How To Maintain Your Hoverboard?

How to maintain hoverboard?

Cleaning and maintenance of a hoverboard are just as important as a motorbike.

Riding on a dirty hoverboard can be dangerous if not maintained properly.

Most people wish to ride on hoverboards safely and securely.

Moreover, they also want their hoverboards to never look old but to shine and be effective, just like the new ones.

This can be achieved if you inspect your hoverboard frequently.

If not cared for well, it will break down prematurely.

Therefore, read these 11 best tips to learn how to maintain your hoverboard!

1. Clean and Maintain Wheels’ Health

Inspect the wheels regularly.

If you notice wheels are worn out, you need to replace them.

Moreover, make sure there is no dirt or debris on the wheels.

If there is, then you should remove them with unsharp objects.

In case you feel an unsmooth or unbalanced motion on the surface, then it indicates that Tire friction is gone.

You need to replace old tires with quality friction tires.

Moreover, make sure the tires should be perfectly aligned with the shaft.

If not, the motion won’t be in a straight line, and you could fall.

Always lubricate the joints while replacing tires or removing debris for a smooth ride.

Besides, thoroughly check every bolt of the wheel to ensure it is not loose. If you find any, get the screwdriver and tighten it.

Apart from wheels, make sure your wheel bearings are also in good shape.

It’s easy to tell when your bearings aren’t working right because they’ll make a lot of noise while riding around—but don’t worry!

This doesn’t mean that they need replacing right away; just give them some oil once in a while and keep using them until they break completely down, then replace them with new ones instead of trying to fix old ones yourself

2. Always Maintain The Hoverboard’s Battery

Don’t use a hoverboard when its battery is low.

Make sure it is fully charged.

When its battery is low, riding on a hoverboard will not give you a ride at a maximum speed.

Furthermore, riding on a low battery will reduce its lifespan and efficiency.

Hoverboards use rechargeable batteries.

How effectively this battery lasts depends on how it is maintained.

Also, clean fungus, dirt, from the battery; otherwise, battery plugs will break and will not provide full power.

This will make the hoverboard malfunction by damaging its sensors and other electrical components.

Besides, take out the battery, inspect it regularly and clean with dry cloth before placing it back.

Check for any, burns, damage and swelling.

If it looks like that the battery is losing charge more quickly than usual, check the charging port for debris or damage—if you see anything that could be blocking the flow of electricity, remove it and clean the port thoroughly with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, please contact the manufacturer, and they will help you troubleshoot further!

Moreover, keeping the battery fully charged doesn’t mean you leave your hoverboard plugged in all day long—especially if it’s not being used—as this can cause damage to the battery over time.

Instead, plug your board into an outlet only when you intend to use it (and unplug it when you’re done!).

This will help keep your battery healthy for years to come!

3. Maintain Hoverboard Temperature

Hoverboards, like other electronic devices, can become hot when overused.

If you have overused your hoverboard, please leave it to cool down completely.

Since the battery gets hot after cruising, it is advisable not to charge the hoverboard.

You can charge and use it later when the temperature gets normal.

4. Keep the Board Clean

The board gets covered with dirt after using it all day. If this dirt is not cleaned, the board will lose its luster.

Over time, this dirt can damage the internal parts such as sensors and moving joints.

Therefore, it is important to clean the hoverboard immediately after cruising.

A hoverboard can be cleaned by using a dry or damp cloth to wipe down the surface.

Remove any lint or debris between the wheels and the body.

If the board is dirty or dusty, a cleaning solution of soap and water can be used. However, avoid using strong chemicals.

Make sure that the battery’s charger should not work in the socket when you start cleaning the board.

Besides, prevent water from going inside the wheel hub motors. Tire cleaners are preferable.

5. Check the Pedals and Brakes

You can’t imagine how much brakes and paddles play a role in saving you from an accident while riding on a hoverboard.

Nuts and bolts of brakes and paddles start loosening with time.

And the sign of their loosening is that when you get on the hoverboard, you will feel shaking and won’t be able to control it with your feet.

Therefore inspect these nuts and bolts timely to maintain the balance of the hoverboard.

Ensure that the pedals are not too loose or too tight; this may result in difficulty steering.

As a final check, make sure that the brakes are working fine by having a test ride on your board.

6. Inspect the Wiring

Electrical wiring is prone to becoming loose with age.

Furthermore, as the temperature rises, electrical wires start melting.

To inspect the wiring after every two months to maintain the electrical circuit for better performance.

For that, just unplug the board, open it and clean the internal electrical circuit.

Whenever possible, replace any melted wire yourself, but if you can’t, hiring a professional electrician or contacting the customer’s support is most recommended.

7. Don’t Exceed Weight Limit

Most hoverboards can bear weight up to 220 lbs.

Some have even lower or higher weight carrying capacities.

Teens and normal adults can ride over it.

For plus-size adults, riding is not recommended if their weight exceed the hoverboard’s max load carrying capacity.

If you exceed the weight limit, not only the board may break, but also the shaft may bend.

This will affect the smooth motion of the hoverboard.

8. Don’t Ride Over Rough Surfaces

Running a hoverboard in a rough place, or highly inclined (above 15 degrees) and extreme terrains can be dangerous; not only can your hoverboard break, but you can also get injured.

Moreover, Hoverboards should not be used on wet surfaces, or in harsh weather conditions.

Avoiding such areas will prevent you from repeatedly cleaning the hoverboard.

Apart from rough outdoor surfaces, keep the hoverboard off of carpet too.

The friction between the rubber foot pads and carpet will wear down the pads faster.

This can also cause the hoverboard to slip and slide, which can be dangerous.

9. Storage tips to Maintain Your Hoverboard

When you’re not in the mood to ride a hoverboard and want to store it, choose a dry and cool place.

Do not place your hoverboard in wet areas such as garages and sheds.

Keep it in a waterproof cover and to maintain battery health, don’t forget to unplug the battery from the motherboard while covering.

Else, fully charge the battery before storing it and recharge it again after every 2 months to keep the battery in good health.

10. Get It Regularly Serviced By Professionals

Apart from regular maintenance, Hoverboard should regularly be inspected and services by experts, as it contain sophisticated electrical and mechanical components.

It’s best to contact specialists such as certified dealers or repair centers if you need any service work done.

11. Ride responsibly!

Don’t be afraid to ask other people around you if they mind if you ride past them—especially in crowded areas like airports or malls—and always wear safety gear like helmets and knee pads when you’re on an open sidewalk or path so that no one gets hurt if something goes wrong (like when someone trips over their shoelaces).

Moreover, If you’re going to be taking your hoverboard out in public, make sure you have a case for it.

Not only will this protect your investment, but it may also help you from getting into trouble with local laws—there are some places where it’s illegal to ride on hoverboards in public (and if you’re doing that, you should probably just get off the board).

For more useful tips, watch this video:


You can maintain your hoverboard by cleaning it after every use.

Ensure that the wheels are in good condition and prevent the battery from getting low and overcharging the battery.

Don’t ride your hoverboard on uneven surfaces or near water.

By following these tips, you can extend the hoverboard’s lifespan.

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