Razor RX200 vs E200 Electric Scooter: What’s the Difference?

razor rx200 vs e200

If you’re in the market for an electric scooter, you might be wondering what the difference is between the Razor RX200 and the E200.

Both scooters are designed for commuting and recreation, but there are some key differences that you should be aware of before making your purchase.

In this blog post, we’ll compare the two Razor electric scooters side-by-side along with reviews from 2000+ buyers and testers to help you make a decision.

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Razor E200 vs RX200 Electric Scooter: Specification Comparison Table

Razor RX200 vs E200 Electric Scooter: Major Differences

  • Handlebar Style: The Razor RX200 features a riser-style handlebar (similar to the bike’s handlebar) to enhance durability and handling while off-roading. In contrast, Razor E200 has a commonly found T-shaped handlebar.
  • Tires: The Razor RX200 is equipped with heavy-duty alloy wheels with 60 PSI pneumatic tires to enhance traction and comfort and withstand tough terrain and road like a PRO!. On the other, Razor E200 features an alloy wheel with slick pneumatic tires that are only designed for street riding.
  • Gear Ratio: Although Razor RX200 and E200 are equipped with a 200W high-torque chain-driven motor, the Razor RX200 is beefed-up with a new gear ratio for high-torque trail use.
  • Brakes: The Razor E200 is equipped with traditional head-operated rear brakes that cut off the power to the motor to stop the ride, while RX200 offers the advanced hand-operated rear disc braking system for better handling and safe riding.
  • Colors: The Razor RX200 only offers a bit boring army green color, while E200 comes in appealing white and teal colors.
  • Clamp: A component that attaches the handlebar to the front wheel and deck. The Razor RX200 has a much safer triple bolt clamp, while E200 has a double bolt clamp.
  • Grip Tape: To enhance the rider’s grip on the deck while riding, the RX200 comes with full deck grip tape, while E200’s tape doesn’t cover the deck in full.

Razor RX200 vs E200 Electric Scooter: Quick Feature Comparison

  • Product Note: Max speed and range per charge vary based on several factors, including: rider weight, riding surface, incline, ambient temperature, battery level, riding style (stop/start vs cruising), etc.
  • With the trailblazing new RX200, the ride begins where the pavement ends
  • New off-road version of the classic E200 Electric Scooter that we all know and love
  • Rip up the trails at speeds up to 12 mph (19 kmh)
  • Electrical system certified compliant with UL2272 by ACT Lab LLC, an accredited testing lab
  • Product Note: Max speed and range per charge vary based on several factors, including: rider weight, riding surface, incline, ambient temperature, battery level, riding style (stop/start vs cruising), etc.
  • With its full-size deck and frame, the E200 electric scooter is designed for ages 13 and up.Folding Mechanism: No. Retractable kickstand
  • Powered by a 200-watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor that delivers electrifying fun at speeds up to 12 mph (19 km/h)
  • Rechargeable 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid battery system provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Features an all-steel frame and fork for a solid ride that stands up to rugged use

Razor RX200 vs E200 Electric Scooter: Detailed Features Comparison


Design, by many, is considered an essential feature because driving a vehicle that looks elegant automatically boosts one’s confidence.

When it comes to Razor RX200 and E200, we don’t see much difference in their designs except for their handlebars and body colors.

Both these e-Scooters feature a strong and durable frame and spacious deck to carry kids age 13 and over efficiently.

The Razor RX200 comes in an army green color and has a V-shaped handlebar (giving you an old-time’s bicycle feel!) which might be more comfortable to hold but is not preferred by most customers as it seems like an old design.

The Razor E200, however, has a horizontal handlebar and comes in white and teal colors, which gives it a more attractive, sleek, and modern look.

If we talk about comfort and durability even on rough surfaces, Razor RX200 would be a better choice, as it is designed for off-road. (To further enhance the off-road experience, you can also check Razor RX200 Jeep)

Although, it can be said without a second thought that customers would select a modern design over slight discomfort at any time.

Buyers and testers reviews on design:

  • 85% of the reviewers and testers were overall satisfied with the design of Razor RX200 and E200. They appreciated its strong and durable design.
  • However, one RX200 buyer finds it nearly impossible to tighten the handlebar column to secure its position, which causes the handlebar to slip and makes it dangerous to ride.
  • One of the testers complained about the wiring of RX200, which is poorly positioned, while one tester also complained about its disc brakes that kept on engaged.
  • One RX200 reviewer complained about a poor-quality chain guard, which broke off after a few uses.
  • As Razor E200 didn’t work well on rough surfaces, as it isn’t designed for it.

Weight Capacity

The reason why weight capacity is one of the most important points to consider when buying an electric scooter is that the wrong weight of the rider would prove the electric scooter useless.

It is a known fact that if a person with more than the weight limit would ride the electric scooter, it would simply damage the expensive e-scooter in no time.

Both Razor RX200 and E200 have a maximum weight limit of 154 lbs. (70 kgs.).

You should only choose these electric scooter models if you weigh less than the weight limit or else all your money would go in vain.

Buyers and testers reviews on weight capacity:

  • Testers and reviewers of these electric scooters confirmed that these rides could easily carry weight, as stated by the manufacturer. However, they wished they could take more, as 154 lbs. of weight-bearing limit makes these scooters unrideable for adults.

Battery Life Per Charge

Riders want to know how long the battery of any electric scooter would last after it is fully charged.

This would give them insight into if the battery of a certain model would last long enough to help them reach their regular desired location after a single time full charge.

Both the Razor E200 and RX200 has a battery life of up to 40 minutes which gives a range up to 8 miles in a single charge.

These minutes are enough for someone who has their workplace, school, or any other target location three to four miles away from home.

Before buying the electric scooter it is best to check how much time it takes for you to reach your go-to location and then choose the one accordingly.

Buyers and testers reviews on battery life per charge:

  • A couple of reviewers with apparent faulty batteries complained that Razor RX200 and Razor E200 didn’t even last for 40 minutes as stated by the manufacturer.
  • Reviewers and testers of these Razor models were disappointed to see only 40 minutes of run time for 12 hours of charging time.
  • Razor RX200’s testers complained that different terrains make the motor work harder and consume more battery. Therefore, as an off-road electric scooter, it should have a battery with more capacity.

Charging Time

Whenever people use any product that needs to be charged, they want it to charge as quickly as possible.

When it comes to Razor RX200 and E200, it is quite a dilemma that they take about 12 hours to fully charge.

12 hours is a lot of time to charge especially when the ride would only work for 40 minutes after that.

User might get frustrated with such a long time required to charge.

This can be considered as a drawback of these two Razor models.

Buyers and testers reviews on charging time:

  • A few reviewers for both these Razor electric scooter models complained that their battery died after a few months of use or their scooter stopped charging.
  • Almost every tester and reviewer was disappointed to see a whooping 12 hours long charging time for just 40 minutes of run time.

Speed Limit

Most electric scooters have a rather low-speed limit because with an electric battery, and a fragile formation, it will be difficult for e-scooters to travel at a high speed.

They also have chances of falling and getting into accidents if they have a high-speed limit like cars or bikes have.

Both Razor E200 and RX200 can travel at a maximum speed of 12 mph (19 km/h) which is not much compared to electric scooter for adults, however, it is safe for teenagers.

Buyers and Testers reviews on Top Speed:

  • According to reviewers and testers, these scooters can reach the top speed of 12 miles per hour only with a moderately weighted rider. Speed decreases with heavy riders or on inclined surfaces.
  • Testers wished these electric scooters had a higher speed, as 12 mph seems too slow.
  • Reviewers wished it had riding modes or variable speed throttle to regulate the speed easily.

Motor Power

If you have an idea about the motor power of our electric scooter, you will automatically be able to judge its possible performance.

This is because, the speed, hill incline, and other such factors of the electric scooter are dependent on its motor power.

Both the Razor RX200 and E200 have a 200-watt chain-driven motor placed under the deck.

From this, we could have assumed that these models would have a similar overall performance.

However, Razor RX200 has a different gear ratio that produces higher torque than Razor E200, making it better for high-torque trail use.

Buyers and testers reviews on motor power:

  • According to many reviewers, the Razor RX200 and E200’s chain-driven motor is reliable and robust. However, it is louder than a hub motor but much quieter than chain-driven motors provided by other manufacturers.
  • Testers wished that the RX200 had a more powerful motor to better handle rough terrains as it is designed for off-road.

Hill Incline

The hill incline of any electric scooter mainly means that the e-scooter has the capability to climb a slope.

Now, how much of a slope the electric scooter can climb and at what speed, varies from model to model.

In the case of Razor RX200 and E200, both have a less powerful 200W motor that which is highly under-powered to climb up a steep slope.

However, due to higher torque and off-road tires, the RX200 can handle short hills or inclines up to 10 degrees.

Buyers and testers reviews on hill incline:

  • According to many testers, Razor E200 struggled to climb hills.
  • Many reviewers confirmed that Razor RX200 performed well in short hills with dirt. It can handle elevated surfaces up to 11 degrees, but only if the rider’s weight is less than 132 lbs. (60 kgs).


The feature of lights is extremely important in the manufacturing of any vehicle.

Without lights, any vehicle traveling at night would be more prone to accidents.

This is a significant drawback for Razor RX200 and Razor E200, as neither of these models has headlights or taillights. There are no safety reflectors either.

The buyer should certainly take this point into consideration because he/she will find it almost impossible to travel on the electric scooter without headlights at night.

They should not go for it if their main use of the electric scooter is at night instead of the daytime.

Nevertheless, an RX200 Jeep version is available with ultra-bright headlights mounted on its handlebar. Else, you can also buy after-market headlights to install on your ride.

Buyers and testers reviews on lighting:

  • Reviewers and testers for both models were highly disappointed to find no headlights or taillights, making these rides dangerous to ride in the dark.


The brakes play a major role in providing the rider full control over the vehicle.

An electric scooter that has both front and rear brakes is always the best choice but depending on the heaviness of the ride, a single brake would be enough as well.

Because disc brakes offer a high braking power, they aid in the control of the electric scooter. They function in most weather situations, but they’re pricey and require a lot of upkeep.

Besides, the use of rear brakes has a variety of advantages. These brakes are easy to manage during a fast ride.

Both these Razor models, Razor RX200 and Razor E200 offers hand-operated, rear brakes, but with major differences.

The Razor E200’s brakes are traditional hand brakes which when applied cuts of the power to the motor.

In contrast, Razor RX200 offer much reliable rear disc braking system for better handling on rough terrains.

Buyers and testers reviews on brakes:

  • Testers and reviewers for these Razor models were satisfied with the performance of the brakes. They especially praised its ability to cut the power to the motor immediately after brakes are applied, which makes stopping of the scooter much for efficient and quick.
  • A few testers complained that these brakes kept engaged after a few months of use.
  • Some reviewers wished it had a dual braking system or a foot brake to make the ride much safer.


The reason why the type of tires is to be considered before purchasing an electric scooter is that different people buy the e-scooter for different purposes.

Their different purposes would lead them to drive the vehicle on different terrain.

For example, someone who only needs the e-scooter to travel to and from work would need regular tires that can travel on a smooth main road.

However, in the case of a person who wants the e-scooter for off-road travel, he/she would need a different type of tire that would not puncture easily and would provide stability on a rugged landscape.

Both Razor RX200 and Razor E200 have 8-inch wheels.

The tires are made up of rubber and are pneumatic.

These high-quality pneumatic tires have less chance of getting punctured.

The wheels are made up of alloy steel.

However, RX200’s wheels and tires are a bit modified. Its wheels are made up of heavy-duty alloy, and its tires are at a 60 PSI, making it amazing for an off-road drive. Besides, Razor E200 tires are solely designed for smooth surfaces.

The tires of Razor RX200 clearly show that they are best for an off-road ride but it won’t cause any trouble if you use them on a smooth road either. In fact, they would be a lot more comfortable on a smooth path.

Note: Razor has smartly placed a valve extender inside the right handlebar that you can use to attach an air pump to the tires to fill the air.

Buyers and testers reviews on tires:

  • Most RX200 and E200 testers were satisfied with their air-filled tires; however, they wished these tires were bigger for extra comfort. Besides, a few reviewers had a hard time fixing the flat tire.
  • One of the RX200 complained that its tire rubs with the accelerator cable.
  • Most RX200 reviewers loved the performance, grip, traction and comfort of specially designed off-tires on rough surfaces.


Your primary point of touch with the scooter is the handlebars.

When purchasing a costly scooter, it is vital to identify your optimal handlebar height.

It might not be much of an issue if you forget to consider other characteristics and features, but getting the improper handlebar height would render your scooter almost worthless.

For this reason, you should ensure that your height is appropriate to the handlebar before buying either of these two Razor electric scooter models.

There is no considerable difference in the deck-to-handlebar height of Razor RX200 and Razor E200, which is approximately 31.7 inches.

Unfortunately, the handlebar height for both these Razor models isn’t adjustable, so it is best to first know your own height and measure up to your waist length to know what length of the electric scooter’s handlebar would be suitable for you.

Apart from the height, both these scooters have a twist-grip throttle on the handles and a hand-operated brake.

Moreover, both these scooters’ handlebar are not foldable, so you kid is going to have a hard time carrying this vehicle.

As for the differences, the RX200 has a riser-style handlebar attached to its deck with a triple bolt clamp, making it more durable than Razor E200, which offers a T-shaped handlebar with a double bolt clamp.

Buyers and testers reviews on handlebar:

  • Reviewers and testers for these Razor models were disappointed to see a non-adjustable handlebar. Besides, reviewers were sad to see these scooters’ handlebar height running short for their tall growing kids.
  • Reviewers were disappointed to see unfoldable handlebars for both Razor models, making it difficult to carry in a car or up and down stairs.


The fundamental objective of the suspension is to allow the scooter to endure the inertial pressure caused when the wheel comes into contact with the track ground.

This allows the rider to have a greater relaxed drive while still keeping the balance of the e-scooter.

While the suspension is not available on all the electric scooter models, it is available on a substantial percentage of them.

There is, however, no suspension present in either of the two Razor models, Razor RX200 and Razor E200.

Even though this would be considered as a drawback of these models, the quality of the tires proves that even without any suspension, these two models provide a comfortable off-road ride.

Buyers and testers reviews on suspension:

  • Testers didn’t find much need for suspension due to good pneumatic tires. Besides, the suspension is rare in electric scooters in this price range. However, if RX200 came with a suspension, the off-roading would have been even better.

Water Resistance

Even though water resistance is an important feature to include in a vehicle, neither Razor RX200 nor Razor E200 have an IP rating.

This means that they both are extremely susceptible to water and should not be driven in rain or any water puddle by any means.

Buyers and testers reviews on water resistance:

  • Reviewers were disappointed as these Razor electric scooters didn’t have an IP rating, so they are neither water-resistant nor waterproof.


An electric scooter’s portability is largely governed by two things.

The foremost is the weight of the electric scooter, followed by whether or not it can be folded.

In the case of Razor RX200 and Razor E200, they can’t be folded so that leaves only one factor to support their portability.

It is their weight.

The Razor RX200 weighs 46.4 lbs. (21 kg) whereas the Razor E200 weighs 38.17 lbs. (17.3 kg).

The lighter the weight, the easier it is easy to carry the electric scooter around, so Razor E200 is a clear winner here.

Buyers and testers reviews on portability:

  • Many reviewers and testers were disappointed with the portability of these scooters. Kids find it hard to lift these scooters or carry them in the car.


Both Razor RX200 and Razor E200 have a 90-day manufacturer warranty.

It is important to check an expensive product for a warranty to save yourself from trouble later.

Buyers and testers reviews on warranty:

  • Reviewers find 90 days warranty a bit less. Moreover, some of the buyers complained about poor customer support and warranty claiming procedure.


Most electric scooters now come with LCD or LED display panels mounted on their handlebar. It gives essential information like speed, range, battery life, riding modes, etc.

Unfortunately, most Razor electric kick scooters are too outdated for this, so is the Razor RX200 and Razor E200 that don’t come with the display either.

Besides, no display means no extra features like Bluetooth connectivity, app support or navigation system (GPS) that usually comes integrated with the display. However, this unavailability of extra features can be justified by the price tag, as these features are only in expensive electric scooters.

Buyers and testers reviews on display:

  • Although, display feature is now common among electric scooters for other brands, the testers and reviewers were disappointed to see no display on either of these Razor electric scooter models.

Riding Modes

Even though riding modes can be very important when it comes to beginners, the lack of them doesn’t cause many issues.

 The Razor RX200 and Razor E200 do not have any riding but it doesn’t have much effect on their capabilities.

Buyers and testers reviews on riding mode:

  • Many parents were disappointed to see no riding modes, or variable speed control features in these electric scooter, making beginner kids nervous to learn and ride it.


For buyers, price is almost one of the foremost factors to consider because everyone has a definite budget within which they look forward to getting the product.

Even though Razor RX200 and Razor E200 don’t have many differences in features, there is a considerable difference in their price.

Razor E200 (Check Price) is clearly is cheaper than Razor RX200 (Check Price).

So depending on your own budget, you may decide which one is a better choice for you.

Buyers and testers reviews on price:

  • Most reviewers confirmed that these scooters are fairly priced and provide value for money. However, a few contradicted others and found these scooters with poor quality and have fewer features with respect to their price.

Razor RX200 and Razor E200: User Manual

Razor RX200 and Razor E200: Official Videos

Razor RX200 Electric Scooter:

Razor E200 Electric Scooter:

Razor RX200 vs Razor E200 Electric Scooter: Who is the Winner?

Considering the features of both RX200 and E200, we conclude that Razor RX200 is the winner.

Even though most of its features are similar to Razor E200, it has Heavy duty alloy wheels with 60 PSI on/off tires, new gear ratio, riser style handlebar, disc brakes, triple bolt clamp and full deck grip tape, making it much better for on-road and off-roads.

However, Razor E200 isn’t far behind. Its price is less than Razor RX200 and it also has a lesser weight. Its battery also lasts longer and its design can also be considered much more attractive.

If you are still confused on what electric scooter to buy, the following articles may help you:

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Can I drive Razor E200 and RX200 in the rain?

No, neither Razor E200 nor RX200 have an IP rating which means it is not water-resistant so you need to protect them from water.

Can I drive Razor E200 and RX200 off-road?

Yes, Razor RX200 is great for off-road driving because of the quality of tires it possesses along with riser style handlebar, discs brakes and new gear ratio. However, Razor E200 is only recommended for street riding.

Does Razor E200 and RX200 have a warranty?

Yes, Both Razor electric scooter have warranty that lasts for 90-days from the day of purchase on receipt.

Does Razor E200 and RX200 come with a charger?

Yes, both electric scooters comes with a charger.

Can I overcharge Razor E200 and RX200?

No, It is better not to overcharge the Razor E200 or RX200 as it can heat up the e-scooter and cause accidents.

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