Hiboy Nex vs S2 Lite Electric Scooter: Which scooter Wins?

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It was in 2014 that Hiboy was founded, and since then, it has played its part in shaping the world of electric vehicles.

Like the rest of its productions, it also manufactures two safe, reliable, high-quality electric scooters: Hiboy Nex and Hiboy S2 lite.

Today as we provide you with a detailed comparison of these two rivals, a brief pre-outlook is mandatory beforehand so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

With slight differences in their designs, the Hiboy Nex and Hiboy S2 lite also have variating motor power and battery power which leads to contrast in their speed, hill climbing capability, charging time, and range.

This does not mean that they are in no way similar to each other.

Their almost identical lighting and display system, plus their same folding mechanism, is proof of this statement.

Buckle your seatbelts because now we are about to dig deep into these features.

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Hiboy S2 Lite vs Nex: Specification Comparison Table

Hiboy Nex vs S2 Lite: Major Differences

  • Size: The Hiboy S2 lite is significantly bigger than Hiboy NEX. It is because NEX is solely designed for kids, while S2 lite can accommodate kids and lightweight adults.
  • Weight Carrying Capacity: The Hiboy NEX can bare a load of up to 154 lbs. (70 kgs), while S2 lite has 180 lbs. (82 kgs) of load-bearing capacity.
  • Top Speed: The Hiboy S2 lite can travel as fast as 13 mph, while the NEX’s speed is limited to 9 mph.
  • Motor: The Hiboy NEX is equipped with a 150W motor, while the S2 lite offers a 250W brushless motor.
  • Range: The Hiboy S2 lite can travel up to 10.6 miles (49 minutes approx.), while Hiboy NEX offers a significantly better mileage of 12 to 16 miles (1 hour 33 minutes approx.).
  • Hill Climbing Power: The Hiboy NEX can conquer hills with an incline of up to 7%, while S2 lite can easily handle 15% of slopes.
  • Recommended Age: Kids in the age range of 8 to 15 years old can ride the Hiboy NEX, while S2 lite’s recommended age range is between 12 and 60 years old.
  • Cruise Control: The Hiboy S2 lite offers a cruise control feature, while NEX doesn’t.

Hiboy S2 Lite vs Nex: Quick Features Comparison

  • The elegant front cool light makes the electric scooter unique and cooler than other scooters you have ever seen.And our product has passed stringent UL 2272 testing. Testing lab name: SGS
  • Made for teens and adults With 250W motor, the Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter allows for speeds up to 13 mph, range up to 10.6 miles,climb a 15% grade hill and max load of 180 lbs
  • Safe and sound The scooter is equipped with a double braking system. And the four lights system makes sure you can see and be seen at night
  • And the lightweight and easy-to-fold design bring fun and practical to teenagers and adults to go around campus and downtown
  • Ideal surprise for kids The colorful and suitable size is perfect as a Birthday or any other special day's surprise for kids. Now go get the Cool S2 "Light" for Kids and Teens

Hiboy Nex Electric Scooter: Review Video

Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter: Review Video

Hiboy Nex vs S2 Lite: Detailed Feature Comparison


Hiboy NEX (Left) and Hiboy S2 lite (Right)

Let’s start with the designs of these Hiboy electric scooter models.

The Hiboy NEX features an old-school design frame with a classical appearance, while the Hiboy S2 lite is built with a more edgy frame giving it a sleeker and more modern vibe.

For the size, the Hiboy S2 lite is significantly bigger than Hiboy NEX. The NEX has a dimension of 33.9 x 17.7 x 38.2 inches, while the Hiboy S2 lite is 43.3 × 17.7 × 42.5 inches. The bigger size, along with the powerful motor, obviously means the Hiboy S2 lite can carry adults, too, while NEX is only for kids.

Besides, these rides have similar features like Aluminum frame, lightweight and foldable design with multiple aesthetic lights and availability in blank and pink colors.

Although, everyone has their own liking, but according to us the Hiboy S2 lite is a clear winner in the design segment.

Buyers and testers reviews on design:

  • Many reviewers confirmed that both Hiboy S2 lite and NEX are lightweight, sturdy, and durable. Both look appealing in their own way, while their lighting system further enhances their appeal.
  • A few Hiboy S2 lite reviewers complained that its rear fender (used for foot braking) broke after a few uses.
  • One of the buyers complained the Hiboy S2 lite’s sharp edge led to cuts on the rider’s skin.
  • Although, Hiboy S2 lite is a scooter for adult, it’s deck size is pretty small, so an adult with average size may find it hard to place their foot on the deck.

Weight Capacity

Now coming to the weight capacity, we see that there is a comparative difference between the weight limits of Hiboy Nex and Hiboy S2 lite, most probably because of their slightly distinct designs and the material that is used to manufacture them.

The Hiboy Nex can hold a maximum weight of 154 lbs. (70 kgs), but the Hiboy S2 lite is ahead of its rival with a weight limit of 180 lbs. (82 kgs).

This information will benefit you in choosing the Hiboy version, which suits the weight of the rider since you wouldn’t want to go overboard and cross the weight limit of your electric scooter since it can be damaging to your investment.

Buyers and testers reviews on weight capacity:

  • Most of the reviewers and testers confirmed that both of these rides performed well with riders under their respective weight limits. However, these scooters did struggled while riding uphill.

Battery Life per Charge

Moving down to the battery life (in short: range) at a full charge, the Hiboy Nex can travel around 12 to16 miles, whereas the Hiboy S2 lite can travel 10.6 miles (17 km).

Hiboy Nex clearly has a greater range than Hiboy S2 lite at a full charge, but over time this may change because when the battery gets old, it also becomes less efficient, in turn leading to a shorter running duration per charge.

Take care of the battery of your electric scooter with tips that you can find HERE.

Buyers and testers reviews on battery life per charge:

  • Most reviewers and testers confirmed that Hiboy NEX can last up to 12 miles.
  • A few Hiboy S2 lite’s testers claimed that the ride only last up to 8 miles. While range test performed by Electron Surfer confirmed that Hiboy S2 lite can last up to 9.8 miles, which is almost near to the advertised range of 10.6 miles.

Charging Time

The charging time of Hiboy Nex is about 4 hours compared to the charging time of Hiboy S2 lite, which is 5-6 hours.

This isn’t an immense difference, but if it matters to the customer, then he/she can choose Hiboy Nex since it charges slightly faster than its rival electric scooter.

This charging time will also change over time as the battery gets old as it will now take longer to charge and quicker to discharge.

Buyers and testers reviews on charging time:

  • All reviewers were overall satisfied with the charging duration of these electric scooters. However, a few faced some charging issues on Hiboy S2 lite.

Speed Limit

The Hiboy Nex and Hiboy S2 lite have 9 mph and 13 mph speed limits, respectively.

This considerable difference in their maximum speeds is due to the fact that Hiboy NEX is designed for kids and teenagers and has 150W motor, while the S2 lite is designed for teens and adults and comes with 250W motor.

For most riders, the speed limit matters to a great extent, but for kid’s electric scooters, there is a restriction, and the maximum speed is always less.

This restriction is primarily because of international safety regulations and child’s safety. Moreover, it is also essential as electric scooters have a decreased motor power compared to regular fuel-powered bikes, and it is also made up of a lighter material, so a limited maximum speed is what keeps them safe from accidents such as slipping or heating up.

Buyers and Testers reviews on Top Speed:

  • Testers confirmed that Hiboy NEX could achieve the claimed speed of 9 mph under optimal conditions (i.e., average rider’s weight, smooth and less inclined surface, full-charged battery), while it significantly decreases on uphills.
  • According to many reviewers and testers of Hiboy NEX, the 9 mph speed is ideal for kids of ages up to 10. However, it’s a bit slow for kids above it.
  • A few reviewers of Hiboy S2 lite claimed that the ride only reaches 9 mph of top speed. However, the manufacturer responded to this claim by stating that the 9 mph speed limit was due to the default Eco-mode, and the riders had to switch to Sports mode to achieve 13 mph.
  • According to the test performed by various reviewers, the average top speed of Hiboy S2 lite is around 12 mph, while it significantly decreases on uphills.

Motor Power

Both, the Hiboy Nex and Hiboy S2 lite, are equipped with front-driven brushless motors. however, their motor powers have a considerable difference.

The Hiboy Nex has a motor power of 150W while the Hiboy S2 lite has a motor power of 250W, a massive 100W difference between both. This difference was primarily because Hiboy S2 lite is designed for big kids and adults, requiring a powerful motor, while Nex didn’t need this much motor power for carrying the kids.

Knowing this difference is essential for you because it is the motor power that further decides the aspects of any electric scooter, such as its speed, hill incline, and other such features. 

The greater the motor power usually makes the electric scooter heavier, but in the case of Hiboy S2 lite, it magically weighs about 3 lbs. less than its competitor Hiboy Nex.

Buyers and testers reviews on motor power:

  • As the recommended age of Hiboy NEX is 8 to 15 years, the reviewers find the motor power a bit less, as it made the ride a bit slow for kids above 10. Moreover, the powerful motor would have made the NEX faster, more stable, and smooth uphill.
  • The Hiboy S2 lite’s reviewers were overall satisfied with the motor’s performance. However, they also wished it had a more powerful motor to conquer inclined surfaces easily.

Hill Incline

There is a critical difference between the hill climbing capability of Hiboy Nex and Hiboy S2 lite.

For Hiboy Nex, this climbing capability is 7%, whereas, for Hiboy S2 lite, this climbing capability is 15%.

This clearcut difference is due to the difference in motor power of both these rivals.

Since Hiboy Nex has low motor power, it automatically has a tough time climbing uphill compared to Hiboy S2 lite, which climbs a higher angle more easily.

Buyers and testers reviews on hill incline:

  • Both of these electric scooters are not designed for climbing hills, so you shouldn’t be expecting much from them. However, due to high motor power, the Hiboy S2 lite has performed comparatively better uphill, as per the tests performed.


Hiboy NEX (left) vs Hiboy S2 lite (right): Lights Comparison

Even though the Hiboy Nex is for kids and teenagers, its professional lighting features make it a safe ride to be ridden alone by youngsters.

It has front LED lights as well as taillights which is beneficial for both the rider and the person riding behind the electric scooter.

Moreover, it also has a glowing triangle plate which further facilitates the rider in seeing ahead.

The Hiboy S2 lite, too, isn’t behind in this light race with its rival. With a four-light illumination system, the Hiboy S2 lite has proved its own distinction in the electric scooter category.

The front light, stem blue light, rear red spotlight, and side blue light of this electric scooter allows safe travel for the rider in the dark.

Don’t panic when deciding which one of these to consider in terms of lighting because no matter if you choose Hiboy Nex or Hiboy S2 lite, both will provide perfectly fine and safe lighting capabilities.

Buyers and testers reviews on lighting:

  • Reviewers loved the lighting system offered by both of these scooters. They make the ride stylish, appealing, and safe to ride at night.


When it comes to braking, the Hiboy Nex and Hiboy S2 lite both have very similar dual braking systems.

They have electric brakes and mechanical foot brakes, which instantly stop the electric scooter, protecting you from possible mishaps.

The braking systems of these two rivals are most definitely admirable.

Hiboy NEX vs Hiboy S2 Lite: Push button to operate electric brakes
Hiboy NEX vs Hiboy S2 Lite: Rear fender to operate rear brakes

Buyers and testers reviews on brakes:

  • Most reviewers for both Hiboy models were overall satisfied with the braking system. However, a few did face some issues.
  • One of the NEX electric scooter reviewers claimed that eABS (electronic brake) was too aggressive when applied during cruise control, resulting in panicking of the rider.
  • A few Hiboy HEX testers were disappointed with the rear fender’s quality which is used for foot braking. The fender breaks after a few uses.
  • A bunch of Hiboy S2 lite reviewers complained about defective electric brakes.
  • Testers of both electric scooter models wished the foot brake could also turn off the cruise control.


Hiboy NEX (left) vs Hiboy S2 Lite (right): Tire Comparison

The tires of your electric scooter decide if you can only travel on a smooth surface or if it is also possible to ride a rugged landscape.

There is no real difference in the tire type of both Hiboy Nex and Hiboy S2 lite.

Both of these have 6.5-inch solid tires, which have the advantage that they won’t go flat but also have the disadvantage as they won’t be safe to ride on a rough pathway.

Buyers and testers reviews on tires:

  • Hiboy NEX buyers appreciated the solid tires. They are durable, comfortable, and offer good traction.
  • Most Hiboy S2 lite reviewers had no issues with its solid tires. However, a few of them claimed that the tires were worn out after several uses. Moroever, they faced problems replacing them.
  • One of the Hiboy S2 testers reported that the ride’s tires are a bit noisy while riding and are a bit small in size for an adult electric scooter.
  • Reviewers wished that Hiboy S2 lite had larger tires to make it more comfortable to ride by adults.


The handlebars of both Hiboy Nex and Hiboy S2 lite are foldable. This enhances their portability since they both are lightweight as well.

A foldable design allows the electric scooter to easily be carried by hand or kept in the car’s trunk for easy transport when not riding it.

The handlebar height of Hiboy S2 lite is 38.5 inches and its rotation is limited to 45 degrees, while for Hiboy Nex, the handlebar height is 34.2 inches. The handlebar size for both of these Hiboy models is justifiable for their recommended age.

Unfortunately, None of them has an adjustable handlebar, so you may have to buy a new scooter if the handlebar runs short for you or your kid.

Hiboy NEX Handlebar
Hiboy S2 Lite Handlebar

Buyers and testers reviews on handlebar:

  • Reviewers and testers for both these models were overall satisfied with the handlebar. “It has a good height, is sturdy, and doesn’t wobble,” most of them confirmed.


Even though suspension is a crucial part of any vehicle, both Hiboy Nex and Hiboy S2 lite lack a suspension system.

This may be because they are not designed for rough, fast traveling but instead are manufactured for short, fun rides by youngsters.

Buyers and testers reviews on suspension:

  • Reviewers and testers of both Hiboy NEX and S2 lite missed that suspension, and said the ride would have been much more smoother with it.
  • Testers and buyers of Hiboy S2 lite confirmed that “all the bumps, little and big, are hard on the scooter”.

Water Resistance

Providing water resistance is difficult in an electrically powered vehicle because the combination of water and electricity is literally a sign of danger for us.

Both Hiboy Nex and Hiboy Lite, however, have an IPX4 rating which means that they are resistant to slight water sprinkles, but big water splashes, showers, or puddles can still be damaging to them.

You have to be careful when you ride these electric scooters in the rain because a large amount of water can damage your electric scooter for good.

Buyers and testers reviews on water resistance:

  • Although reviewers were happy to find IPX4 water-resistant rating, they will still a bit worried about kids who really wont bother to protect these scooters from heavy water splashes or rain. So kids must be properly instructed to take care of their rides for longer life.


With their lightweight and foldable designs, the Hiboy Nex and Hiboy S2 lite are extremely portable.

Hiboy S2 lite is slightly heavier compared to Hiboy Nex because of its heavier motor, but that doesn’t mean that it is so heavy that it can’t be picked up by an average human being.

You can transport both of these in your car trunk or by carrying them in your hands with ease.

Buyers and testers reviews on portability:

  • Most of the reviewers confirmed that both these models are easy-to-fold, lightweight, and easy to carry in the car’s trunk.


With good quality also comes an increased price.

These two features run parallel to each other in any industry.

Since Hiboy Nex and Hiboy S2 lite are quality products with distinct features, they have a slightly expensive price range, but it is still affordable because this would be a long-term investment and will help you save tonnes of dollars in the long run.

The Hiboy S2 lite is designed for teenagers and adults with greater motor power, so it costs marginally more than Hiboy Nex, which is designed for kids and teenagers.

It’s not shocking that an adult’s product would cost more than a kid’s product.


Buyers and testers reviews on price:

  • Most buyers were overall satisfied with the price of Hiboy NEX and S2 lite. However, a few were expecting better quality and more features like suspension, waterproofing, and a better motor for the price they had paid.


Both, Hiboy S2 lite and NEX comes with a 30-day satisfaction return warranty, whereas, there is a 180-day or one-year warranty granted for different parts replacement.

This warranty policy for both these products is clear proof of how much trust the manufacturers have in their products.

Buyers and testers reviews on warranty:

  • A significant number of reviewers were overall disappointed with the warranty claim services provided by the manufacturer. However, a few claimed the opposite and appreciated the service by claiming that the manufacturer had provided them discounts on parts replacement even after the warranty period was over.

Boot Space

There is no built-in storage space in either of these Hiboy electric scooter models, but you can get their purpose-made Hiboy waterproof scooter storage bags which you can fit in your electric scooter to put in some extra stuff that you might want to carry with you.

A tiny disadvantage of these storage bags is that they are sold separately, and you will have to pay extra few dollars to buy them.


The Hiboy Nex has an LED display that shows the speed and battery life of the electric scooter. It also has power button to turn on/off the scooter, power on/off lights and change the speed modes.

The Hiboy S2 lite also has an LED display which its current speed, battery power left, and also which speed mode the electric scooter is currently running on. It also has power button to turn on/off the scooter, power on/off lights, change the speed modes and activate or deactivate the cruise control.

The LED display is a good choice for electric scooters since it allows the rider to view the display with ease at night as well.

Buyers and testers reviews on display:

  • Reviewers were overall satisfied with display quality and its features.

Riding Modes

As Hiboy Nex is designed for kids and young teens, it already has a slow speed, yet it offers 2 riding modes: low speed and high speed. However, it doesn’t offer cruise mode.

The Hiboy S2 lite also has 2 riding modes, namely: eco mode and sport mode, along with which there is also the option of cruise control.

These riding modes are helpful if you forget to keep a check on your speed limit and cross the limit unintentionally. Plus, it also helps save your battery life in case you have to cover a long route or have less battery life left.

Buyers and testers reviews on riding mode:

  • Hiboy S2 lite reviewers and testers were overall satisfied with its riding modes and cruise control. But the only concern they showed was that cruise control doesn’t disable with a rear brake. The scooter’s motor kept running even if the rear brake was pressed. It may result in an accident.
  • Hiboy NEX didn’t find much need for cruise control as it is a kid’s bike with safe speed.

Bluetooth Connectivity and App Support

Neither Hiboy Nex nor Hiboy S2 lite has Bluetooth connectivity or app support.

Buyers and testers reviews on Bluetooth and app support:

Buyers wished these hiboy models had built-in Bluetooth speakers and app support for better riding experience.

Hiboy Nex vs Hiboy S2 Lite: Who Is The Winner?

Hiboy Nex is designed for kids and young teens in contrast to Hiboy S2 lite, which is designed for teens and adults, so the enhanced motor power of Hiboy S2 lite is justified.

However, not taking the age limit into consideration, the increased motor power of Hiboy S2 lite does give it an edge over Hiboy Nex because that allows it to have a greater maximum speed as well as a greater climbing angle, not forgetting the heavier weight that it can hold.

The dominating motor power, although, does not mean only advantages but also ends up with drawbacks like the need for a bigger battery which though lasts longer, but in turn, takes more time to charge.

As if the less charging time wasn’t good enough, the Hiboy Nex shows its capability of having a clear-cut extensive range of extra 5.5 miles, distinct from the Hiboy S2 lite.

Nevertheless, in terms of portability, design, lighting, and display, both Hiboy Nex and Hiboy S2 lite are pretty much similar.

The addition of cruise control, however, again puts Hiboy S2 light ahead of Hiboy Nex.

With that being said and careful consideration, we would like to announce Hiboy S2 lite as the winner.

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In Hiboy S2 lite, there is an option for cruise control which you cannot permanently deactivate, but you have the option of turning it on and off by clicking button on display thrice or pressing the electric brake push button.

For Hiboy S2 lite, the battery lasts about 49 minutes, whereas, for Hiboy Nex, the battery lasts for 1 hour and 33 minutes. Huge difference!

Yes, there is a button switch right next to the display that you can press to turn it on.

For Hiboy S2 lite, the battery pack is, unfortunately, non-detachable.

Sure, you can do it on the Hiboy S2 Lite e-scooter. 5 quick clicks on the button of the Lite scooter handlebar, and it will turn on/off the kick-to-start function.

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