this tactic is in fact harmful for your device and can ask for uncalled hazards. An uncommon hazard, in the end, is that your self-balancing scooter explodes.

3. Manufacturing defects:

It is better to select a brand that is well-known and has good reviews to get a hoverboard that won’t explode.

Sometimes though even well-known brands may produce a defective piece.

In such a case, it is best to contact the company as soon as you find any signs of defect.

4. Physical damage:

Physical damage to the hoverboard can cause damage to the wiring or the battery which may lead to further hazards when the board is plugged in for charging.

5. Metal Contact (keys, coins, etc):

It is not new information that metals are good conductors of electricity and heat.

Metal contact can therefore prove hazardous for a hoverboard during charging.

It may lead to the battery catching fire or heating up excessively.

6. Hot Temperatures:

During charging it is normal for a hoverboard to slightly rise in temperature but when the surrounding temperature is already high, it can be dangerous.

This is because the extreme rise in temperatures may lead to the battery exploding.

How to buy hoverboards that are safe for use?

It is true that you need to take certain precautions when handling a hoverboard in order to avoid risks but what about those factors that are not under your control?

For example, if you consider a defective hoverboard, no matter how many precautions or preventive measures you take from your end, the product still has immense chances of proving hazardous.

For this reason, it is better to do research and select a safe hoverboard to buy in the first place.

We have listed for you some ways in which you can get your hands on a hoverboard that is safe for use.

1. A safe company:

The first question you need to ask yourself before you buy that hoverboard you are loving is ‘is this company safe to buy a hoverboard from?’

This question will protect you in the long term because then you will go in search of a company that is safe to buy from.

A safe company is mostly a brand that is well-known.

This brand will have great customer reviews and it is sure to be surviving the market for quite some time now.

The Segway, Razor, and Epikgo are only a few of the great hoverboard brands that can be a good first choice for you.

A new company comparatively cannot be trusted the way an old company seems reliable.

You can search for previous customers of the brand and ask if the company provides satisfactory services if a fault is found in the piece.

2. Price:

Price is a factor that almost every customer considers when buying a product but what you should keep in mind is that a good-quality product will always be a bit above the rates of those selling low-quality products.

Many small companies produce hoverboards that are fitted with cheap lithium batteries. These batteries have a greater chance of catching fire because of their low quality.

If you go for high-quality hoverboards comprising of fine batteries, they will reduce the risk of explosion to minimalist.

3. Speed:

A hoverboard is known to have an average speed of 6 to 7 miles per hour but customers search for one which has a higher speed.

When looking for a hoverboard that has a speed of more than 8 miles per hour, you need to remember that it will require a bigger battery.

A small ride like a hoverboard, running at such a high speed, has more chances of heating up.

The heat-up might further lead to a hazardous situation.

Hence, it is recommended that you select a hoverboard that has a moderate speed limit.

This will, in turn, also save you from any possible accidents as high speed is harder to keep in control on a self-balancing ride.

4. Certification:

It is very important that you buy your hoverboard from a certified brand.

This will have negligible chances of you being scammed with a low-quality product.

The certifications for example UL certification are provided to the brand after the ride passes a series of tests. This proves that the company is producing high-quality rides.

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Which hoverboards are safe for use?

You now have an answer on how to search for a hoverboard that is safe to use but you still need examples of such non-exploding hoverboards.

Examples of good products help the customers get a view of what features and qualities a reliable product comprises so they may select one from it or they may simply search for a product that has more features, including the ones from the examples.

Here you can have a look at a few such examples of hoverboards that are safe to use.

1. Hover-1 H1 Hoverboard:

This hoverboard by Hover-1 is UL 2272 approved, so you don’t have to worry about any safety hazards.

Besides, this hoverboard can travel up to 9 miles per hour thanks to dual 200-watts motors. The maximum speed is hence within the safe speed limit.

This board is perfect for those who are new or those already in practice since it has an inertia dynamic stabilization mechanism built-in to keep you in control.

It also features a Bluetooth speaker as well as a safety function that prevents you from riding dangerously – which, as you would expect, is a major selling point for those who want a safe ride for their kids.

2. LIEAGLE Hoverboard:

The LIEAGLE hoverboard’s easy rideability and futuristic style will appeal to children of all ages.

With the aid of two 300-watt motors, this hoverboard can reach speeds of up to nine mph which is a little above the average speed limit but still safe due to a heavier battery.

Besides, it is also UL 2272 Certified to ensure it wont explode or cause any harm to you!

3. Beston Sports Hoverboard:

The Beston Sports hoverboard is fully equipped for next-generation enjoyment, with the best safety standards.

It is US UL 2272 certified. 

Talking about safety, the effortless balancing start-up technology lets any user securely get on and off the hoverboard, irrespective of age or skill level.

The hoverboard is non-slippery which further enhances its safety.  Rubber tires with a high tread depth of 6.5″ provide a smooth ride in most conditions.

Finally, this variant has a Bluetooth speaker built-in and can hold up to 180 pounds of weight.

4. Jolege Self Balancing Hoverboard:

The unique self-balancing hoverboard is specially built for novices, featuring simple motor operation and a robust battery.

The excellent stability and rubber tires effortlessly travel over most terrain, including inclined areas or gravel, whether indoors or out.

This board by Jolege has amazing customer reviews especially when it comes to kids. It helps the new ones to learn hoverboarding in the easiest possible manner.

Its high-quality, kid-friendly features and UL 2272 Certification make it safe to use.

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Which brands produce safe hoverboards?

Below we have provided you with a list of brands that produce non-blow-up hoverboards.

Do hoverboards still explode?

No, high-quality hoverboards are very less likely explode.

Hoverboards have come a long way in recent years, and are now manufactured with compliance to UL 2272 certification.

However, if you are buying a hoverboard from an unknown brand with no quality standards, they are still highly prone to explosion. To mitigate this risk, only buy hoverboards from reputable brands.


Summarizing the information above we come to a conclusion that hoverboards are not as scary as one would assume.

Even though the wrong choices or lack of responsibility might (in very rare circumstances) have you facing mishaps, as far as regular, proper use of hoverboards is concerned, they won’t be a disappointment to you.

A comprehensive understanding of the hoverboard you select and its precautionary measures will easily get you riding your hoverboard safely for a long time.

Have fun with your new ride!

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