Gotrax G Pro 3 Wheel Electric Scooter Review

Gotrax G Pro Electric Scooter

3-wheel electric scooters have launched a new innovative technology, and the Gotrax G Pro electric scooter is its demonstration.

If you’re impressed by the robust look and rugged body of this electric scooter, you’re definitely going the right way!

Even if you’re in doubt, we have a complete Gotrax G Pro 3-wheel electric scooter review planned for you.

So, enjoy reading it to the end and gaining complete information about every feature.

Gotrax G Pro Electric Scooter: Specification Table

Gotrax G Pro Electric Scooter: Quick Features

  • Redefine Your Commute - Gotrax G Pro is a fashionable 3 wheels electric scooter with an extra wide deck. You can even stand on the pedal with your feet side by side. With a powerful Rated 350W motor (Peak 500W), G Pro can reach 15.5 mph with ease, travel up to 24 miles, and max load of 220 lbs.
  • Portable Folding Scooter: One-step folding system is easy to carry and easy to storage. Net Weight: Approx. 50.6lbs. G Pro folds down to 49"*18.9"*17.9" and easy to be stored in a car, at the office, or under the desk. Digital Lock and Mechanism combination lock with cable provide great convenience for short-time stop.
  • Safe & Comfortable Riding - G Pro equipped with EABS and 3 mechanical disc braking system. 10" front pneumatic tire and dual 8.5" rear pneumatic tires, 2 suspension system provide fantastic comfort and stability, even on rough surfaces or speed bumps. To ride your GOTRAX E-scooter safely, put one foot on the scooter and the other on the ground to push off. Once you go faster than 1.8mph, you can use the accelerator and the scooter will move on its own.
  • Innovative Technology - You can read speed, battery life, gear, mileage from G Pro's intelligent LED display. Smart Battery Management System, Cruise Control, Push Assist Mode making daily commuting easier. Extra bright front light and responsive rear braking light keep you safe while riding in the dark.
  • Reliable Warranty & US-based Service - The New G Pro is a superior quality and comfortable electric scooter for commuters. Effortless assembly, tighten 4 bolts and you're ready to go! One-year or 180-day warranty for different parts, and a US-based customer service department.

Gotrax G Pro Electric Scooter: Detailed Features Review


The 3-wheel design of the Gotrax G Pro is definitely appealing and innovative. However, the overall frame material is also robust to give this kick scooter a durable and portable look.

The scooter is also large enough to accommodate adults without causing any instability issues. Also, the neutral colors in this one are similar to other Gotrax electric scooters.

All in all, the Gotrax G Pro has a rugged frame with durable features and elegant colors to give it a subtle look for adults.

Top Speed

The speeds of the Gotrax G Pro are highly impressive and make it the best electric scooter for adults. We also like the 2 gears in the scooter. Instead of riding at a single speed for the entire ride, you can change to different speed modes to make your ride smooth and comfortable.

The first gear has a maximum speed of 9.5 mph. This speed is ideal for riding in rough areas, but it’s better to slow down to keep yourself safe. Also, beginners might feel it appropriate to develop a good grip on the scooter.

The second gear offers an even higher top speed of 15.5 mph, which is more than enough if you want to hover in the air at high speeds. Usually, expert riders ride at this much high speed, and that too, on smooth terrains.

So, with the help of an initial kick, the Gotrax G Pro will make your hair flicker into the air as your maneuver at top speeds!

Motor Power

As motor power plays an essential role in the performance of the electric scooter, the Gotrax G Pro can offer the best performance!

It comes with a powerful 350W motor. Although the scooter has a single motor, it is enough to provide maximum power to the scooter as you ride at high speeds.

But, we would expect better performance with dual motors. Anyhow, you can still enjoy high speeds and a smooth and comfortable ride with a single motor.


The Gotrax G Pro electric scooter can cover 24 miles in one charge. As compared to other electric scooters, we see that it offers an extended range. So, if you want an electric scooter for long-distance commutes, the Gotrax G Pro can be the ideal choice!

With an extended range of 24 miles, you can cover short and long commutes without hassle.

This range might be perfect for people who want to travel to their office or school located far away.


Unlike several other electric scooters, the Gotrax G Pro 3-Wheel Electric Scooter comes with a powerful battery, which is the reason behind the longer range and high speeds.

The 36V 10.5aH LG battery provides a longer run time to the electric scooter. So, you can enjoy long rides to distant places without running out of battery in the middle of your journey.


We already know that the Gotrax G Pro is different from other electric scooters due to the presence of three tires. We like this upgraded design as it offers more convenience along with a stable ride.

But, these tires also have some spectacular properties, which make them highly durable.

First of all, the robust tires are constructed from aluminum. It makes them lightweight yet rugged enough to handle rough terrains and stand the test of time.

Also, the front tire measures 10-inch, while the two rear tires measure 8.5-inch. Both tire sizes are large enough to offer a smooth ride on all terrains. When compared to others, we see that the tires of the Gotrax G Pro are much larger.

However, the pneumatic tires are at risk of punctures. So, be careful before riding them on bumpy areas where the small pebbles might puncture the tires.

Charging Time

When talking about the charging time, it also leaves us impressed along with the durable battery.

The Gotrax G Pro electric scooter takes 6 hours to charge fully. We think this charging time is perfect compared to the range and top speed.

Although the market has several electric scooters that take less time to charge, their range is also much less than the Gotrax G Pro.

On the other hand, the Gotrax G Pro offers a longer range with a shorter charging time, which is a bonus.

So, you can also take this scooter to your office located far away, and charge it until the off-time. With the extended range, you can also use it most of the day without needing to charge.


The Gotrax G Pro electric scooter weighs almost 50.6 lbs. (23 kg).

Like all other spectacular features, the weight also leaves us impressed!

Although the Gotrax G Pro electric scooter is specially designed for adults and has a large body, it still weighs much less than other electric scooters of its type.

This lightweight frame is much easy to carry for adults, even with one hand!

Weight Capacity

As the Gotrax G Pro electric scooter is specially designed for adults, we expect a higher weight-bearing capacity.

Luckily, this electric scooter comes up to our expectations and offers a weight capacity of 220 lbs. However, we also see that this capacity is the same as many other electric scooters in the market.

So, the Gotrax G Pro can occupy several adults without decreasing the speed of the scooter and offering a smooth ride all day!

LED Display

The LED display is an advanced feature in most electric scooters including Gotrax G Pro. It is ideal for tech-savvy adults and allows you to unlock a wide range of new features.

The LED display provides access to the current speed, remaining battery, and gear. These features aren’t available in any electric scooter without the LED display. Also, the display is wide and clear enough to let you see it in bright sunlight during the day.

Folding Technology

The folding technology is perhaps the best and most convenient feature in an electric scooter, and luckily, the Gotrax G Pro electric scooter comes with a one-step folding technology.

With this portable feature, you don’t have to get uncomfortable while carrying the electric scooter.

It folds down in seconds with the touch folding system, and you can carry it around easily due to the lightweight body.

In this way, the Gotrax G Pro is an excellent electric scooter for people who have to stop at various places and travel by bus during the journey.

Braking System

When the GoTrax G Pro allows you to enjoy high speeds and maneuver in the air, it also offers excellent safety mechanisms for emergency stops.

It comes with an EABS and 3 mechanical disc brakes, which is a highly impressive braking system, and perhaps the most efficient of all the electric scooters in the market.


As many riders are worried about their electric scooter from being stolen while parked, the Gotrax G Pro has a solution to it as well.

It comes with a digital lock and mechanism combination lock with a wire. This lock is highly beneficial for people who frequently stop at different places. On top of it, as the scooter will be locked for a short time, you don’t have to turn it off and on again and again.

The unique security system keeps your ride safe as you enjoy your shopping, study, work or time with your loved ones.


A wide deck in electric scooters is the most comfortable. If you cannot place your legs comfortably on the deck, a short journey will become uncomfortable, and your legs might start aching as you get off the scooter.

While in most electric scooters, you have to place your feet one behind the other, that’s not the case with the Gotrax G Pro 3-wheel electric scooter.

The 3 wheels of the scooter make the deck wider, and you can even stand with both feet beside each other. In this way, you enjoy long routes and won’t get tired at the end of the journey.


As the suspension is a rare feature in electric scooters and hoverboards, we see that the Gotrax G Pro electric scooter comes with a dual rear suspension.

The dual suspension is highly impressive as the rear tires face the most impact while riding. So, they will automatically absorb all the impact and give you a smooth ride on all surfaces.

Thus, you can confidently ride on bumpy and smooth areas without losing your balance or falling off the electric scooter.

LED Lights

If you frequently travel at night, the Gotrax G Pro 3-wheel electric scooter is the one for you!

According to the manufacturer, this scooter is equipped with an ultra-bright headlight and taillight.

While the headlight lets you see the road at night, the taillight informs the other vehicles behind you about your presence.

The bright headlight can help you see all pebbles on the road, so you don’t stumble and face an accident.

The Gotrax G Pro allows for smooth and comfortable rides day and night!

Waterproof Rating

The IPX4 waterproof rating is another spectacular feature of the Gotrax G Pro 3-wheel electric scooter and makes it ideal for riding in the rain as well.

IPX4 waterproof rating means that you can use the scooter in the rain. But, it isn’t meant for submerging in the water or riding during floods.

So, if it suddenly starts raining while coming back from work, you don’t have to worry about the electric scooter malfunctioning. The robust machinery will prevent the water from seeping in and damaging the scooter.

However, the waterproof rating doesn’t also mean that you should do stunts in the rain. This feature is only to protect the riders and the scooter if it starts raining suddenly. So, it’s better to avoid riding the scooter in the rain on purpose.

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The Gotrax G pro 3-wheel electric scooter comes with all the necessary features in a slim and compact body. Whether day or night, you can enjoy smooth rides with sturdy tires and dual suspension, irrespective of the terrain.

Also, the extended range and excellent top speed make it the favorite of adventure-loving adults and expert riders!


Can you ride the Gotrax G Pro electric scooter in the rain?

The Gotrax G Pro electric scooter comes with an IPX4 waterproof rating. You can ride it in the rain. However, it isn’t always the best idea to ride any scooter in the rain as it may increase the chances of an accident.

How fast is the Gotrax G Pro?

The Gotrax G Pro electric scooter can reach top speeds up to 15.5 mph (25 km/h) with a fully charged battery.

Does the Gotrax G Pro has a kickstand?

No, the Gotrax G Pro electric scooter doesn’t come with a retractable kickstand.

How long does the Gotrax G Pro electric scooter battery last?

The Gotrax G Pro electric scooter can cover 24 miles (38.6 km) with a fully charged battery. The battery also takes around 6 hours to charge.

Why is my Gotrax G Pro scooter beeping?

The beeping sound of the electric scooter indicates that the battery is running low. You will also see a red light blinking. So, make sure to charge the scooter and wait for the light to turn green.

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